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Science accidentally creates a supervirus- a strain of Ebola with rabies-like qualities that turns those it kills into the true walking dead. Due to its multi-day dormancy time, an infected scientist flies to Atlanta, Georgia, and the crisis begins. While scientists scramble to find a cure, Doug's hometown is overrun by the living dead- both humans and animals. Forced to scrounge to survive, a single, panicked thought is in everyone's mind- "Will the cure come in time?"

Thriller / Scifi
Terry C. Monroe
4.3 3 reviews
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Lab Report- Doctors Without Borders- Ndola, Zambia

Ebola tracking...

34 infected, 22 dead

Finding samples among cadavers before incineration- progress underway.

12 infected by a strange, flu-like strain of Ebola- 75% of infected died within a day of symptom onset. Must collect samples.

2 sponsors dead, corpses twitching, but no vital signs.

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