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Chapter fourteen

Mystery man's POV.

I couldn't sleep the whole night,I tossed and turned,I went over and over what could happen today,my mistake, buy I'm way too deep in this and there is no turning back,I have to face her and so does she,with big daddy on his way I don't know how to help her.

I slowly opened the door and made my way in ,And there she was,sitting on the floor with her feets and hands together,resting her fore head on her knees, I heard sobs and I hesitated for a moment.

I can't do this,I thought to myself. I quickly changed my mind,may be it was better to turn around. So I turned around,But it was late.

End of mystery man POV.

Aina's POV.

When I saw him, I felt relieved,I couldn't believe my eyes,I'm saved I thought to myself,But why is he leaving.?. I asked myself.

So I called his name and he doesn't look happy that I did..but I didn't care at the moment..I was happy to see him.

"Reme!" how did you find me,Relived .

He doesn't look happy to see me,He doesn't even want to look me in the eye,so I took a step towards him and called him once again.

"Reme! Is this a rescue, how did you find me?are you here to rescue me ? making my way to the door where he stood.

"I told you not to go" his response Is not what I expected atleast let's leave this place first then he can scolled me as he likes.

"Reme let's leave here first"..making my to exit the door where he stood still we have to find Nalu and-" he blocked my passage.

Immediately I stopped and looked straight in his eyes." Reme! we have to go ,this people are bad,please"

"Aina you don't get this do you?,you can't just walk away"

"Ok !so you can call the police or call help,but please we have to"again he cut me off and pushed me back in the room and I almost lost my balance.

"No!" shaking his head.

"Reme what is this? is this a joke?are you pranking me?because I went to the party any ways.?I'm sorry but please"

He simply locked the door,his face was cold I thought to myself and he took a step forward but I took a step back ,this is not my friend,I told to myself. I'm angry ,I'm terrified and my body is shaking.

"You can't leave this place Aina,because once you're in you don't get out"He said with a cold expression but he looked sorry.

This is a joke..a prank teach me a lesson...I thought to my self.

"This is a joke right? Reme please there is no time for jokes"

" look my father will find me,he will come for me"I added.

Just then some one knocked on the door,He asked who it was , between waiting to see who it was and waiting for Answers from Reme, It was the woman from earlier this morning,she quietly came in with a tray, nods to reme who gestured her to carry on,she then dropped the tray and took the one from earlier this morning which I hardly touched.

I'm left speechless and shocked,I don't know what's going on, but he's familiar with her.

With that she left quietly and Locked the door behind her and I continued.

"Reme!what is happening please!look I'm leaving this place"making my to the door not minding he's blocking my waylooking intimidating.

"I told you, you can't leave Aina"He clearly stated stopping me from getting to the door.

"Why?what have I done?why are you keeping me here and what are you to this people?" I asked him.

"I can't answer all that!"He said looking to side,"but I can tell you this bad things happen here Aina, which I have no control of"

"Bad things like what?if you're not here to rescue me then why are you here the " I asked with an angry tone.

"But I told you not to go,I warned you,I even begged you,but you were too naive and stupid ,that you had to come"raising his voice.

"Is this a kidnapping ?call my dad already...please..let me tell him myself".

"I wish it was that simple Aina,"

"But you can help know these people..please and my friends,I haven't seen them".

" Your friends are here too!locked away in seperate rooms"He said with a smirk on his face.

He looks like a bad guy at the moment,I thought to myself,just before I spoke again,his phone rang ,looking at the screen he took it and left the room...

"Reme!"I called his name but he left to take a call and I quickly follow to my surprise he locked me in.

I was furious that i kick the door hurting my foot and i screamed his name but he didn't answer back,I heard him walk further down the hall way turning around I kicked the tray of lunch, who wants to eat this any ways,I thought to myself.

Any moment from now Reme will...he will walk in...and...and...this will be a joke and...and..we can go home...yes...yes.

My subconscious tried to calm me down,I had to believe in something.

Just then some one walked in the room,I thought it was Reme ,it had to be him.,may be he came back to take me and this was all a joke.

"You!" was the first thing I said,looking disappointed

"Miss,I heard a noise so I came to check thats all"

Looking down she saw the tray in the corner of the room and the mess I made.

" I want to use the bathroom"I told her waiting for a response.

"There"she pointed to the door on the hall way.

I was in a rush to get out of the room and somehow in process of going to the bathroom to escape but she spoke.

"I have to walk you miss"

"To the bathroom?"

"Yes and Please don't try anything,this place is guarded"she added.

"I know " sounding defeated.

She walked me to the bathroom and waited outside while in the bathroom I checked for escape routes but there was none..

"Are you okay miss?"

"Yes yes"I quickly answered.

It was time to go back to that

Pit hole I whispered with anger.

Once out she walked me back to the room I can't help but ask her.

"My friends,their also here"?

She pointed to the doors down the hall way.

She walked me back to the room and cleaned the mess I've made and left me with even more questions on my mind.

"My mistake" I whispered to myself.

My parents will find me. I told my self.

End of Aina's POV.


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