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Chapter fifteen

The north.

It's been two days since the party,and exactly two days since Aina spoke to her mum.

"It's unlike her"

"May be her phone is dead."

"Yes,but it's been two days,I'm worried"said Mrs mani.

"Look,you're worried over nothing,I'm sure she 'll call you soon;these girls are busy you life" Aint Rina reassured .

"Not my Aina"Mrs mani said looking down at her phone.

"Look she'll be fine,I promise,did you tell my brother?"

"Yes,I spoke about it with him this morning,he said the same thing that she's fine and she 'll call back"

"I feel like he's grown distant with his daughter this days...I ...-"

"Sister inlaw,please just relax and stop assuming things? by the way where is he?"aunt Rina asked.

"In his study,Oh and his leaving for out of town tomorrow business"

"Brother,he's so busy this days,I hardly see him,when is he leaving?"


" everything will be fine,you 'll see"

Back at the mansion.

It's been two days since the girls were drugged and brought to the mansion,And in there captive state Aina looked worst of the three..she hardly eats,she felt betrayed by her friend and she's also full of regrets. Aina cried for days, dehydrated and emaciated ,she just layed on the floor and watched the ceiling mostly lost on her thoughts.

The woman who took care of the mansion came to Aina's room to drop lunch only to find breakfast from earlier was untouched. She watched the girl for a minute and sigh...the girl hardly notice the woman.

The woman Walked across the room,Aina felt some ones presence and sat herself looking up she saw the woman watched her with Pity.

"My name kiya"the woman said as she sat on the floor with Aina.

Sensing the girl was quiet..but how can she blame her..she went on to add.

"You hardly touched your food my dear"

Aina was still quiet.

"Look I'm sorry this is happening to you" kiya said as she stood with the tray about the exit the room.

"Wait!please" Aina stopped her with a pleading voice.

Aina's POV.

I haven't seen Remy since our last exchange,I don't know what's going to happen to me or my friends...I haven't seen them and I'm dying slowly it's sad but true,I don't think this is a joke,but what is this?.

I have so many question and right now this woman kiya might be my only hope may be she can help me.


She turned and looked at me and slowly walk her way back to me sat down .

"I'm sorry my name is Aina" giving her a faint smile.

"Don't be,I don't blame you,this-." Kiya stopped as her gaze met mine.

"I have a daughter about your age.."she spoke softly with a smile.

At the moment all I want is answers I thought to myself.

"Ki..kiya..".I called her with uncertainty...but she nods.

"Please,help me!"

She sighed...

"Please!I beg said you have a daughter my age,think of her,do this for her...please..." I pleaded.

She was quiet and hesitant,she kept looking back at the door.

"You're a mother,help me,I didn't do anything to deserve this,what's this place?and my friends?and why...?..please.."

" I can't help you leave this place but-" looking back at the door.

I watched her stood I thought she was leaving me in darkness but to my surprise she locked the door and came back and sat down.

"I'll tell you,but know that if anyone finds out ,my blood and that of my children will be on your hands" she said with teary eyes.

"You have my word" I spoke with a straight face.

Kiya nods and began speaking and I follow,holding on to every word.

"I've told you my name already"I nod in agreement

"I've worked in this mansion for three years now,my husband is one of Big daddy's trusted drivers he has -"

"Who is big daddy?"Interrupting her.

"Don't interupt me,we don't have much time,please"nodding on agreement,Inlet her carry on.

"Like I said,my husband work for big daddy,he trust him with his life. Which brings us to me,I work here not because I want to but the money is good and it keeps food on the table;my children are well fed and taken care off." I hang on to every word that comes out of her mouth but this is not what I asked..this is not what i want to know.

She stoped for while."Every year big daddy host a party,he calls it "dark night", ofcourse to rest of the world that's a mystery,but it's our reality here" Kiya spoke.

"Every year three girls are chosen it's the way,It has always been."She added.

"Chosen?"I asked,look my friends?"

"The girls are fine ,for now but the boy"

"What happen to him?"I nervously asked.

"Its unfortunate for him".

"They've killed him?"

"Yes...I'm sorry"

I couldn't hold back my fear and tears,dee2 is dead,they killed him;but why ?I ask myself.

Silence fills the room,but I have to ask,I have to know...

"Wh ...Why?"..I asked her as I sobbed and choke on my words.

"Like I said?three girls!you were at the wrong place wrong time.." Kiya said looking sorry.

"This is not a kidnapping"


"The other day,you spoke with the boss,do you two know each other?"kiya asked trying to change the subject.

" I don't know him,now Please tell me ,what will become of me?us?" dismissing her assumptions.

"The day after tomorrow,big daddy and his friends will be here".kiya said.

"To do what" I asked looking defeated already.

"Why do you think the mansion is located behind the city?"

"I shouldn't say anything any more,I've already said too much" with regret on her face.

"Please help me!I won't say a word,just tell me what is this?and What will become of me?it's a trafficking mafia?You said girls only". I spoke holding her hand and hopping she 'll say more.

She stood and looked down on me, she shook her head and looked up.

"This is a cultist den".Kiya said clearly stated .

My heart stopped,I couldn't hear any more."cultist den?" It sends shock waves to my body,something choked me and then it all came back to me, it was true,the myth about the party,missing girls,what have I done to myself and Reme he's a cultist too!

I looked scared and confused before I could choose my words,kiya went on to add.

"This mansion houses seven influential people, ritualist If you may call them , the rich and powerful from different part of the world,they will be here the day after tomorrow and on that day,you and your friends will be sacrificed." Kiya said and without giving time to process this information she heads for the door.

"Remember your promise"She said standing the door.

"I didn't choose this.."I said looking at her with tears.

"But you did!the moment you decided to attend that party" she stated with a cold expression

"And you,you've sold your soul to the devil!" I said as I abruptly stood looking furious and disappointed.

kiya looked straight at me and without another word she shuts the door and I can still hear her leaning against the door.

End of Aina's POV.


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