Officially Insane

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-Officially Insane 2019-

My body hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing such a familiar face in a very long time but the bubbling anger of every past memory I had washed over me in waves. He condescending smirk was enough to make me want to cave his face in.

"Alex”, my voice held an unnecessary amount of venom but I didn’t regret it one but.

He gave me a once over, eyes zoning in on how my fists clenched at the action and his smile seemed to widen, “Still the same I see?”

I went to answer but he cut in adding, “That’s not so smart of you”

I huff out a breath, my eyes probably showcasing how much I hated his presence, and cross my arms, “I thought you went MIA”

“I still am,” he responded lightly with a shrug, “They kind of suck when trying to find people, you shouldn’t have a problem avoiding them”

“You found me”, I said and he grinned once more

“I know more than they do”

I rolled my tongue, realising the underlying message, for fucks sakes Miles. I sigh, shooing him away with my hand, “Well you can go now”

I go to turn but his large hand wraps around my forearm and I tensed slightly at the sudden contact. My mind trying to remind me of how much I used to love his hands on me but I shook it off, both the thought and his arm then turned to face him.

“What could you possibly want Alexander?” I say gravely, honestly surprised at how much self control I had right now. Maybe i’m tired.

He raised a dark eyebrow at the use of his full name and cocked his head slightly, “I heard you were going after some past colleagues,” he smiled darkly, “Trouble in paradise?”

“I swear to the gods if you don’t state why you’re taking the time to annoy the fuck out of me i’m going to bash your head on the wall”, I spit out, pointing at the wall that separated the path from the grassland on the other side.

He laughed. He fucking laughed. Genuine joy shone in his blue orbs and without thinking slid the dagger from my black long sleeved shirt and slashed at his jugular. He whipped his hand up and caught onto my forearm, eyes watching me intensely.

“You haven’t changed much V”, he noted. Slightly twisting my arm as he brought it down with his, “More daring, but, still predictable”

His words flowed through my ears like honey, the low vibrations causing goosebumps up my arm. He went to swipe the small knife from my hands but I retaliated, swinging upwards sharp end in his hand. He didn’t flinch as the pointy object broke through the skin on his thumb and first finger, looking at it nonchalantly. He brought his fingers up to his lips, shaking his head. Still watching me, he grazed his tongue over the cut and gave a simper smile.

“And more aggressive”, he lips quirked and my grip tightened on the dagger, “But you’re not a psychotic murderer with sob story so i’m sure prison was a breeze”

My body tensed at the use of my words against me, sensing that this was never meant to be a friendly meeting. He watched as my body reaction to the thought, nothing about his expression friendly after those mocking words. I flicked my hair over my shoulder, exhaling from the breath I kept in for a little bit too long.

“You have nerve Alexander,” I said to him and he motioned with his head to continue, “Sending a girl to prison for three years and expecting her to be all fine and dandy”

He started, “I didn’t expect-”

“No stop,” I interrupted, “You don’t get to fucking speak alright”

I was sick of his voice, cryptic and always lodging itself deep in my head. Familiar energy started pumping through my veins as every fibre of my being tried to keep up with my brain. Screams, blood, power swallowed every stray thought and my breaths became heavy. I kept my eyes trained on his, remembering how useless he was when I needed him. For once, I took his advice.

“Still after all this, you still think i’m like them right? You don’t think that I would even dare coming for you? Three years of my life was fucking wasted because of you”, I pointed up at him, the blade aimed directly at his chest and slowly moved to circle him, his eyes trained on me, “You underestimate my desire to watch your blood flow from your neck and your body stiffen in decease. I am beyond done with you”

I stood behind him, trailing the dagger up his back till it reached the base of his neck. Getting slightly irritated that he showed no sign of being afraid. Fear is a weakness I have the pleasure of not feeling.

“Damn you save a girl from prison and go out of your way to help, only to be threatened”, Alex let out a breathy laugh, his head tilting to the side as I stood closer tracing the blade to the side of his neck, “Maybe I should stick with running away from my problems huh?”

I brushed off the uncomfortable feeling of him reciting words I had spoken from over three years ago and lifted myself on my toes, “You wish to help?“, I whisper in his right ear, pressing the dagger on the large vein on his throat, “Then please, go kill yourself”

I released him and exhaled slowly as I turned to walk away. The patter of my footsteps on the pavement was the only sound I heard amongst of the busy rumble of the city, indicating that he didn’t move to follow me. I smiled.

I stayed hanging around her apartment for close to four hours before I left. Watching with pure hatred as she laughed with some colleagues before entering the building. I took it upon myself to rig the locks on her room and steal the spare keycard from the receptionist. I was glad that those who saw me showed no indication of recognising my face as I have had little change in my looks in these past three years.

My body still tingled from my outburst with Alex, never intending to kill him but obsessed with the rush of almost doing so. It was a drug he talked so much about, one that my nineteen year old mind couldn’t comprehend.

Damn, prison does change a person.

I remember so vividly how the blitz felt surging through me, how my tunnel vision honed in on the target. The feel of every hit encouraging me not to stop. How every opposing strike fell numb to my senses as the drug took over. The first time I killed in cold blood, I was seventeen.

And I hated it.

I remember freaking out, almost putting myself in a state of hyperventilation. I was more humane back then, only killing in the state of defence. Now after being locked away, I’ve attempted to kill more times than I could count. I chuckled at the thought, realising how much of a hypocrite I was.

The jingle of keys brought me back to the alleyway that I was currently hiding in. Looking up to the ocean blue sky, estimating that it was around 8pm and took a moment to look at the stars. Looking at stone grey walls day in day out made me miss the days I just wandered outside. As a child I always felt disassociated with those around me, Nicola was honestly the first person I could talk to without having to carefully pick out each word to form a sentence before I spoke. Before her, I turned to the Earths gift; nature.

I loved watching each organism fulfil their purpose in the ecosystem, it was so natural, so real. Maybe I should’ve been an environmentalist instead of a murderer.

Just maybe.

The high voice of Rita cut through my thoughts and I rose from my seated position, dusting myself off. I watched her exit a car that parked across the street, standing at the open door laughing with her friend seated inside. I advanced towards the car as she waved goodbye, keeping my head low and hair in my face. We crossed paths mid way, her heels clicking across the concrete.

I quickly moved in front of the accomplices’ car and feigning a fall whilst removing a kitchen knife from a stolen handbag. I used all the force in my arm to pierce through the sidewall of the tire, successfully creating a hole. I stood, hiding the knife back in my bag and hurried over to the driver as he exited the car.

“Hi, are you alright?” He said and I looked over to the entrance of Rita’s apartment complex, relieved when I saw she went inside.

“Hey,” I said to the man in a slightly worried tone, “I’m okay but your car is making a strange noise”

The hum of nocturnal animals had amplified in my ears as I watched the man’s face contort into one of confusion. My eyes trailed his figure as he walked past me and bent to look at the bonnet of the car. Instinctively I make a thoughless choice and the dagger slides from its hiding spot, and into my hand as I reached around his torso then burying it into his chest.

What am I doing?

My pulse pumped through my ears as I carefully pushed the man forward so he stumbled. I released my hold on the knife and spun his body around trying my best to lean him against the footpath side of the car. I fished for his phone in his pocket, grinning as the cool device slid its way into my palm. I got out a cloth from my bag and stuffed the mouth of the still corpse, ensuring that the pool of blood wouldn’t make a mess.

I used his limp finger to unlock his phone and sent a quick message to Rita, hoping she’d get out sooner rather than later. I looked over at the bushes lined up on the border of the large park area and went to retrieve my items of choice.

I watched gleefully as she steps out of the apartment complex hugging her torso. Her black hair glides through the air as she advanced towards the car, tucking a strand behind her ear. She now sports a pair of flats and replaced the pencil skirt with some tracks.

I grab the rope from the grass below my feet and silent creep behind her as she goes around the car. Her gasp was audible and I take the moment to sling the rope around her neck. Her hands instantly reach for her neck so I cross the two pieces over and ram my foot into the back of her calf. As she falls the rope tightens around her neck and she lets out a small breath of struggle. She starts wheezing, attempting to breath, as I pull her immensely light figure into the bushes.

My mind going a mile a minute, I hastily contemplate what my next actions were going to be. Formulating a new plan, she starts to thrash around like crocodile and I gave the rope another tight tug to stun her.

“For fucks sakes, stop your squirming”, I mutter as I gather the rope and tie her seated around a nearby tree, followed my another to go around her torso.

“Who is this? Let go of me you mutt!”

I roll my eyes at her bursts of anger, throwing the bloody dagger into the bag of utilities I brought with me for this special occasion. Gripping the cool metal of a wrench, I spin it in my hand turning around to face her. Her eyes go wide and mouth drops open when she focuses on the cruel smile I had displayed on my face.

“Valentina Sorran”, she said in almost disbelief

I raise an eyebrow at her reaction, “Yes it is I,” I respond then look down at the wrench in my hand, “And how have you been Rita?“, I looked back up and smiled, “Well, I hope”

Rita swallowed and tried to straighten her torso as much as she could in her dishevelled position, “Very”

I chuckle lowly nodding, “Thats nice,” I advance slowly towards her, resisting the urge to laugh out at how tense she was becoming, “That’s really nice Rita, good for you”

I look straight into her eyes, a murderous glint in mine. I bring my arm back, barely noticing how her narrowed eyes widen, as the rough sound of the heavy metal connecting with a jaw filled my ears with delight. Her head twisted painfully to the side and I grin as the blood drips from her lips.

“I’ve been good too you know,” I say, striking her chest with my foot and she coughs up blood, “Prison was amazing. The cold meals, steel bed and blank walls did wonders for me”

I crouch besides her and bring the wrench up yet again, satisfied when she flinched back. I cock my head to the side, trailing it across the side of her face.

“Scared Rita?“, I question.

Her face contorts with every breath, as it hurts to even try, but the sound of silence didn’t sit well with me. My eyes narrowed at her lack of response and I dropped the wrench, Rita making a sound when it lands on her legs, and wrap my arm around her slim neck that was still bound by the rope. Her hands go to try and stop me but it is tied down so she opts to raise her head and attempt to breath.

I press my palm further into her neck and her body starts to shake, desperate for another taste of oxygen, “Rita I want you to use this little time you have on Earth to think back”

I let go of her neck and she takes a huge gasp of air. I notice the blood piling up in her mouth as she tilts her head to the side so she doesn’t choke on it. I stand and walk back to her dead friend, momentarily forgetting he existed and that anyone could have seen him, and took the bloody cloth from his mouth. I walk back to her struggling to breath yet looking at me with immense hatred.

“We should’ve killed you when we had the chance”, she croaks out, spitting her blood in front of her.

I nod agreeing, “You definitely should’ve”, I look at the dripping cloth in my hand with slight disgust, “Could’ve have a hell of a lot of time dont you think?”

I look up at her and hate what I see. With induced rage I step towards her and claw at her face. In one swipe, red welts start forming on her cheek and I bring my leg up to knee her in the face.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch, you would’ve had an easier end”, I sigh, unfolding the cloth as she coughs, dazed from the blow to her head.

“Fucking psycho”, she speaks before I place the wet cloth over her bloodied mouth.

Her struggled breaths don’t improve as she inhales the blood of her former friend with this sinister form of waterboarding. Her attempts turn into wheezes as she tries to shake her head but I hold the cloth tightly around her mouth, allowing no chance of escape.

I hold it till she stops her thrashing, and even longer to make sure she’s not faking it. Her pulse slows to an infinite stop and I breath a sigh of relief.

I stand upright and stretch out my tight muscles and huff at how i’m going to have to deal with not one, but two bodies. I rake my hand through my hair, paying no mind to the red that stained my hands. Thinking of a quick solution, I place both the wrench and bloodied towel in my bag then walk over to the man.

It took a few minutes to get him into his car, and I feel accomplished as I light the match. The flames latch onto his car seats and I walk away from the blaze. I stare at Rita’s mangled body still tied to the tree.

Her face was drained of colour, her red lips were slightly parted and eyes drooped open. With another second wasted, I lighted another match and brought it to the hem of her jacket. I watched as the flames roared to life on the fabric and soon enough her body engulfed by the fire.

Hoisting my bag up on my arm, I took one last glance at my work and walked to my car with a cool smile on my face.


“Where is she?”

Nova shrugged at Jared’s question who just sighed and leaned back in response. Rita Welong was late, she’s never late. The meeting was said to have started almost fifteen minutes ago but with her absence, members left to go and find her.

Jared yawned, running on two hours of sleep and a hell of a lot of caffeine. He checked his watch, 6:02am. Running a hand through his loose curls, he tapped his foot on the concrete floor trying his hardest to stay awake.

“Well can we start without her?“, Jared responds looking over at Nova who was sat on the chair besides him, tying her brown hair in a low ponytail, “I’ve got things to do”

Nova raised an eyebrow at the tired figure, light green eyes focused on his brown ones, “You, have things to do?”

Jared adjusted the hood of his jumper and nodded to which Nova gave a deadpanned look, “What could you possibly have to do?”

“Whatever normal twenty-five year olds do these days”, he said shrugging and crossed his arms, “You know like sleep, eat, maybe talk to a few people then sleep again”

Nova shook her head at him, wisps of hair now framing her face, “Sounds pointless to me”

Jared just waved her off then pulled his hood over his face and stretched out, “Yeah yeah, wake me up when i’m famous”

Nova gave an impassive expression to his dozing figure and tucked the loose strand behind her ear then looked away. Not a moment later, Lexi entered the room.

“Where’s Sage?“, Nova questioned, noticing how she entered without him.

Lexi just shrugged in response as the other members returned into the meeting room, all taking a seat on the large rectangular table situated in the centre of the room. Sage and his father entered the room and all chatter ceased. Sage wore a stoic look on his face until he caught Lexi’s eye then looked down in dismay.

“Oh no”, Lexi muttered and Nova turned to her confused.

Sage’s father started addressing everyone in the room and Nova looked over to Jared who was still snoozing away. She shook him lightly and he flinched into consciousness from the contact. He took off his hood for the words Lexi knew was coming.

“Rita Welong is dead, Valentina Sorran killed her”

“Oh fuck”, Jared breathed out.

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