Scientific Crisis- Z

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Virus Test- Lab Report- Doctors Without Borders Lab- Outside Tsaritsyn, Russia

Ebola Virus Contamination Check- Failure to follow protocols

Virus mixed in petri dish with rabies sample.

Zombie fungus of genus Ophiocordyceps growing on lid of dish.

Mixed Results:

Day 1- virus added to 5 test groups of pigs, about 20 each.

Day 3- onset of symptoms. Pigs unable to not feel hungry. One pig will force other pigs to stand aside as it eats all 50 liters of slop. Any approach of the slop will be prevented by bites to the loins and back.

Day 4- Pigs begin to rot and bleed, especially from the eyes. One pig in test group 3 went into cardiac arrest, but started moving a minute later. Using testing protocol, we entered the pen to check vital signs, but it had no pulse or breath. We discarded the subject into a quarantine pen until it can be burned.

Day 5- unusual aggression observed among subjects. Compulsive cannibalism observed, but partially-eaten pigs start moving again, even with vital organs torn asunder. One wound to the brain observed in test group 4, which leaves the pig dead. All pigs with no vital signs collected with some difficulty, as aggression is especially strong towards humans. Incineration will occur in precisely 6 days.

Day 7- slop tripled yesterday, yet one pig still eats it all in each test group. Pig in test group 1 suffers stomach rupture, but continues eating. Warning- three hazmat suits have been damaged by the test subjects in the past day alone. Invoice for new suits, will arrive on Day 12.

Day 10- only one or two pigs are exhibiting vital signs in each test group- the rest move, but don't seem to have pulses. One scientist was forced to use a torn hazmat suit to inspect. Last pig in group 5 died via a burst blood vessel drowning the brain.

Day 11- 39% of scientists quit the study. Every pig except for one is dead in the literal sense.

Experiment Results Summary- failure.

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