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Chapter Eleven

Few days passed since the girls had that conversation with mina and everyone continued with their normal schedules One morning Aina and Nalu were in hurry for class, they walked from their hostel to class which was about fifteen minutes walk or so.

On their way they met Reme..who was sitting alone in a park bench along the pathway to the school,Nalu spotted him first and told Aina,...Aina slowed down a bit as she spoke to him while nalu was walking slowly in hopes that aina catches up with her.

"Hey"looking down at Reme who was still sitted.

"Where to?you look like you ran all the way here"Reme said teasingly.

"Well,you can say that!how have you been?"Aina asked looking straight at nalu who was bit far from them.

"I'm fine" sensing She was in a hurry"you have a class ?"

"Yes and I'm actually late"Aina replied with a faint smile.

" should get going,I'll wait here "

"You I'll wait here"Aina asked with a question on her face..

"Yeah"with a short answer, looking at his phone.

"Ok then!I'll see you" walking pass him to catch up with her friend.

After class,the girls ventured into doing other things ,conversing with other colleagues and Aina completely forgot about her promise to reme.remembering that he said he 'll wait for her Aina quickly got her things and excused herself.

"Nalu I've to go,I'm meeting Reme".aina spoke.

"Okay,let me walk you,then you 'll meet me back at the hostel when your done"is that ok?"


Walking outside the girls were surprised to see mina talking to kini,while he point to the class,mina turned her head to their direction,and the girls walked to meet her half way.

Aina's POV.

Walking right out of the class i felt ambushed by mina ,I don't know about Nalu but this girl is stalking us.

We walked and cross the distance between us and With a smile on her face mina spoke.

"I've been to your room,I tried calling ,were have you been?" Mina asked.

Rolling my eyes I replied.

"In class".

"I can see"

"Mina how have you been".

"I'm good,I have good news to tell you girls"

The girls looked back at one another knowing what will come next.

"I've been handed three invite and the dress code is black with a hint of red"mina excitedly said looking back and forth at the girls in an attempt not to loose thier focus.

"Really..."Nalu expressed

"Yes!I have your invites here with me"mina said as she slid her hand through her bag,she was stunned by my words.

Looking straight at her I spoke.."look mina,thanks for the invite but we just can't go"I said bluntly.


"What Aina meant was that our schedules are rough you see...we..we...can't-" Nalu was cut short by mina who looked angry.

"What the hell!I went to all that trouble for nothing,you guys said you 'll think about it"

What is wrong with her,is some one paying her to do this,why is she so desperate?why us?I asked myself

"Yes and we did but unlike you we don't do parties"I said.

"Look I thought this was a chance to bond and get to know you well,plus who ever reject such occasion"

"Bond?are serious,look don't try to be an angel when you're not!what interest do you have in this"

Nalu interfered when she noticed the argument was heating up.

"Mina,we have to go lets talk some other time please!lets not make a scene people are watching"Nalu said looking back and forth at mina and I .

"You don't want to go fine!"mina said as she turned to walk away she paused ,turned back and added"call me when you change your mind"giving us a parting smile

The girls looked at one another as they walk away,spoting Reme still sitting on the bench ? It look like he was watching us the whole time,I asked Nalu to go ahead.

"I'll be quick,I don't know what he wants "

"Who knows "Nalu said teasingly.

"Just go please"I tiredly spoke.

"Fine!Meet me back at hostel when you're done"

I walked towards Reme and to my surprise he was still sitting on the same spot,wondering what's on his mind,I sat next to him.

"You're done?"Reme asked looking at his phone.

It's like he's waiting for something...what is it though? ..I thought to myself.

"I almost bore to death in there "I spoke looking at Reme from the side.

"Hah!Aina you 'll never change"Reme said with a smile,this time looking straight at me.

"You think!" lifting an eye brow.

"I know.."he corrects

"Who was that?"

"Who...where? I asked...knowing where this was going.

"The altercation back there?" Reme spoke looking at me.

"Oh! so you watched,that was umm...nalu's friend ...she a nut case"

"Nut case?"

"Yeah...she's been trying to convince Nalu and I about this party thing".

"Party?what Party "frowning to my response

"Uhm..yeah,some vip party"Reme's mood completely changed and I know why

"The one party some random people hold every year,with the dress code and everything?" Reme asked with a serious face.

"Yeah,something like that" confused with his sudden change of expression.

"Don't go!"Reme simply said,warning me

"Why?what's wrong?" I asked.

"Just,dont go"Reme repeated.

"Just tell me why?"

"Look bad things happen there" raising his voice at me.

" bad things like what, be specific"

"Just don't go"he was basically yelling at this point.

"Don't yell at me Reme!what's wrong with you?" looking straight at him.

"I'm sorry,but Just don't go please.

I wasn't actually thinking of going but I want to know what's his deal.I thought to myself.

"Why?"I asked again.

And suddenly his phone rang,its like he was waiting for the call all day,without saying anything he got up and took a few steps away from me,for privacy I guess,what's with him and all this secrecy I asked myself.

After few minutes he walked back and stand close to me.

"I've to go!but remember what I told you please"Reme Reminds

"Don't be stupid,just listened and do what I tell you!I know this things "Reme said sensing his words has an effect on me,he bagan backing away slowly.

"You don't tell what to do Reme!this your jealousy is off the charts,what I'm I to you"

"Jealousy?Aina,I'm Just looking out for you"

"I'm not a child"

"I'm sorry I'm acting like a jerk,I care for you Aina,just don't go please."


Before I could say anything else,Reme turned round and his feets already created a distance between us. Heading to his car just , I just sat their like a confused child.

Looking at him "I'm not going,idiot!you still don't know me reme" whispering"

Hours passed since I spoke to Reme and back at the hostel, I was sitting alone in the room as nalu went to see dee2 earlier.

When she came,I was half a sleep but I hear her make her way to her own side of the room and sat on the edge of her bed holding some thing.

I slowly got and sat myself,waiting for her to speak but instead she made her way to my bed and sat close to me..looking down before she spoke.

"Aina!I did alot of thinking,about the party" Nalu spoke.

Not this party topic again,I've had enough already. I thought to myself.

Gesturing her to keep talking "yes what about it?"

"I want to go "Nalu declared waiting for my reaction.


"Yes...and I can't go without you"

"Please Aina,lets have some fun,we clearly deserve it"

"I don't know,you've surprised me,I don't know,reme warned me earlier not to go may be we shouldn't "

"Reme!seriously?"Nalu questioned

"Reme is clearly jealous that's why he doesn't want you to go,he doesn't want you meeting people"

"Our safety,it worries me"

"Look dee2 is coming and so are his friends,they've got the invites as well,the 'll protect us if anything "Nalu confidently said.

"Well"not sure what to say,may be she's right,Reme is jealous,plus he doesn't own me and I can do what I want.

" I can't believe I'm saying this"I spoke looking unsure.

"Please!I took the invites from mina a while ago"nalu spoke waiting for my reply.

"Fine! but We have to stick around dee2,please"

"My dear you don't have to worry"

"Do you have anything in black "Nalu asked looking at like a little girl.

"I thinkI do"I teasingly said.

Nalu was so excited,we chated and went through our things,I can't believe I said yes.

"What could go wrong" shrugging my shoulder.


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