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Oh my... Dennis! The love of my life? My boyfriend was one of the men trying to hunt me down. God I tried so hard but I couldn't remember anything... Hanna, a twenty three old, gets trapped into a night that she never ever dreamed of. Will she survive this night? Will she tear the mask of people around her life? Will she be able to handle the pain from the dirty secrets? Will she able to uncover the hidden truth?

Thriller / Mystery
Hema Rajthilak
Age Rating:

HIDDEN Episode 1

I was running as I heard the scream! It was really hard for me to breathe. The problem was that I couldn't even open my eyes, and I didn't know why... But I still chose to manage with a blurry vision. I hid behind a car that was parked near a tall old tree. I heard footsteps that were getting louder. A chill went down my spine when I managed to see their legs. There were six men...

A year before

"I'm sorry Nick but I've never felt the same way that you feel about me. Let's stay like forever! Just friends!" said I. Nick said "I tried really hard to impress you Hanna but things just ended up as useless as always! I'm leaving the city today, I hope you don't fall in love with Dennis till I return. 👋 Bye". Everything happened just like Nick had been afraid of.

At present

I took out the phone from my sling bag and called my boyfriend Dennis. One of the guys phone rang and a familiar voice answered the call "Where are you? Hanna?". I couldn't belive this! Oh my... Dennis! My boyfriend was one of the men trying to hunt me down. God I tried so hard but I couldn't remember how I came here... Why? Last night I was talking with Dennis on phone. Was I talking with Dennis? No it was iris! "Why the hell do you not answer me? Hanna?" shouted Dennis. I hung up the phone and dialed 911. Out of anger, he kicked the car and the alarm went off. I shrieked as the loud alarm frightened me. "Hanna? Is that you?" cried Dennis. "911, what's the emergency?" the call-taker answered my call. I pressed one in my dial pad (calls for police). As soon as Denis caught me, he grabbed my phone and said "Here you are!".

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