Officially Insane

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Authors Note: All chapters with a negative number means that they are from the past, before the first original chapter started. Please keep that in mind, thanks xx

-Officially Insane 2019-

The stone cliff glistened as the water fell onto its coloured stones into the pool of water before me. The sun reflected perfectly off the clear lake as small lily pads rode the mild currents. The water beneath me flowed gently, a soft sound that immerses me in the beauty it holds.

I stay kneeled at the waters edge, hypnotised by the water crashing into my hand as it broke through its natural direction. It was cold, for obvious reasons, but I loved it. It was calming, reminding me of the world I get to live in.

“Valentina! Where are you?” His voice sliced through the peace, returning me to reality.

I rose slowly, shaking the remaining water droplets from my hand.


I turned at the sudden proximity of his voice. He stood near the tree line, cold calculating eyes watching me with immense interest.

“Hi, Alex, something you need?” I asked, trying my hardest to rid the satirical tone from my voice.

He advanced towards me, his eyes never wavering. I cocked my head to the side at his sudden silence, displaying predominant boredom.

“Or, did you just interrupt me for no reason?”

He stood before me, wearing a slight grin that held no humour, “Really Val?”

I blinked at him with a slight shrug in my shoulders, “What?”

“It’s 7:40”

Realisation dawned on me but I decided to nod slowly, “Huh, that’s a shame...”

“Valentina,” he started with a sigh, grabbing both my arms sending shockwaves through my skin, “As much as I admire this act, i’ll need you to stop for a second”

My hands reached up to grip his, slowly dragging them off my body, “I’m sorry okay, but as you know, I kind of need to get going”

With my hands still in his, he took the opportunity to pull me closer to him, “Are you slacking off Val?“, he wraps his arms around my torso, “I do not tolerate carelessness”

My eyes wander over his sharp features, cold blue eyes show nothing and dark brown hair sway in the slight breeze. I reach up to caress his cheek, daring him to retaliate against this random display of affection.

Emotions are a weakness, used by those who want to break you.

Alex stares blankly back, possibly guessing that I wanted to piss him off even more and I smile amusedly, “Never”

A flicker of interest appeared in his eyes before he pulled away, “These meetings are being less necessary, you know almost everything you need to”

I looked at him incredulously, “Really? What happened to ‘you’ll never get close to thinking like I do’ go?”

He shrugged lazily, “There’s only so much you can handle”

Raising an eyebrow, I trailed my hands up his chest noticing how he started taking deeper breaths, “Do you doubt me?”

Alex examined me as I let my arms hook around his neck. I always wondered what battles went on in his mind to result in his lone wolf nature. He never spoke about himself unless it was to constantly remind me of our differences.

You’re too soft, too caring, too reliant.

He never let himself enjoy anything, never let his guard down. It’s not like he doesn’t know this, being hyperaware was one of his many traits but I always liked to mess with other feelings that weren’t joy or selflessness.

He closed his eyes briefly and began to smirk slightly and I gave him a look of confusion.

“They’re coming” he said, opening his eyes but keeping his stare downwards.

I just shrugged, I knew they hated me with him but there was no harm in it and they couldn’t exactly keep me away. Alex was one of the few people I talked to outside of Dapto and I wasn’t going to lose that because of their own fear.


I cringed at the accusatory tone projected from the unfamiliar voice of, no doubt, a member of Dapto. I looked over to the crunching noise of footsteps on dead leaves where I noticed Jared, Damien and Nicola in tow. Nicola takes notice of our position and shakes her head smiling while Jared tries to keep himself from laughing.

Alex pulls away from the small embrace as the older member charges towards me, and my arms drop to my sides.

“Val,” she started glancing at Alex briefly, sporting a sour look that made her wrinkles more prominent, “Where have you been? You know attending our meetings are important and you’re out here with him”

I simply blinked at her, providing no response as if I did it’d probably end in arguments similar to one’s i’ve had in the past whenever Alex was involved.

“Actually,” Alex answered and I glanced at him, he caught my eye then turned his attention to the woman before us, “I was trying to find her myself as she is prone to losing track of time”

The lady just grimaced at the fact he even addressed her and grabbed my arm, pulling me away. I looked back to Alex and mouthed ‘sorry’ but he just gave a effortless half-smile, shook his head and walked away.

I ignored the quiet muttering of the figure besides me, facing the amused faces of my companions. The woman let go of my arm and gave a silent signal to follow her.

Nicola raised an eyebrow in my direction and we put more and more distance between the clearing and us, “Since when were you guys so touchy?”

Jared chuckled so I looked over to him and his brown eyes shone with amusement as he wriggled his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes at his notion and dragged my hand through my hair, “Since i’ve resorted to pissing him off”

Nicola laughed at this, her brown hair swishing as she glanced over at Damien who was tsking at my words.

“You know he’s not...okay” He said, brown eyes shadowed by his ridiculously long eyelashes.

I snickered at him, “Of course I do, but he’s still human”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he retorted, “He’s kind of crazy”

“She loves crazy Damien” Jared interrupted, dragging his feet on the dirt path and I gave both if them a dirty look.

Damien went to talk but Nicola nudged him and shook her head, “She knows what she’s doing Damien. A bad past doesn’t equal a bad person”

Damien simply wrapped his arm around Nicola's shoulders and sighed, “If you say so”

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