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Recorded Entry 02

Date Time Group: 160643TNOV██

Location: US Route 60


[00:00-00:03] Rowan Hart: [Whispering] “—is some sketchy-ass shit. I’m gonna turn this on in case something happens.”

*Strained grunting is heard faintly in the background.*

[00:06-00:28] RH: [Whispering] “Um… shit. Uh, right. So, I was driving on the road and I saw this truck on its side off the road. It looked like it had gone through the guardrail. And I don’t mean like it had swerved; it... it looked like someone knocked it through it or... I don’t even really know what to say, but it was a ways off the road. I stopped to l—”

*An animalistic growl is heard in the background.*

[00:32-00:54] RH: [Whispering] “Shit. Anyway, I had about, what, 40 minutes before I needed to be there, so I decided to stop and help. I mean, you know, I assumed that it was, like, some dude who’d been drinking too much and, I don’t know, hit something. Fucking, maybe a mine. I don’t even know.”

*A scream is heard in the background.*

[00:56-01:02] RH: [Whispering] “Fuck this was seriously not a smart thing to do! This shit ain’t fucking normal.”

*Rowan is heard opening a car door. He presumably moves things around in the vehicle, the noise of which is heard in the background, before shutting the door.*

[01:15-01:30] RH: [Whispering] “God damn it, all I have is a wrench. This is one of those times I regret taking that machete out. It’ll have to do. But, uh, so I went down to try and see what was going on, but when I got down to the back of the truck, I heard—”

*Another scream is heard in the background.*

[01:32-02:00] RH: [Whispering] “That. So I got down and, like a fucking idiot, got closer. I looked in the bed of the truck and there was more weird science shit than I’d ever seen before in my life. There was like, boxes of papers and broken liquids and chemicals and I swear there were probably bodies in there. It looked like it. But that wasn’t the worst. Oh shit!”

*A metallic bang is heard in the background, followed by another roar.*

[02:03-02:21] RH: [Whispering] “Holy shit it’s on the truck. It just jumped on the top of the truck. Fuck, it looks like a fucking zombie. Or a monster or something. Shit from a horror flick. Fuck. What the fuck’s growing out of it? That’s— Oh shit!”

*A scream is heard in the background, followed by an Incoherent voice.*

[02:26-02:30] RH: “You want a piece of me! You wanna fucking go! Come on!”

*Another scream is heard rapidly approaching.*

[02:32-02:42] Unknown Male: “—shouldn’t be here! You weren’t [Incoherent] Travers Aidan was supposed to be [Incoherent] one! You’ll die for seeing this!”

*A metallic bang is heard, presumably from the assailant colliding with the car.*

[02:44-02:46] RH: “Bring it, motherfucker!”

*A fleshy crunch is heard, presumably from the wrench impacting the assailant’s body, which is followed by a cry, presumably of pain.*

[02:50-02:58] RH: “What the fuck. How the fuck are you still—?”

*A growl is heard, followed by another crunch and roar.*

[03:04-03:13] RH: “What... What the fuck are you? And wha— How— What the fuck is growing on your hea—”

*A sound is heard, presumably the recorder hitting the asphalt. A choking sound is also heard, presumably from Rowan.*

[03:19-03:36] UM: “Aidan’s death is the beginning of [Incoherent] of what we’ve built! You can’t possibly understand [Incoherent] means! Now die!”

*A scream is heard, followed by a cry of pain, presumably from the assailant and Rowan, respectively. Another sound is heard, presumably Rowan’s body falling to the ground.*

[03:45-03:55] UM: “Your taste is revolting. You will rot here. And then you will die.”

*A sound is heard, presumably the assailant picking up the recorder.*

[03:59-04:53] UM: “If this device will herald the future, then I will let it record the destruction firsthand. 339B22KD8LK5. 5HA07623KFU494. NG0V8DK5. When you need it—and you will—remember this. Goodbye.”

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