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Chapter 6

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Jenny gulped down all the pancakes in record time and came back to me again.

"So... When will we go to Mia's house?"

" I don't know... But I think it will be best if we go at about 12, what do you think?"

"Okay it's fine with me, but are you sure you want to do this Roze?"

" Yes, I'm sure... She was my best friend and I NEED to know who killed her."

" Okay then. I'll be ready on time, but I'm gonna take a nap now. I'm so full and I feel like I need to sleep some more."

" Okay Jenny, have fun."

She gave me a sarcastic look that said "very funny, Roze" and then went to bed.

Jenny loves sleeping. She sleeps for more than half the day every day. Of course, being rich made it easier for her, but still. Who sleeps like 12 hours everyday!

While she is enjoying her sleep, I just sit in the living room, looking out at the houses around us and thinking about how to approach the people living in Mia's house.

I don't know if I will be welcome or not, but I know that I'll do my best to be friends with them. I don't want to risk breaking in like I originally thought and blow all of my chances at looking around the house so that I remember that night more clearly.

I can only hope that they are nice people...

After a while of just sitting around, and being lazy all morning, Jenny wakes up. It's about 10:30 in the morning right now, but I feel really impatient and jittery with nerves right now and want to go to the house right away. So I ask Jenny "can you please help me get my mind of going to the house for a little while? I am so nervous and I feel like I might pass out."

" what do you want to do then?" She asks me and I reply "I don't know. I just want to stop thinking about what is going to happen when we arrive at Mia's house."

"Okay... I want to tell you something. I want to find a job. I am sick of just sitting around doing nothing other than sleep, so would you like to search for jobs with me?"

According to what I know about Jenny, she has never worked before and we are 23 years old right now, so it is kind of hard to believe she is thinking about working, but I agree to search for jobs with her and we start to scour the internet for any job offers online. And with that, I forget all my worries and stay focused on the task at hand.

After a while, we see that it is 11:30, so we get up to shower and get ready for the day ahead of us.

I take a shower and brush my teeth then put on a cute violet sundress and sandals. Then go out to the living room to wait for Jenny, but as soon as I get there I find that Jenny is waiting for me and it is 12:15.

I didn't realize I took that long to get ready. Oops. Jenny hates being late, but fortunately for me, it is not that late.

"So miss late, how are you going to approach this when we get to the house? Do you know what you will say or what?" Jenny asks.

"No I don't really know what I will do, but let us just go and when we arrive we will see." So we just leave and since I chose where Jenny and I live, I had in mind that it needs to be near where Mia used to live, so it took us about five minutes to walk there.

As soon as I saw the house, I felt like I was being pulled back in time to the night Mia was killed. I felt my whole body go numb and my breathing was getting faster and faster by the second.

I didn't feel or hear or even see anything happening around. Everything seized to exist as I fell to the floor in the middle of the street.


"Hey, why are you late. I told you I wanted to tell you something important." She said

"yeah yeah, important of course!" I laughed and she just looked at while putting her hand mockingly on her heart as if I hurt her.


I tried to pull myself out of the memories that are flooding my mind, but every time I did that they seemed to get stronger


"So what is the very important thing that you wanted to tell me?"

"We'll get to that later, come with me I want to show you something." She grabbed my hand and dragged me after her to her bedroom.


I feel the panic starting to rise inside my body. My whole body is tingling and I can't breathe properly. It feels like the world is collapsing and I can't escape the prominent death that is hovering over my head.


"Wow Mia, I am so happy for you. When did he propose and why didn't you tell me sooner?!!"

"He just proposed yesterday and no one else knows. You are the first person to know."


I feel the tears falling on my face, but I can't control them. I see Jenny trying to get me to stop panicking, but I can't control my body. The fear, the sadness, the memories keep coming, and I can't do anything but see them, feel them, and embrace every little memory that comes to me in my vulnerable state.
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