Scientific Crisis- Z

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Atlanta Green Hills Funeral Home- Night Guard End-Of-Shift Notes

Hey, boss, am I going crazy? So, about 125 of the body bags I was supposed to burn, doctor's orders, well, they started writhing, and, I swear, the guys in them just- well, they crawled out of the bags and started to stagger towards the attached hospital. I mean, I was worried I'd seen one too many zombie movies in the past couple weeks- Walking Dead season 23, you know. The hype was intense.

Still, I called security immediately, told them to guard the hospital with their lives, get head-and-spine shots as much as possible, and stop the cadavers. Of course, they were suspicious, so only one or two showed up, then they both radioed for help and went down. The rest of the security staff showed up, and they fell like tenpins. Still, the disease- ridden corpses were dissuaded, and left the building.

We're all doomed.

Fire me now; I'm gonna go loot a gun store.

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