Officially Insane

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-Officially Insane 2019-

The sirens blare across the courtyard, the vibrations ride through my body almost as a warning about the reality I was setting. My shoes patter along the concrete floor in desperation to reach the wired fence.

There's no turning back now.

Spotlights danced their way around the field of grass, attempting to find the very source behind the sirens.


The light shone besides me, causing the instinctive action to dive behind a tree for cover. My heart raced as it traced along the back of the large stump before eventually moving on.

One hand on the rough wood, I slowly peered around it in search for an opening. The tall steel building that held me captive for the last three years stands just as intimidating as it was when I was first arrived.

I watched as guards rushed along the paths, eager to reach their commander that I was pretty sure I knocked outs just minutes before for further instructions.

Good luck with that.

I slowly stood from my crouched position, ready to make a run for it.




As a spotlight changed direction, I sprinted. With the metal caging in sight, I reached into the pocket of my jumpsuit to fish for the metal pliers I received from my last visit.

Skidding to a stop, I slowly but surely starting cutting small holes in the fence. Hearing voices in the background was almost enough for me to turn around in panic, but I knew I had to keep going. I had no time to ponder.

My vision was stunned as a spotlight illuminated in my direction.

They found me.

I started shaking in anticipation, working twice as hard and putting twice as much pressure on my incisions than before. Eager to create a big enough hole for me to fit through.

Footsteps of the guards were echoing from afar as the hole was made large enough for my shoulders to fit through. A smile made its way onto my solemn features.

I've done it.

I quickly squeezed through the opening, looking back momentarily as guards lined up to take a shot.

With utter faith, I rushed towards the trees. My chest burning with determination, I tunnelled on an opening of the forest.

Instinctively, I prepared myself to slide. Lowing my body to the floor seconds before the sound of a gunshot rang through the air. Breathing heavily, I started to crawl.

Not trusting how open I am, I buried as much of my body as possible to the rubble still focusing on the tree line.

So close.

Another gunshot filled my ears as the ground beside me was raised from the impact.

Twisting my body, I prepared myself to roll. I would try every technique I knew to get out of here. Despite the roll travelling about 70 meters, it comforted me enough that the slim chance of me surviving had raised.

Mid-roll I fluently stood up and dashed for a position behind the closest tree. The third gunshot blasted over the sound of the siren, disappointingly slicing through my abdomen as turned to hide behind the tree.

Instant pain flamed through my lower body and I grabbed it in shock. My breath hitched as the pain increased. Slowly exhaling, my eyes closed briefly at the intensity.

I've never gotten shot in such a way before and I scrambled to get ahold of my thoughts.

Car. One kilometre. North-West.

The rumbling of an engine got me moving. I weaved my way through the tree line in the direction I assumed i'll find my prize. Blood flowed through my fingertips with each step I took.

After an x amount of time was spent swifting through the trees, using the darkness as cover, a glint of metal was visible in the distance. Carefully stumbling towards it, my breathing was hard as I tried to stay focused.

Finally the car came into view, the paint was peeling and the rust was evident. I knew from first glance this wasn't going to be a silent getaway.

Leaning on the car with my forearm, I attempt to catch my breath. The pain was numbing as adrenaline kicked in, but the loss of blood caused slight lightheadedness.

With now slow breaths, the opening of the car door came with a rusty creak. I manoeuvred into the drivers seat, praying that they had left a key for me to use.

God doesn't look out for people like us, not that I blame Him.

With a heavy sigh, I used the pliers to pry open the plastic cover of the steering column revealing all the small intricate wires this car possesses.

With familiarity, I carefully grab the wire harness connector that contains the battery, ignition and starter wires and start stripping the insulation from the battery wires and twist them together.

My head twists to my right as the dash lights switched on. A large bang causes me to jump momentarily, listening to the barking of orders in the distance. They're coming.

In slight panic, I immediately grab the starter wire and strip the top. With both the battery and starter wire in hand, I eagerly spark them against each other. After a few tries the car roars to life and I breath a sigh of relief.

Thanks Alex.

I roll my eyes at the gratitude I was showing towards such a thing, but acknowledged the fact that he taught me most of what I now know.

Yet he was nonchalant towards my lockup.

My hands tighten slightly around the steering wheel at this, no forget it.

Exhaling sharply, I grab the screwdriver from the dashboard and jam it into the keyhole. With the wheel now unlocked, I overhear the sound of the prison trucks heading in my direction.

Skidding slightly, I speedily drive away from all the commotion, dodging the many trees in my way.

I was out.

The cold breeze engulfed my senses, relief radiating off me in waves. I'm out.

I steady smile made its onto my face and I let out a light laugh. Finally.


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