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Recorded Entry 03

Date Time Group: 171540TNOV██

Location: Globe, Arizona


*Sounds of a running car are heard in the background.*

[00:02-00:05] Rowan Hart: [Breathless] “Oh shit. Is it on?”

[00:06-00:22] RH: [Breathless] “Oh God. What the fuck happened back there? What the fuck just— Calm down. Breathe.”

*Rowan is heard taking progressively steadier breaths.*

[01:24-03:30] RH: “Ok. Ok. Ok. Fuck I gotta get this down. So I was... *sigh* I was, uh, I was sitting in the hospital, waiting for Dr. Burr to come back. Just... just sitting there, waiting. And then an alarm goes off and— It wasn’t a fire alarm, it was... It was like a... a military alarm. Like a— Focus. Ok. I was sitting there, waiting, and then the alarm goes off. So I— I got up and tried to open the door, but, uh, but it was locked. Why they’d lock a fucking hospital door I have no clue. I heard some fairly panicked sounds outside, so I just... I d— I don’t know, looked out the little window on the door. I could see some people running down the stairs and through the hall, but... but I didn’t see anything else that would justify the panic. Or the alarm. I thought I heard... someone talking in the room next to me, but I wasn’t sure... still not really sure. Not... *sigh* not really sure about anything at all. Ugh, shit. I just... I thought that someone might have gotten out, but... but I don’t know, I just...”

[03:34-04:20] RH: “I started looking around the room for something to open the door with— Oh, I found my journal and recorder in a box in a cabinet for whatever fucking reason they’d put ’em up there. Uh, but anyway, I was looking for something to open the door with, and it was after I found my stuff that I heard a scream and a gunshot in the next room. It was like a cross between a death scream, a terror scream, and a... demon scream. It sounds stupid, but... But nothing; it sounds stupid. I don’t think I’m fully off the drugs they gave me.”

[04:23-05:02] RH: “So after that scream I grabbed a pair of scissors and got down behind the bed. It didn’t fully hide me, but the little I was wearing blended in I guess, and it was better than nothing. Oh! It might be good to note that this was when I realized the alarm wasn’t on anymore. I don’t know when it turned off, but it did, and I was stuck in silence. Dead silence. Heh.”

[05:06-05:50] RH: “Anyway, the thing in the other room I guess broke the door down or something, because I heard a lot of banging and a wooden crack. I looked over the edge of the bed at the door window, and then out of fucking nowhere something blocks it out. I mean it blacked out the entire fucking window, up and out the sides. What’s the average door... six... seven feet? This thing was probably taller. It was just standing in front of the door, and I kept looking like a fucking cat. God I’m such a fucking idiot.”

[05:56-06:42] RH: “Ugh. Regardless, I kept staring at the door trying to figure out what the hell it was when it fucking leaned down and looked into the window. I didn’t see what it looked like, but I’m sure it saw me even though I ducked down. It tried to open the door, but, of course, it was locked. So then it just fucking punched through the glass. And this was reinforced glass. It tried to open the door from the inside, but yeah, no luck either. Why that strong-ass whatever-the-fuck even tried to open the door makes no sense. But after that he started banging on the door like he wanted in. I mean, you know, he wasn’t trying to knock the door down, it seemed like he was just fucking knocking to be let in. Weird shit.”

[06:45-07:37] RH: “Anyway, uh, he kept knocking, and I almost looked up for another peek, but then someone fired off a few rounds into him, and he turned around to pursue. I have no idea what happened to either of ’em. So I waited for a few minutes before I got up and looked out the window. There was black shit all over the handle and the window, so I didn’t even think about opening it. That and I had no intention of seeing what the fuck that big thing was. So I turned over to the other window; figured that would be a better out. I swear that place was a fucking death trap. The window was locked—imagine that—so I tried to bust it open. As soon as I broke the glass another alarm went off. Not like the first one, this sounded more like a home security alarm. All high pitched and loud and shit. I can still hear it.”

[07:39-08:39] RH: “So I immediately look at the door, and as I do I hear that same kind of scream I heard from that thing in the truck coming from outside the door. So I started trying to work my way through the window, but this one wasn’t just small, um, it was also barred. By that I mean that there was, uh, there were some horizontal bars and some vertical ones that extended out a bit. Again, why a hospital would have that is beyond me. So I started trying to kick the bars off; all the while that screaming kept getting closer. And then I happened to turn around to see a fucking zombie thing trying to crawl through the window. The fucker looked like he had been burned everywhere and then given a bad skingraft or something. Sharp teeth and fucking claws too. He tried to grab the door handle, and when that didn’t work he just started ramming into the door. I kept kicking the bars till they came off, and as every trope and cliché would have it, that’s when the fucker busted through the door. So— Shit.”

[08:42-09:00] RH: “Watch the road. You know, I’m actually unnerved by the fact that I haven’t seen a single other vehicle out here. I’d expect there to be cars on the road, it’s not like it’s two in the morning. I haven’t seen a single one this entire time. Weird.”

[09:05-10:06] RH: “Oh right. So he burst in the door and comes running after me, so I just fuck it and jump out the window. Not like I had much of a choice. It wasn’t too bad. Second story floor, standard procedure, you know. There was a, um, a wrought iron fence around the building, but that was a distance from where I landed. Down more than forward. Can’t say the same for the other guy. He flung right out the window after me, and landed gut first on the fence. Dug himself in nice and deep. So I didn’t waste any time getting around to the front lot. Was a fucking massacre. Bodies everywhere. Tons of those things everywhere. Blood and gore. I saw this one guy hiding under a car try and make a break for it, but he got seen and I swear every one of those things was on him before he got halfway to the gate. I could smell the blood from there. Speaking of which.”

[10:48-11:26] RH: “Ok. So I went around back, ’cus I guessed there was some sort of private lot, and I was right. Turns out there was a car running with a fresh set of clothes in the back seat. Lucky. So I changed and got in and took off. Not fully sure what happened to the driver, but there wasn’t any blood or a body anywhere, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ve been driving since. Not really sure where I am, but I think I’m in Globe. Just gonna head straight and hope I end up somewhere that isn’t full of people trying to kill me. So... yeah.”

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