Scientific Crisis- Z

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Executive Order- Quarantine and Military Action

Until the epidemic in Atlanta, Georgia is resolved, the following rules shall be in place in the affected city or cities-

No man, woman, or child in Atlanta shall be outdoors after 7:30 PM, nor before 7:15 AM.

No one may enter or leave Atlanta, and its airport and taxi services shall be shut down.

Schools shall be closed.

All members of the city police force shall be equipped with armored hazardous material suits, flamethrowers, and automatic weapons.

All public gatherings shall be banned, and the city council shall convene via telephone only.

A special session of the city council shall be called, at minimum, once per month, to discuss ordinances relating to stopping the Ebola epidemic.

All corpses must be cremated, and any people appearing to be a member of the walking dead shall be shot on site until immobile.

All purchases shall be online and delivered via federal combat drone, in an airtight and sterile container.

Automatic weapons shall be lawful without permit, but shall be confiscated when the outbreak ends.


President Hillary Clinton

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