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The 2019 Watty’s are now open and I’ve been wanting to participate ever since I knew what it was (aka 2 monthes ago) the rule book states my book needs to only be available exclusively on Wattpad to enter which means I had to unpublish from Inkitt.

I’m really sorry. Tbh I would have stayed here if the book had a chance on the Inkitt Novel contest because I was intrested in it as well, but like only 20 people bothered to actually go vote for it there (If you're on of those people, I love you and thank you!)

If you want to follow the story and the updates, you can find me on Wattpad under the same username and the same story name. (Alot of you guys already found me so Hi, how are you?)

Thank you guys so much for the reviews and the votes.

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