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Chapter Ten

With the break over,it was school all over again.only this time Aina was more familiar with the place and has gained the confidence she needed to keep up with other students.

Upon getting to the room ,Aina was looking through her phone to check up on Nalu..knowing Nalu was suppose to get there before her she cant help but wonder where she is.

Opening the door,Aina was startled as nalu pounced on her friend and hugging her tight as she spoke.

"I missed you "

" I was about to call you"smiling on the phone

"How was your trip?I got here an hour ago and I thought to surprise you!"

"God!you almost gave me a heart attack"Aina teasingly reached her out to her chest with the palm of her hands.

Looking around "The room looks dirty".

"Yeah! About that,I was waiting for you,so we could clean together"

"what a good friend you are"

"You came Along with dee2 right?"

"Yap!It's not like I have a choice,now back to let's clean the room"


And so the girls began cleaning the room here and there And by afternoon the girls have finished cleaning, and have settled for the day.

The girls chat as they sat on Aina's bed a knock on the and they wonder who it might be,both girls looked at each other before Aina got up to open the door as it was locked from earlier.

Opening the door, she was face to face with mina who looked exicited about something,before Aina could say anything mina made her way in looking back at Aina who was clossing the door,she spoke.

"Don't just stand there Aina,come!I came to see you both,ooh! I'm so excited.mina wearing a big smile on her face.

"Hi to you too"

"You look like you've just won something"

"Well you can say that"

"Aina come and sit please"

Aina was surprised to see mina excited and being nice to her at the same time she can't help but wonder why.

Mina's POV.

When I heard about the upcoming event I couldn't help but want to tell nalu, even if dee2 and I are not together I still see nalu as my friend and she's okay.

It's sad I don't have female friends because they are all jealous of me or atleast thats what i think ,we don't get along and the one time i tried to make friends here it resulted into chaos.

Nalu is good to me so I figure why not take her along and Aina ofcourse even if we don't get along this might actually be a chance to see if we can move pass whatever it is we have against one another. I'm tired of being on the other side, I'm done !this is my final year here and I want to give myself the chance to be good and be around good people.

I'm not a bad person,Yes I dress in a way most people wouldn't agree with and I like to hang out with guys,wear make up but still I'm not a bad person.

This is a once in a life time opportunity, I don't have the invites yet being the most exclusive party held every year since I can remember and every one wants to be invited, this might actually be my chance before I graduate it's like in my bucket list or so.

Without wasting time I asked Aina to come sit with us.

"Aina come and sit please" Gesturing Aina to come.

"This better be good"making her to sit beside Nalu

End of mina's POV.

With the girls seated and quiet waiting for mina to speak, she began by saying.

"So there is this event more of a party"mina explained

As aina looked to nalu with a question, Nalu can't help but want to hear where this is going.

"Every year some one hosts this event and invites are strictly handed to VIP's,I"ve heard there is always a dress code and-"

"-Hate to burst your bubble but I've heard of this party,atleast from what dee2 told me". Nalu interrupts


"Something about mystery party, missing girls, I don't know"

"Missing girls?common now that's just a myth,yes it's some how a mystery that no one knows who hosts this parties every year,No one has ever seen the person hosting these events,we don't even know if it's man or woman but no missing girls,I'm sure dee2 told you that just to scare you".

"What does this party have to do with us?"Aina asked.

"Good question"

"In all the years I've been here,I've watched people here and there get invited to this society event,people from all around ,I also want to go for once!I mean being my last year;you girls might have three years or so to go but I want us to go this time,because you might never have this chance again"

Aina and nalu glanced at each other."What do you think?" Mina Anxiously waits for thier reply

"I don't know...this kind of parties are usually trouble,what do you think nalu?"

"I don't know-"

"Look!I don't want you to look back and regret not going,this is the most exclusive event in the city!you have to know somebody who knows somebody to get in"mina looked back and forth at the girls, waiting for a reply.

"I don't know,I don't do parties.."Aina clearly stated.

"I...dont think we're coming with you..sorry mina"Nalu apologised

"Look I don't have the invites yet!which means you have time to think about it,atleast"Mina stated with begging look.

"I don't know"Nalu repeated.

"We'll think about it "

"Yes!are you sure?"

"Yeah we 'll see"

"Alright then"

Mina got up and made her way to door and before she turned the knob she spoke.

"I 'll let you know once I have the invites,bye girls." Giving them a parting smile.

"One crazy person,party!that's all she talks about".

"She's one confuse person,she clearly needs to see the light;but are we?".Nalu asked.

"No.."Aina was quick to reply

"But you told her we're going to think about it"

"I just said that so she can let us be,she 'll find other persons to go with 'll see"

"Alright then"


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