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Chapter Twelve

Aina's POV continued.

The atmosphere was dark,the music was loud but lit with colourful lights,people sat in clusters while others dance ,I've never been to such parties.

It was a forty minutes drive and to my surprise the crowd seemed huge for an event that's meant for VIP's..I thought to myself.

I felt uncomfortable by some of the men in black suits they seem to pay attention to us or so I thought...Everyone was wearing black,nalu and I stuck with dee2 while mina just dived In to the dance floor and dance her heart out.

We found a corner and sat on a couch,while dee2 excused himself spotting his friends.

"I'll be back, just sit here and don't move"dee2 warned.

"Yes big brother"Nalu replied with a fake smile.

After a while mina came back and sat with us exhausted"This is amazing,girls What do you think?"

"It's good"

"To think you almost missed this"mina adds

"Yeah it's cool"Nalu expressed

My phone rang checking who it was,I excused my self outside and called back.

"Mum" I said still walking further away from the noise.

"How are you dear?"

"I'm's my father?"

"His fine dear,the noise,where are you?"

"Uhm...In my room,someone is celebrating a birthday next room to ours,its a bit noisy." I quickly said.

"That explains it,how is your studies?"

"Fine Mom"

"Ok dear,I should go,take care of yourself"

"Ok too"

"Mum!" I quickly called her before she hung up.

"I love you"

"I love you too dear"

"Good night"

Walking back to the building,I heard foot steps,I quickly turned around but no one was there,people are walking around outside the building and now that I thought of it,the location looked safe,I quickly walked to the building, upon returning to the table,I bumped into some random guy because I wasn't looking,I apologized but he didn't say a word,He only stared at me so I thought to walk away,looking back he was still looking and now that thought of it all ,his wearing a black suit.

I sat down still wondering before I snap back to reality when I heard nalu's voice,then I realised dee2 was also back and was talking to mina.

"Hey"Nalu called my attention

"Sorry,I was thinking"I said.

"What?is it Reme?"Nalu asked with a frown.


"Then relax please and loosen up"

I didn't say anything else but gave a faint smile.

After a while someone brought drinks to the table,A waiter I presumed,It was four glasses of want seemed like orange juice,he looked around the age seventeen and has this blunt face,he casually drop the drinks to the table,I tried to be nice by smiling and saying thank you but he ignored me and walked away whatever,I said to myself.

Nalu And I grabbed a glass each and took a sip ,it was orange juice I said to myself and looked back at nalu and we both smiled at one another.

The atmosphere was still dark and noisy but I felt save for some reason,dee2 and mina took their glasses afterwards,dee2 told nalu and I that we 'll be leaving soon or atleast that was the last thing I heard.

End of Aina's POV.

The party went on and on,and some how the place went pitch black for some minutes,with the lights back on the table of four was some how cleared by the random guys in suits..they carefully transported the group to a black van through the back door of the building,and the black van drove away.

The guys in black suits casually excused themselves from the party and drove way to the same direction as the black van.

And what seemed like a setting that happens in the movies was actually the reality for the four.

The van drove to an unknwon location behind the city,into a mansion,the gates was black,with a wall doubled the normal heights and the group was taken to seperate rooms and locked up.

The group of guys in black suits hardly talk much, they seemed to communicate with simple gestures as if they've been through this not once and knows what to do.

Hours passed since the group was brought to the mansion and locked away in seperate rooms awaiting their fate.

2:00am, At the mansion.

A car drove through the gates,and the group of men in black suits rushed to take positions,one of the men walked to the car and open the door to the passenger's seat,the man stepped out of the car.

He calls out to the man who opened the door.

"Kabi!are they awake yet?" He asked.

"No boss" kabi's reply was short and clear.

"Let's go"

"Yes" gesturing other men to stay behind as he walked the mystery man to the rooms where Aina and her friends are locked away.

As they made their way upstairs,the mystery man's phone rang,he casually picked the call and spoke.


"Everything is ready.."he added.

"I know.."he angrily said.

"See you soon BIG DADDY". He said clenching his jaw. As he hung the phone.

Once upstairs, the first room was where dee2 layed unconsciously with his face downward,kabi opened the door and the mystery man seemed not so pleased.

"What's this?"the mystery man asked

"He happened to be at the wrong place wrong time"kabi replied.

"Why is he still here?"the mystery man asked.

"Sorry boss,we had to wait for your orders" kabi replied looking back the body laying face down.

"Well get rid off him"

"Yes boss"kabi replied, walking down stairs to get some men to do the job.

Leaving the mystery man alone to wait in the corridors.

Kabi walked back seconds later ,gesturing two men to take dee2 who was still the mystery man along with kabi walked to the next room and let the other two guys finish their assignment.

Kabi open the door to the next room,the mystery man spot a feminine figure laying to the side,looking back at kabi,.. kabi spoke.

"They seemed to be in their early twenties"kabi simply said,looking at his boss.

"Good" the mystery simply said,As he walked in and towered over the body, tilting his head as he walked around to get a better view.

The mystery man's POV. said to myself squeezing my can't just can't be.

Feeling numb i asked kabi to take me to the rest of the rooms,oh..I tried to keep a straight face but inside I was panicking.

Visiting the next rooms confirmed my doubts,What now!I thought to myself.

End of mystery man's POV.

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