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Recorded Entry 01

Date Time Group: 160502TNOV██

Location: Tucson, AZ


[00:00-00:15] Rowan Hart: “Ok, uh... I was told I should carry around this recorder for when I want to, um, uh... I don’t know, document something that I can’t write down in the journal. It’s kinda weird, but if it’ll help with coping, then I’ll do it.”

[00:17-00:30] RH: “Now, where are my keys? *Sigh* Damn it, why can I never find my keys? Uh, let me put this down and look for those damn things. I’m gonna be late because of them.”

*Rowan is heard faintly in the background.*

[01:02-01:03] RH: “Oh, there they are.”

[01:08-01:09] RH: “Alright, off we go.”

*Rowan is heard getting into his car and driving.*

[02:24-02:31] RH: “OK, now just gotta call Sky and tell her and I’ll be set for the rest of the day. Everything’s packed and ready for the trip.”

[02:36-02:42] RH: “Come on, come on, come on, pick up. Hello? Skylar? Morning, how are you?”

[02:48-02:57] RH: “I’m good, just wanted to tell you that I probably won’t be able to make it up there for a few more days, so you’ll have to tell your parents to wait just a little longer.”

[03:04-03:18] RH: “Hey, it’s not my fault my boss thought it’d be fun to assign me another project right before I have to leave. Yeah, I know it’s bullshit, but listen, all I need to do is go in, stay for like, a day or two, then I can head up to Denver without any other delays.”

[03:22-03:34] RH: “I know, Sky, but I need to wrap up work here. I know that you’d like me to be up there by the end of the week, but I’m sure you also want me to continue making money so you can enjoy yourself when you come back down here, right?”

[03:40-03:50] RH: “Yes, I know, and I’m sorry again. Please, just hold out for a little longer. You’ve gone this far, two days couldn’t hurt too much.”

[03:53-03:54] RH: “That’s harsh.”

[03:58-04:05] RH: “Alright then. Uh, I guess I’ll see you on Monday. Maybe Sunday if I rush.”

[04:07-04:09] RH: “Hello? Did you hang up?”

[04:12-04:20] RH: “Alright. Guess that’s cool too. Not like I was trying to be nice or anything like that. Damn it’s hard to talk with her.”

[04:27-04:31] RH: “Oh shit, did I leave this on? That’s embarrassing. I’ll have to see about deleting—”

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