Officially Insane

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-Officially Insane-

Small droplets of water provide a soft yet calming patter on the windshield as I sat head back on the seat.

Eyes closed, listening to the comforting sound, allowed my mind to wonder.

Civilisation was something I could both appreciate and despise in this moment in time. I would be fairly hidden among the crowd, travelling nonchalantly, yet the knowledge that Dapto were hidden just as well in the streets instilled amass discomfort and rage in my bones.

They did this to me, because of him. I laughed humourlessly, I didn't know who to blame more. Not that it mattered much, they hurt me so i'll hurt them.


As eager as I am, this would be far from simple, they were "Illicitus", and I was exiled. I was out and it was only a matter of time before they come for me, but I'd want it to be on my own terms. They had the weapons, the people, and I had me and my two bare hands. I smiled.

I will make them scream.

You kinky fuck.

I breathed out a chuckle, attempting to sit up as a sharp pain erupted on my sides. I need to get patched up.

I winced at my movements to start the car. If there was anyone I could stand right now, it would be the one and only individual has helped me these past couple of years. It's time.


"It most definitely isn't the time, are you mad?"

I rolled my eyes at the overdramatic foreign teenager currently pacing back and forth in front of me.

"You're not going to be involved, what's the problem?" I ask, placing my feet crosslegged on the coffee table in front of me, ignoring the strain I had put on my stitches from the movement.

The boy stopped and looked over at me with a bewildering expression on his young features, "The problem," he started, now facing me,"Is that Dapto is nothing to be acting so nonchalant about!"

I shrugged causing him to get more irritated, "They're murderers!", he exclaimed, trying to get me to understand his thought process.

"So am I," I replied waving my hands at this, "I was apart of them remember?"

"And they got you locked up! For something you didn't even do!"

I sigh, leaning my head back on the sofa. As much as Miles was a helpful little British boy, I had no time for his worries. I still remember the surprise i'd felt when he visited me in prison, his small structure sticking out like a sore thumb.

"You're right Miles," I said nodding, "I did get locked up for someone else's mistakes, Alex's to be exact," I sat up and raised a single eyebrow at him, "Remember him, you know, your boss"

He responded with a simple eye roll at my words, "Out of the two of us, I'm pretty sure you know him best, or did you forget that?"

"No," I replied sparsely, and he smirked slightly at this, "and i'd watch that mouth of yours if you know what's good for you"

He looked at me pointedly, "Your intimidation tactics do not affect me Valentina," his blue eyes shone with nothing less of the truth, "I wouldn't have been sent to you if it did"

"Well maybe you should try and advert this fearlessness you display towards Dapto," I shrugged intwining my fingers in my lap, "They're much less terrifying than I am"

"Dapto is a whole organisation, you're just one person", he replied swiping a lose brown curl that had fallen in front of his face, "How do you expect to kill them and get away with it?"

I watched him lower himself onto the sofa to my left, the lone clicks from the clock echoing throughout his apartment. Miles took the appearance of a University student and lived just off campus, attending minimal classes and always being at Alex's beck and call.

Of course I didn't know the details of their partnership, nor did it matter, but I can't say it wasn't interesting that he would recruit a mere nineteen year old to assist him. I mean we were pretty young yourselves.

My eyes trailed over the edges of the room, the monotonous colours of black, white and grey were splashed throughout giving it a modern feel. I actually like this place, well i'd prefer any place over my prison cell.

"I don't plan on killing all of them if that's what you're thinking", I answered, tapping my fingers on the armrest, "Just the ones who hurt me, orders or not"

"Does that include Alex?"

I stopped the systematic tapping, putting the room into moderate silence. I didn't know, to be honest. I mean it was his fault that I was locked up, and I know he's not one to care, but he was the one who sent Miles to me. Who helped me escape even if it wasn't in person. I could not just forget his involvement, but my concern for him wasn't top priority.

"If I decide it does," I said nodding at my words in confirmation, "Then he'll be the last one i'd deal with"

Miles studied me, trying to gauge any extra information from my face or body but I didn't plan on giving him any more indication that I might come for his employer. As much as I liked him, he was still his.

He gave a single nod and leaned back crossing his arms over his slim chest, "So this figuratively hit list that you're going by, i'd assume contains high valued members", he expressed and I half shrugged so he continued, "What you're doing wont be easy if they expect you're coming you know"

I hummed. I needed to decide now as I could not risk them upping security on certain members, "Do you think they know i'm out yet?"

Miles grinned at me, and not one that comforted me in the slightest, "Of course they do".


The dripping of water echoed throughout the warehouse. It wasn't an ideal solution for Dapto's meetings they decided it would have to do. The small windows created shadows that made the atmosphere more tense and even more cliché than it already was. The more valued members positioned higher than the rest, their booming voices meeting their ears with eagerness and and loyalty.

"As many of you know," the leaders son, Sage Henderson, started, "Dapto has been having minor issues with Foro and as of late, they still stand strongly against us"

Sage paced back and forth looking at every individual member in their eyes, searching for any amount of fear that could be detected from their beings. He nodded in approval, "Dapto will not, stand for this. We as an organisation, team and family will not let them take what is ours"

Cheers and whoops sounded throughout the facility causing an eye roll from Lexi Daison. She stood in confidence and seased the noise with a single hand motion and continued, "As eager as we are, we need to be careful"

"We always are babe" a stray voice answered in the crowd.

Lexi sighed and flicked her short red curls over her shoulder, she looked at the crowd confidently. They thought it was easy, and she knew it was anything but, and their overconfidence will get them killed.

She raised her voice, trying to get these next words stuck in their heads, "I know you believe we will win, and we can I do not doubt it," she said nodding, "but that doesn't mean we can be reckless. Foro works hard, has experience in their ranks and as an advantage towards us in terms of age, and with age comes knowledge"

She paused, daring anyone to object. When the room stood in silence she smiled and continued, "Dapto is new and improved, and Foro will be expecting us to go in head first," she began, facing the crowd with all eyes on her and smirked slightly at her next words, "I would know, I am a Foro girl"

Side glances and chatter erupted from the members before her, as she expected. It was the first time she had admitted her origins in the past 4 years she had been involved with Dapto and she didn't expect anything less. They hated Foro with a passion, but then again, so did she.

Sage scanned the crowd, allowing them time to digest the information his girlfriend had just layed out. He approached her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist and she leaned back into his chest, both waiting for the crowd to finish.

Once silence had returned and mixed emotions was seen throughout the mass of individuals Sage continued, "As Lexi had said, Foro is smart and they will be waiting. I know some are questioning her loyalty," he started, looking directly at a man that sneered at their embrace with disgust, "But take my word for it that she is on our side. She will help us defeat Foro with years of inside knowledge of her own and we will be one step closer to the top"

Lexi dismissed the masses with flick of her fingers and as much as some didn't want to listen, they all turned and headed out the large double doors at the end of the room.

Lexi let out a breath she had been holding and leaned further on Sage, eyes closed in fatigue, "That was fun"

Sage laughed, wrapping his other arm around her and pulling her close, "They'll get over the initial shock dont worry"

"I'm not worried Sage," She started, pulling away and turning around to face him, "Well not about that"

Sage stared at her dark brown eyes that looked almost black in this bad lighting, reaching up for her dyed red curls and smiled warmly, "It'll be fine okay? My dad is already coming up with plans to take down their defences"

The light ebony girl leaned into her boyfriends touch, feeling at ease but still worried about the risks they will all be making. She reached up for his hand, enclosing it as much as she could, "I know but i'm not so eager for them to find out i'm here and not somewhere on the coast of El Salvador"

He almost rolled his eyes at her concern, staring at her with his green eyes in confidence, "We'll get through it"

Almost immediately after those words left his mouth, a member from the leader's inner circle barged in from behind them. Flustered with immense worry on his wrinkly features was enough for Sage to pull away from their embrace.

"What happened?"

The man looked around at the empty room frantically, "Where's you father boy?"

Sage stepped towards him, narrowing his eyes at the slight disrespect he had received from this man, "Tell me what is happening, and watch your words around those who are higher than you"

The man gulped, praying to any god that his boss's son wont speak of his discourtesy and lowered his head in respect, "Of course, my apologies, but I just wanted to inform him that Valentina Sorran has escaped prison"

Lexi laughed appeased by his words, not doubting her former associate for a second, "Took her long enough"


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