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Chapter 5

He told me what I obviously already knew which was that his name is Jake.

The last person I wanted to meet right now... I'm the luckiest person on earth right? Why is this happening to me UGH!

“So... You didn't tell me what is your name?”

“Oh, sorry. I'm Roze. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

The awkwardness of the situation was unbearable, and I wanted to leave. But he managed to make me laugh a little when he said, “well, I'm single, and I would really like to take you out sometime, so what do you say? “ But I held my laugh and told him " sure.” And gave him my number.

This might help me get closer to him so that I know if he had anything to do with Mia's death. I feel like I'm betraying her, but this is for the best I'm sure.

We talked a little and I got my food then went back home to find Jenny waiting for me by the door and as soon as I opened the door she jumped on me and took the food away. “Well, hello to you too, Jenny,” I said, laughing out loud. She just moaned ecstatically when she took the first bite, and totally ignored my existence. I laughed again and joined her to eat my dinner before she devours all the food.

After dinner, we watched some t.v and then went to our bedrooms ready to call it a night, but by ten-thirty, my phone dinged signaling that I have an incoming message. So, I checked it and it said, “Hi Roze, I wanted to check if you are free tomorrow at 7. I'd love to take you out for dinner. Jake"

I typed in a quick reply telling him that I'm free, and I would love to go with him before I went back into my deep slumber.

"Hey Mia, I'm going to get myself some cookies, do you want some?"

"Yes, of course, I want some! Duh! But come quickly I want to tell you something."

Why does she look this nervous? That's so weird…

The sound of the two shots that killed Mia wakes me up from my sleep, and it's so hard to breathe that I thank God when I find Jenny sitting next to me, looking like she just woke up right now.

This is the first time, I dream about that night...

And it was quite foggy. I don't exactly remember what happened that night...

This could be a problem... A pretty big problem...

How can I try to figure out who killed Mia if I don't remember the night she was killed...

After a little while of me finding it extremely hard to breathe and zoning out, I come back to reality and find Jenny fast asleep while rubbing my back. So I wake her up to go back to her room, but she refuses to leave me and asks me about my nightmare.

"I dreamt about the night Mia was murdered... But it seemed quite foggy and I honestly think that if I don't solve this mystery soon, I will never be able to solve it."

"Well, then we have to go to her old house today. You said it would help you figure out who killed Mia."

"Yeah... I think it would help... Seeing that house again might ring a bell in my head and make me see something that I missed that night."

"So... I'm going back to sleep now cause it's still 3 in the morning, and I hate to say this but I'm not quite ready to stay up all night. You should sleep too by the way"

"Yes, I guess we should go back to sleep... Goodnight then."

"Goodnight, Roze," Jenny says smiling at me while leaving my room.

I try to sleep for a very long time, but can't seem to be able to, so, at about 4 in the morning, I just lose all hopes of going back to sleep and get up to prepare breakfast for Mia and me.

After breakfast, I start reading a book and lose all track of time till I see Mia coming out of her room looking at me like I'm crazy.

This is probably true as I started reading this novel at about 4:30 in the morning, and now it's about 7... and I'm finishing the novel.

"What are you doing? When did you even wake up?" Jenny asks and I say with a stupid grin on my face "I didn't actually go to sleep. I tried, but I just couldn't, so I started reading and didn't feel the time flying by. And I made pancakes for you!"

Her eyes go wide, and she squeals before running to the kitchen to devour all the pancakes. She LOVES pancakes, so I made them because I didn't want her to scold me for not going back to sleep. These pancakes were the only way out...


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