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Chapter sixteen

It was evening at the mansion and dinner was about to be served by kiya,kiya felt guilt about earlier in Aina's room.The mansion was busy with preps to welcome big daddy and his friends soon,kabi of all was busy but he performed his duties as required.

Reme was to visit the mansion a bit later,and kiya feared that Aina might break the promise about earlier.

As kiya walked to Aina's room,She can still remember her words carefully..

And've sold your soul to the devil.

The words kept taunting her,all kiya could do was think about her actions all these years, her hands are as dirty as the ring leader himself.

Kiya walked in to Aina's room,the girl quietly sat on the floor with her hands and feets together and ignored kiya's presence.

Sensing the girl was probably hopeless now that she knew her fate,kiya dropped the tray and bend over a little to Aina, just enough to whisper to her ear.

" I'm sorry ....I shouldn't h.." kiya expressed

"Can I talk to my friend?can I just see her...please"Aina asked kiya looking the other way.

It took a while for kiya to answer back for she knew she was playing with fire but at the same time she felt guilty and sorry for all she did the past three years.

"Yes,I'll take you to them but not now" kiya whispered.

"No,not them just Nalu we're about the same height,she has..a ..a " Aina spoke trying to vividly remember her friend.

" I think I know who you're talking about,like I said I'll take you but not now,the boss is coming to the mansion later but as soon as he's gone "kiya said .

And aina nods.

Later in the evening,the boss (Reme) came to the mansion as mentioned to check on things but also to see Aina,he's been thinking of ways to help Aina but he also knows not play tricks with big daddy.

Reme thought about swapping the girls or atleast Aina but he knows it 'll be too risky as these girls we're already choosen,He found himself in a tight corner and what's worse the dirty secrets about this mansion and what they do might be too dark for Aina to handle.

The day is fast approaching and when it comes seven people will be here to perform the ritual,although Reme hasn't met all the members but he knows the kind of people to expect.

Reme carried this burden all his life, being the son of a cultist,the ring leader,the orchestrator, the man he hates the most,but must obey to keep his mother alive,it's a sacrifice Reme was willing to make for the woman who gave him life.

Reme spoke to kabi for few minutes and then ventured to Aina's room alone he hates seeing her in her captive state but today even if he can't free her he wants to tell her the truth or atleast what he knows..

Reme walked upstairs and into the room.

Reme's POV.

I walked upstairs and into Aina's room,I'm the last person she wants to see.

I slowly opened the door and there she was sitting on the floor,She's lost weight My God,She look like she's about to pass out.

She didn't make an effort to know who came in its like she doesn't even care any more. I locked the door behind me and walked across the room to the left window,silence fills the room, I didn't know where to start But to my surprise she spoke and what she said broke me.

"Seven years." Aina broke the silince looking at the right window.


"Seven years Reme!we've been friends for seven years,was I not good to you?"

I couldn't say anything and I try to avoid her eyes.

"Why are you keeping me and my friends here Reme?what is this?"She asked looking straight at me as I avoid her gaze.

"Look at me Reme...look at me" raising her voice a bit.

"I have to...." I choke on my words as I try to look at her.

"Tell me Reme"

"I want to help you Aina...b..but I can't.. it's too complicated"

"You can help me Reme,If you want"

"You don't get this do you,none of you are leaving this mansion even if I want to help I cant"

"Why" Aina whispered but enough to be heard.

"Because this is a cultist den Aina and father runs it" I said waiting to see her reaction.

End of Reme's POV.

Aina's POV.

Oh..I know this Information about Reme and his father being cultist from what kiya told me..even I wanted it to be a lie,but I have to pretend to keep kiya save as I promised.


"Yes Aina,my father"

"Why are you here?"looking at him intently.

He was quiet for a moment and walked a bit closer to me.

"I guess you came here to say goodbye"

"I'm sorry this is happening to you"

"You can help me if you want to"shaking his head.

"I can't,even if I wanted to"

"Your father?but his not here"

"-No I can't Aina, will you stop saying that"He said raising his voice at me.

Silence fills the room for a moment and all I could do was cry more..this is it for me.. I thought to myself.

" My mother!"Reme mentioned sensing I wasn't going to say anything any more he went on to add.

"My father and his friends started this evil activity years ago, they served the goddess Rasa and each one of them had to pay the price for all the wealth and power the goddess was offering, so she gave them a choice,She specifically requested the blood of thier wives or daughters ,sensing thier hesitation she offered another way out,that every year three girls must be sacrificed to please her and in return the men could keep thier wealth and family." impatiently waiting for my reaction.

"can't they just quit?get out of this?"

"No!It's not that simple,they leave and they die,its the way" Reme stated with a cold expression.

"And believe it or not I'm not like him,I do this to keep my mum alive"

"But you're also involved and you're also keeping your father alive,are you one of them Reme?"

"I'm not,my father puts me in this position because he trusts me and he knows I'll do anything for my mother,you see why I can't help you, I love you but I also love my mother".

Once again silence fills the room and I'm hopeless once again,what have I done to deserve this.

"Then I will not ask you for anything else "

He looked at me with Pity and I wondered may be if there still a chance of getting out of here.

"I'm so sorry,I-"

"Has anyone looked for me yet?school ?my parents?".

"No!" reme simply said,which breaks my heart.

"Then,I guess this goodbye"choking on my words.

He walked towards me Reaching out to take my hand but I took a step back.

"I'm sorry "

"How long will you keep doing this?carelessly killing?".

He was quiet,he took a step forward again but I took a step back.

"I had hopes for us,A future"

"Not any more,my life ends here" looking pass him.

And without another word Reme walked out of the room and I...I can't help but remember my aunt Rina,she was right;girls don't belong here,out in the world! to study,they belong in thier husband's house and that's where I should've been.

End Aina's POV.

After a while reme (the boss) left the mansion and kiya came back as promised to take Aina to other girls,It was risky but she felt sorry and want to help as little as she can.


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