Its a Secret

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"Look" Jayden pointed at a girl in our gym class "she's kinda hot" he spoke about her everyday and everyday I listened and watched her play volleyball with her friend. They never played volleyball with the volleyball players and they never played with the net. Instead they stayed in a corner of the gym and talked about random things.

"Can I have a hug?" I wasn't paying attention but in the two seconds that I zoned out Jayden walked up to the girl. "Uh, sure?" Jayden already knew the girl and the girl already knew him but they never spoke they were more of aquantinces than friends. She's a sophomore and we're freshman but she's a real smart girl so the only class we'd have with her would be a highschool gym class. In our school we have gym for one half of the year so I see her everyday during 3rd period and its my favorite class.

Throughout the month we'd get closer and closer to her and eventually we'd be her Bestfriends or something like that. But that's exactly what im afraid of...

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