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Written Entry 02

First off this was some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten. Felt like I was out forever. But from everything I’ve experienced, forever can be a short time. So I’m in a hospital now. It’s called Trinton General Medical. I’ve never heard of it, but I’ve only been here for a few years, so what the hell do I know. So as far as that encounter with the truck, I actually don’t remember much of it after I hit that thing in the head and it kept coming. Apparently I was found by a woman lying unconscious by my car on the side of the road. She called 911 and they came and picked me up and brought me here. According to the report I had a bite mark on my forearm, and the entire area around it was black and swollen to twice the normal size. That wasn’t even the weird part. When they got me in the ambulance, I started shaking and writhing around and they had to restrain me for the entire ride. When we got to the hospital I just stopped. So then they rushed me into the ER and started taking blood and skin samples and running all kinds of tests to see what the hell was going on. They told me when I woke up that they had another guy with similar symptoms in here about three days ago. They said he came in complaining of all kinds of shit. Muscle cramps, intestinal distress, migraines, swelling, blackening of the skin, and blindness. How the hell he got to the hospital while blind is beyond me. He said he had taken some medicine that he got from a pharmacy and started feeling bad after that, so they took some blood samples and found some weird shit they’d never seen before. They ran some tests on it and found nothing in their database. And then the guy started growing cysts filled with black shit. According to the doc it looked like it was an egg sack filled with black worms. So they, of course, got some of that shit and ran some tests. Said the sack they used burst and vaporized, but he said they had protective gear on, so it wasn’t a problem. They checked that, but there was nothing in the database either. So they catalogued it and started wondering what to do to treat it. They said it wasn’t bacterial or viral, and that it might have been parasitic, but parasites didn’t work like that did. So then, as they’re running all their tests and shit, the guy just up and falls into a coma. So they freaked the hell out and star

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en they finally got him to stop shaking, they took some more samples and cross checked them with something or something, and they found that whatever it was inside him had mutated almost completely from the last time they ran tests. So they freaked out again and called up CDC and everything else and that’s when the doctor stopped talking. It was weird; he just shut up and left. Well, he also had what looked like either a small seizure or an orgasm right before, but I wasn’t fully awake, so for all I know I could have told him to go fuck himself and his mother and imagined the face thing. But so I waited for a while longer before another doctor came in looking shaken up and on edge. He asked me some questions and took some more blood. I asked him what happened to me, because when I woke up I had no visible signs of injury. The doctor told me that when they got me in someone recognized the symptoms as similar, and so they started running tests and turns out they were right. So they went back to see what they did with the other guy, but when they got back to me the infection was gone. There was no bite mark, no black coloration, no swelling, nothing. Additional tests showed nothing wrong with me at all. The guy told me that, if anything, I was better than I had been before I came in. I had been fighting something off, and apparently when they reran the tests they couldn’t find anything in my system. There was literally no sign of any infection in my body. However the hell that’s possible. So once they realized that I was clean they undressed me and out in the hospital gown (the one that’s a front and a back that clip together, not the ass-in-the-open one) and went and ran some other tests on me. He didn’t tell me any more, mainly because someone called for him over the PA. He told me to wait here till he got back. I found a piece of paper and a pen, and I’ve been waiting for a while, so I thought I might do something and write this down.

There’s quite a bit of activity outside, and I’m getting pretty anxious, but until I get pants I think I’ll stay here, see how

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