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-Officially Insane 2019-

Sage and Lexi sat in silence, amused as the inner circle members argued about the problem that had arisen. Swears and thoughtless plans were thrown around before the voice of Monique Whither shocked everyone into silence.

"Everyone! This. Is not. Helping."

The small group of Lexi, Nova Waters and Jared Finison snickered at the irritation creeping up on the older lady's red face, making Sage shh them with a smile on his face.

"Valentina Sorran is a murderer," Monique started, wrinkles forming on her face with pure disgust at the very name, "She helped Alexander Illino kill MY brother. A man who only wanted the best for Dapto!" She almost yelled at the others present.

Lexi rolled her eyes in amusement. It was known between them that her brother, Tony Whither, was not favoured among the younger generation as he was seen as sleazy and irresponsible. She and many others did not care for his death, but knew the dismissal of a loyal member would look bad on the business.

"I agree," the quiet voice of Adrian Locki spoke, "Valentina killed my brother, she didn't have to but she did".

Monique smiled in satisfaction at Adrian's words. She clearly thought the words of a fourteen year old boy would be enough to sway the minds of those present, and so she stood. Her hands gesturing to the small child.

"As you see, have you forgotten the death of Damien Locki?" She started, "Valentina took the life of a sweet young boy who only wanted her to answer with the truth of a murder she was there for"

Monique looked straight at Nova with a sinister smile on her features, "The death of your sister Nova, do you forget?"

Nova narrowed her watering eyes at the woman before her, then turned away. Lexi angered at this stood pointedly at Monique.

"You dare ask a grieving soul if she forgets?" She asked rhetorically, "You bring up these deaths and are quick to blame her, to blame Valentina, when she had done nothing less than support Dapto with every fibre of her being?"

Lexi looked towards Adrian and the grieving parents with a soldem expression, "And we are truely sorry for the loss of Damien, we understand he acted out of the grieve and pain of losing Nicola, but if you are to say he had no intent of harming Val then I am here to say you are wrong"

Monique narrowed her eyes in distaste, "A Foro would think like that"

Sage stood at her words, aware that his father along with others turned to him with expectancy, "Miss Whither, I ask you think with your brain and not your heart. Yes, many loyal members have passed but to blame it all on a single girl would be major misjudgment on your part"

"You want to speak for the grieving Mr Henderson?" Monique responded

Sage shook him head but Nova cut in before he could answer, "Sage has not implied he was speaking for the grieving, Miss Whither, but has asked for you to think clearly"

Nova swallowed with a knot in her throat and continued, "Yes my sister, Nicola, died in the company of Val. So you have blamed her for not protecting my sister?" she looked over at the Locki family, "Damien did. I do not approve of his actions to attack her, his death was a result of self defence, I was there"

"So what do you come of this?" Monique interrupted, "We should let her stay free?"

The petite figure of Rita Welong stood, "Of course not," she southeast asian lady narrowed her eyes at her thoughts, "As loyal as she seemed, she is dangerous. Her relations with Alexander is not something to be taken lightly"

Nods and murmurs of agreement were sounded throughout the crowd. Jared scoffed at how persuasive his fellow associates were and his reaction caught the eye of Dennis Zoro; a short-timed yet loyal member in his mid-twenties.

"Care to explain that expression Jared?"

All eyes turned to the noise if the accusation, slowly focusing on the man who sat comfortably with his bandana across half his face.

Jared sighed, playing with the material across his face, "What is there to explain? You all seem to have a problem with anything and everything"

Nova shook her head besides him, not wanting to start yet another argument but of course, the people at Dapto weren't one to leave anything be.

"Are you saying we are being 'overdramatic'?" Monique said sarcastically, quoting the word in the air, "That we shouldn't be underestimating the power Alexander could have over Valentina?"

Jared tried his hardest to not roll his brown eyes at her words, he knew they were trying to find a way to go against him, "No, I dont think you should doubt Alexander's potential"

"So you agree-"

"But," Jared interrupted, his ashy blond curls falling in his face as he shook his head slightly, "Valentina's escape and Alexander's rage is definitely not the only problem we have, how about looking at other potential threats that could've been there the day Nicola died?"

"I disagree," Rita answered, "Valentina is definitely an issue and if she's back with Alexander who's to stop her from coming back here and attacking us, we did lock her up for three years"

Jared went to object but the pointed look from Sage was enough for him to stop and resorted to flinging his hands in the air with a sigh, "Whatever" he mumbled.

Sage looked towards Lexi, unsure if they should just stop while they were ahead. She shrugged and crossed her arms, feeling drained from the lack of braincells she had to deal with today.

Sage finally nodded with finality and with one wave of his hands, the meeting was over.


"Miles I swear to the gods that if you don't shut the fuck up and say something useful in the next ten seconds, I will end you myself"

"You contradicted yourself there"

I threw a vase at his dumb little head.

Miles stared at me wide eyed, mouth agape looking slowly at the shards of porcelain that littered the floor besides him, "That was a gift"

I stared blankly at him. One hour. One whole hour and he has ranted on about god knows what, successfully avoiding my questions and pissing me off more than the guards when they would wake me up from my naps.

"Miles," I started, trying to ease the headache that was slowly forming because of this mongrol, "Information is all I ask for, just give it to me so I can be on my way"

He huffed, dismissing the shattered mess on his living room floor and went to the cabinets near his flat screen. I watched as he pulled out a file, turning and tossing it on the table in front of me. I sat up and grabbed the pile in my hands.

Rita Welong

"Ms Welong, age 24, recognise her?"

I did. She was a newer member of Dapto; yet according to the file has made quite the name for herself, that was never really around my group as she surrounded herself with the elder associates despite being a couple years older than myself, but the glee on her face as her boots connected with mine was enough.

I skimmed through the file nodding, "She'll be first"

"Uhh", Miles went to grab the file from my hands but I held it away from him, eyebrow raised.

"Problem?" I asked and he shrugged nonchalantly, "Well then, i'll be on my way"

I stood up, file in hand and fire in my heart. Miles looked panicked, and placed himself in front of me and the exit.

I sighed, "What is it?"

He rubbed his neck awkwardly, "Alex wouldn't like this"

I blinked. Once. Twice.

"Does it look like I care what Alex, of all people, wants?"

He cleared his throat, "He did get you out"

"No," I pointed at him, "He got me locked in there and had to send you to do his work"

Miles just shrugged, not arguing with the facts, "I mean he sent me to get you out, despite being on the run"

"On the run?" I echoed, "You mean he's MIA"

The boy nodded, "Dapto are still after him for killing that dude, honestly it's been three years I dont get how they're still trying to find him"

Realisation dawned on me and I turned away lowering my head in my hands, "They're going to try and find me to get him, kill two birds with one stone"

"Maybe you should lay low for a bit?"

I turned back to him shaking my head, "No of course not, this is all the more reason to get it over and done with".

I barged past the teen, leaving him no time to question my decision. It didn't matter if they would hunt me down to the ends of this earth, I will have their blood spilled on my hands, the temporary stain giving me total satisfaction that I didn't just let them get away with it. It doesn't work like that.

"Paradise doesn't exist for people like you and me Val, remember that"

All the more reason to bring hell on earth.


The roads were empty as I sat in my car opposite Rita Welong's apartment. Since she lived with her roommate, it made me wary of the potential witnesses that could rat me out or the suspicious noise complaints that could be filed when I broke each bone bit by bit.

My leg was shaking, a tell that I could never control when I was anticipating something; good or bad it didn't matter. I constantly clenched and unclenched my fists, almost eager to get it over and done with. But I had to be smart.

I still needed to decide how much she should suffer.

The petite asian lady wont put up much of a fight, she was specialised in plans and security. I wouldn't expect much training from her, besides i've learnt many things throughout my three years in prison.

Maybe I should go the simple route, tie her up and crush the bones in her fingers and toes. Slice open her cheeks, possibly give her face a makeover while i'm at it. I laughed at the image, maybe then she'll get the attention she was always seeking for.

She thought she was tough when I was held down defenceless against her strikes, laughing as if it was light work. Balancing herself on my chest, wonder how long it would take for her light figure to crush the bones beneath.

She needs to feel how I felt, but worse.

It was only fair, right? I smiled in sadistic satisfaction, she will beg. Give her a glimmer of hope before slicing her throat, she can choke as I had done. But the only difference was, she won't wake up.

I stepped out of the car, with the intent of seeking out every security camera in the facility that could bait me out. I would need time if I wanted to get them all. I stepped away from the car, only for a dark figure to bump into me.

"Try looking up asshole" I said snarkily, going to turn away only to stop in my tracks.

My blood froze. I'd recognise that ominous chuckle anywhere. I looked up only to have him looking at me steadily, a teasing glint in his stone cold eyes.

"I see you've missed me".


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