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She was meant to move on to the after life, yet she remained here for vengeance through the body of a little boy ...

Thriller / Mystery
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One shot

For women who get conceived and give birth to beautiful babies even though they don't want to, they wouldn't understand the anguish Kesha has been going through for the past 6 years. No matter how much she and her husband, Micheal tried, no matter the amount of doctors they'd visited and treatment taken, she couldn't get pregnant whatsoever.

But finally, at long last on the 26th of August, Kesha gave birth to a beautiful boy baby.

The doctors called him special. Holding her little one close to her chest, she shed tears and vowed to love and protect him always.

The crying of her baby made her weep more in happiness. Micheal held his wife and new born baby close in his arms

Kesha and Micheal named their child Kelan, meaning The heavens in native American.

Just as the doctors mentioned, he surely was special. Even before he turned one, Kelan had started walking and even talking certain words like "mommy" "daddy" and weirdly "sugar" too.

He was different from Kesha and Micheal. He had grey eyes while both his parents had blue. The right eye was slightly slanted and shaped in a way where it looked like one was upwards while the other was droopy.

Kesha was so excited that her son was able to do things other toddlers would take years to do, at the same time she started to worry if something was wrong with her son.

She consulted a child counsellor, Mrs. Deborg. She said everything is fine.

Kesha remained worried though. Micheal called her being overly obsessed but Kesha felt something wrong but kept the thought buried deep within her.

As Kelan grew up so did the weird behaviours. It's when he turned 7 that Kesha really began to worry once more.

He was obsessed with sugary stuff since he started eating. Even if it's a spicy food, he'd always drop scoops of sugar into the dish and enjoy it.

On a Saturday night, late winter, once Kesha tucked Kelan into bed , she joined Micheal in their room for a late night drink and dozed off in his arms.

Something awoke her. Some kind of a bad feeling. She sat up abdruptly, sweat pouring down her fac her hands clammy. She got off of the bed and put on her robe before opening the bedroom door and trudging down the hall. She peered inside Kelans room and found his bed empty, the sheets on the ground .

Panicked she looks everywhere calling out his name.

No answer.

She's about to run up to wake her husband when she stops. She heard something. Below the staircase.

She walks quietly towards it. She hears a voice inside the the spandrel. They use it as a storeroom to store unwanted stuff.

Who could be in there? It's a small space.

Kesha wraps her hand around the doorknob and slowly opens the door of the spandrel.

Inside she finds Kelan seated facing opposite her. Kesha breathes relieved and when she's about to call out his name, he starts speaking once more.

" Zu englisch wechseln Du dreckiger Mann, ich werde soviel essen, wie ich will. Ich werde deinen Schwanz herausziehen und Zucker verteilen, bevor ich ihn schlucke..."

"Kelan? Baby?" Kesha called out but he wouldn't respond. He continued to talk in a language she's never known. She finds hand movements.

Peering over his shoulder, she sees a bowl full of sugar he's filling his mouth with, and on the other hand he's holding a kitchen knife which he's stabbing an already dead rat repeatedly.

Feeling nauseaus and afraid, she yells


"Mommy? What's wrong?"

"Wha- what are... You doing?" Kesha asked, her voice barely audible.

"I'm eating sugar mommy." He replied sweetly.

Her gaze drifted to the dead rat and the knife he was clutching. He turned his gaze to where she was looking. For a moment, there was a flash of hatred and anger in his droopy eye but then it vanished as he sported a sweet smile.

"What you looking at mommy?" He asked obliviously

"What? Oh.. it... It's nothing. Come on. Let's get you to bed" Kesha tries to remain calm. But deep inside she's terrified.

With one final stab on the rat, Kelan let's go of the knife and walks out as innocent as a lamb. He looks up at his mother and smiles before walking towards his room.

She shuts the spandrel door before following close behind. Once he's inside his room and the door is shut she walks further towards her own room and then drops to her knees shivering.

Kelan had walked like a girl swaying his hips side to side.

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