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Written Entry 03

This is the first time I’ve gotten something to write on since I got put in here, but since I have nothing better to do, I might as well write this. I’ve been in quarantine for a few days, although I’m not sure how many. I was walking down that road, looking for somewhere that I could stay and sleep, when it got black dark all of a sudden. I walked for a half hour more before I came around a turn and saw a bright light a ways down. It was the only thing I could see other than black, so I walked towards it. I know that everything else was probably attracted to the light too, but given the other option, the light was much better. So I hauled ass over to where it was and crouched down behind a little bush to see if anything was coming. I stayed there for a good few minutes just watching when a fucking zombie appeared behind me. I mean, right fucking behind me. Next to my head. Just appeared from behind me and made some kind of gurgling noise before trying to grab me. I jumped ten feet in front of me and just took off for the light. Bad choice to stare at the light for that long, because when I turned around after I got there, all I got was black. It was also really damn quiet, so that thing gurgling and moaning and growling sounded loud as shit. Lack of nightvision has never made an experience as worse as that. The zombie I thought was on my left, not that I could tell given that the noises were echoing around. But as I was staring that way, another roar thing came from my right and I turned around to see two more of them lunge out of the darkness at me. I hit one in the head just reacting, but I had to have done that wrong because it hurt like hell. I got backed up against the gate, and so I started shouting for someone to open it. There was a gate and fence around where the light was. I forgot to add that. And the light was a beam light or whatever you call it that they have on construction sites at night. I knew shouting and all was stupid, but I didn’t really have many other options, and it was the only thing I could think of. As I was waiting the one on the left tried to to charge, so I kicked it in the face and tried to kick its knee out, but I overextended and lost balance. I think I just got back up, but I don’t fully remember. The right two tried, but I managed to sidestep them and they ran into the gate. I tried to bash one of their heads against the bars, but I either didn’t get enough force behind it to do significant damage, or the bars were too thin to do anything. I think I did manage to break its nose. I kept on like this for a while. I’m certain that more shit happened, but I don’t fully remember anything else, it just kinda blends together. But I do remember someone coming to the gate and tried to shoot them through the bars. He only hit one in the side, which pushed it back, and he shot real close to me. I got right up against the gate and he started shouting at me before he opened the gate. I ran inside and he shut the gate like hell. I know he said something about me being a something-shit-fucking-whatever, but I don’t recall specific dialogue. I also remember someone else coming up behind me and hitting me on the top of my head with what I assume was the butt of a gun. It’s funny now because whoever it was didn’t do it right, so it just ended with me on my knees in a lot of pain. I guess that’s not really funny. I tried to tell whoever it was to go fuck himself, but he just hit he again with the gun on the side of the head, which made everything to blurry. Last I remember I looked up at the guy and he kneed me up in the jaw, and that put me out. Shit was unpleasant enough waking up that I think I might have a concussion. But then I woke up in this bathroom, which is locked from outside. I’m assuming they’re making it a makeshift prison cell or something, because no one ever actually comes in, they just slide stuff through a small slit they cut. It opens from the outside of course. And because no one comes in, I can’t do anything to try and get out. Where the hell they came up with this, I don’t have a clue, but in my defense, I haven’t had a clue since the shit with the truck. They did give me my journal and recorder on request, but the batteries are dead. Honestly, I don’t know why I keep doing this. It’s not like anyo

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