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Recorded Entry 05

Date Time Group: 171849TNOV██

Location: Tonto National Forest


[00:00-00:09] Rowan Hart: [Distressed] “Fuck. I... I don’t...”

[00:22-37] RH: [Distressed] “I don’t know what fucking happened. I was... I think there was something on the road. I don’t remember. I don’t... Fuck!”

[01:47-02:12] RH: [Distressed] “There was... something was on the road, and whatever it was, it was strong enough to flip my fucking car and throw me on the other side of the goddamn road! How the fuck does this even happen!? The damn car was burned out! What the fuck set it on fire? And why the fuck am I crying? I don’t do that! I don’t...”

[06:23-06:46] RH: “Alright... Alright. God. God, what the hell? Why am I crying? Why the fuck am I crying?”

[06:52-06:58] RH: “I think I got it. Sorry.”

[07:05-07:24] RH: “The car’s ruined. I have no means of transportation. I have to walk... and the problem with that is I have no damn idea where I am. I had a map, but I’m sure we all know where that was. I’m gonna go see what didn’t burn up.”

[10:10-10:19] RH: “it. Nothing. Burned clean. Usually th— what the hell?”

[10:23-10:35] RH: “Shit. There’s some black thing on my arm. How’d I not notice that? Fuck, it’s a scab the size of my hand.”

[10:40-10:47] RH: “Ok... actually a little smaller than that. But still.”

[10:51-11:04] RH: “Shit. There’s another one. Fuck. It’s all across the side of my chest. Shit, and there’s dried blood. How the hell’d I miss that? What’s goin—”

*Groans are heard along with the sound of banging metal.*

[11:07-11:14] RH: “What the fuck is— Oh fucking shit! That’s a— Fuck! Fuck!”

*The recorder is presumably placed in a pocket. Rowan is heard running and panting in the background.*

[23:33-23:43] RH: [Breathless & Muffled] “Oh fuck. Holy shit. [Incoherent] was that?”

[25:53-24:41] RH: [Breathless & Muffled] “When did [Incoherent] horror movie? When the hell did zombies coming [Incoherent] happening? [Incoherent] the fuck did it look like that? It didn’t look rotten. It was like a... like a... like a what? Like a skin disease, or a fucking [Incoherent] had a bunch of...”

[24:47-24:59] RH: [Breathless & Muffled] “Oh fucking hell. The black scabs are smaller. Fuck, I forgot the doctor put [Incoherent] in me.”

[25:04-24:06] RH: [Breathless & Muffled] “Shit, did I lose that recorder?”

*The recorder is presumably removed from the pocket.*

[24:10-24:25] RH: [Breathless] “Oh thank God. Oh fuck, I gotta catch my breath. Gotta calm down. Stress ain’t helping.”

*The recorder is presumably placed back into the pocket.*

[24:31-24:35] RH: [Muffled] “Ok. So that thing that I saw had black sca— Opp.

*The recorder is presumably removed from the pocket.*

[24:36-25:28] RH: “It had black scabs or whatever all over it, and I didn’t realize until now, but the two I have got smaller in the, what, half an hour I’ve been running? But I think I have whatever’s going on, and I think that... I don’t know, I think I might be turning or whatever it’s called. Turning sounds stupid. But I don’t know. That thing had at least a dozen of those scabs, not to mention those… skin lesions? Regardless, I only have two that I can find. And they’re getting smaller. I’m pretty damn sure that I should be worried about that, but right now I need to find somewhere I can get before it gets really fucking dark and I’m left out with those things. So I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m gonna just keep following this road and see where it takes me.”

[25:41-25:44] RH: “Yeah. The battery’s almost gone.”

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