Hush daughter

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I am hushed to see how the adults are behaving that we do not have any adults does not occur to us at all. We are all being natural as nature intended Hushed and told not to spill the beans I am bearing well and being told to shut up and then on the other hand told to shout it out loud. I am stating the obvious there is a story somewhere there is a character flaw there might even be unrequited love there is also all kinds of unkind deeds and things which we as beasts love to do to one another. But what does it matter when the going rate is the same when the deeds to the heart are already shut tight? I am hushed to be told I cannot be and can't be let alone he is standing there always reproachful and there is nothing I dare say or do. He has many characters and that is dad. He will never leave it alone he said so he told mother after he raped her...

Thriller / Humor
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