Scientific Crisis- Z

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Shift Notes- Policeman at Border of Scottdale, Georgia

Hey, chief. Sorry to leave this on your desk, but you were sleeping down at the station, so I left it here and clocked my hours. So, I was out in the car, and it was pretty dang quiet, couple of cars in the same number of hours- no traffic from Atlanta, y'know, it's been quarantined by executive order for over a week. Then, out of nowhere, this guy who looks- crippled, I guess is the term- he staggers by my car moaning about... bran? I jump out and see he's bleeding all over the place, like he picked a fight with those bears which have become a problem recently, and he turns all agressive on me, tries to bite my head off. I shoot him with my pistol and he drops, doesn't move. Glass jaw or something?

I'm quitting.

Goodbye, world. We're toast.

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