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Chapter thirteen

4:00am,At the mansion

The mystery man left the mansion about an hour ago,before leaving he was sure to give kabi some directives about the girl in the second room.

"And how many doses did you give them?"mystery man asked.

"The usual boss"kabi replied.

"And Thier yet to come around"

"Just call me when the girl wake up" mystery man added as he walked out of the mansion ,kabi followed and opened the passangers door letting the mystery man slide into his car and drove out of the gates.

By morning a woman came to the mansion,she took care of the house and those in captivity as well,she cooked and cleaned ,the first room she walked into was where Aina was being held captive,walking in the room,the woman realised the girl was coming around she quickly drop the tray on the floor and turned around,but before she could make her way out of the room,she heard the girl spoke,choosing to ignore her, she exited the room.the woman made her way to the rest of the rooms and dropped each one of them their breakfast.

Aina's POV.

The smell of cooked eggs hit my nostrils,for a moment It reminded me of home.

I woke up weak, with a blunt taste in my mouth,my neck felt like i twisted it,immediately I noticed the ceiling and the walls and I felt shock waves through my body,where is this place I asked my self.

The door swang open ,some one walked in with a tray in her hands,I try to stop her,my words exactly.

"Wait please"

But she never looked back,she just dropped the tray and walked away,shutting the door behind her.

Where am I....Nalu...The party...did they leave me behind....what is this.I asked myself.

I quickly went through my pockets to get my phone ,but nothing I couldn't find it,I pushed the tray away and stood abruptly making me feel dizzy,I went to the door and turned on the knob and pushed and pull,but it was locked.The bars to the windows were intimidating enough..looking out the window I realised it was an elevated building,I can spot some trees and bushes around but the road was too quiet for mornings In Lagos;I thought to myself.

What happen I asked myself ,walking quickly back to the door I tried opening it,but it was still locked,then I panicked even more not knowing what to do,I start to scream,I screamed and screamed and I wasn't going to stop,but while screaming I can hear screams that wasn't mine either and the next thing I heard gave me little hope,some one called my name,the voice sounds like Nalu's ,I'm I hearing things or is it nalu calling me I asked myself.

"Nalu is that you?" using every strength I have,I want to know who called my name to get a response..but then the screaming stopped and I could hear foot steps stumping the floor and a door was swung open.

Immediately I was frightened,A man swung open my door with force and anger in his face,I quickly move away from the door,hitting my back to the wall and I stare at him,he looked like he's in his mid 40's, with old cuts across his face and immediately I notice the black suit just like those men from the party the other night.

Still stuck to the wall he spoke.

" If you scream again I'll cut your tongue"he said looking at me like he will really do it.

I was convinced as well,I used my hands and covered my mouth And I glued myself to the wall.

I noticed he was leaving without another word so I took my chance.

"Where am I and this place?"

He walked back crossing the distance between us and spoke.

"Your worst nigthmare" he stated with cold expression making sure we didin' t loose eye contact.

"What...why...what did i do...please if it's money you" I said before he cut me off.

"One more word and I'll really enjoy cutting your tongue off" he said with the most intimidating and angry voice I've ever heard.

Making me want to bury myself inside the wall.

Without another word he turned around and walked away shutting the door .

After seconds I quickly walk to the door,leaning against the door,I hear him speaking to someone on the phone and his words exactly.

"Boss "

"The girl is awake"he informed

What is this I asked myself over and over again,if it's a kidnapping my dad will surely pay"I said whatever I needed to say to myself to calm down..but instead I start to cry and cry and cry.

End of Aina's POV.

Hours passed,but it was still morning and no one came for the girls,kabi made sure to take control of the situation and run the house as he waits for thier boss to arrive.

Nalu's POV.

I woke up to the sound of screams realising i was in an unknwon place and alone without dee2 and my friend,confused I was.

I listened to the voice carefully ,it sounds like Aina I thought to myself and without thinking I started to scream as well.

I called her name and raised my voice till my throat hurts,before I can speak again someone barge into the room,he tied up my hands together and my feets putting a cloth over my mouth...I can't breath I told myself.

I heard Aina called out my name,but I couldn't say anything ,I was gaged with a filthy cloth and my hands and feet tied up, not knowing what to do,I cried and sobbed alone with my thoughts.

What is happening I asked my self.

End of Nalu's POV.

The boss arrived to the mansion around noon,kabi welcomed him as usual,they both walk upstairs but then he stopped.

"Kabi I'll take from here"mystery man spoke.

"Wait for me down stairs" he adds.

Kabi nods and went back downstairs.

The mystery man walk upstairs,and took a deep breath before he gently opens the door and walked In with light feets.


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