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Chapter seventeen

Back the mansion.

The men at the mansion were busy as preps were made to welcome big daddy and his friends as well And arrangements were also made for sarcrifical reasons.

Kabi was leading a group of men back to the city for an assignment,he left kiya as usual to take care of the mansion and the girls along with a guard,By evening the mansion was rather quiet.

Kiya carried along with her work as usual,she tried to avoid Aina as she had grown to like the girl overtime and she knew not to interfere with Big daddie's plots.

Aina layed on the floor,she can't help but think about tomorrow and what to expect,she thought about her parents and what her future would've been,but now this is how it all ends.

Kiya walked in with a tray of supper ,she nods at Aina and suddenly her phone rang...she dropped the tray and quickly picked it.

"Boss" she answred.

"Yes,they left for the city" kiya adds.

"No,I'm here and jax is also here"

"No need to worry boss,we can manage".

And then she looked at Aina before she hung up.

Aina's POV.

I was hopeless and I feared,I feared for the way I'm going to die tomorrow,I don't deserve this none of us do,I thought to myself.

Kiya came to drop supper as usual, she grew distant not wanting to talk to me, what's the use anyway I'm going to die soon.

Her phone rang and she reached for it, I carefully hung to her every word as she spoke,My senses grew..


"Yes..they left for the city" kiya added

At that moment I knew she was talking to Reme ,because he was addressed as the boss here.

" No,I'm here and jax is also here"

Just the two of them,I thought to my self.

"No need to worry boss..we can manage".

Just the two of them...and ...and..that explains..wait where did they go....who cares Aina...just the two of them and we're not possible...but...I..cant...but...what if.

As I battled with my inner demons and subconscious,kiya hung up and sensing I was lost in my thought she spoke.

" Are you ok"Kiya asked

"Yes...I..I mean...No I'm not" I blurted out.

She stood there and raised an eye brow,ofcourse she knew I wasn't okay,I mean I'm dying tomorrow,how dare she ask me such.

Calm down Aina..this is not the time to be rude.True,I need her help.

"Kiya I need to see my friends one last time.,I need to talk to them,please!" waiting for her reply.

"No!" shaking her head Immidiately.

"Please kiya"

"No I can't,after what I've done for you".

Kiya was kind but also stubborn,but I knew her weakness,her children, she'll do anything for them, that's why She's in this mansion in the first place.

"Kiya,think of your daughter,what if she was the one in my place right now,help me" .

"I'm dying tomorrow anyways,it's over for me,for my friends".

Sensing she was a bit reluctant I went on to add.

"It's fine,If you can't help me,I understand" I said wipping my tears with back of my hand.

"Give me a minute" kiya said before heading for the door.

It took a while for kiya return and that gave me time to think...I closed my eyes and ventured into my own thoughts.

I wished and prayed this was a dream,I pinch myself everytime to wake up from this nightmare,to breath and live a life I've always wanted but everytime I open my eyes ,the first thing I see is the ceiling,the walls and that dark door,which always snaps me back to reality.

I think i slept for a while as I waited for kiya, i sat my self up and before I could do anything else the door swung open and there was kiya.

"Let's go" she expressed gesturing me to get up.

I quickly got up and followed her as we walk down the hall way, I can't help but noticed we've passed nalu's door, sensing i was worried she spoke.

"I took your friend to the other girl's room,I figure it 'll be easy for me to have you all in one room".

And I gave her a nod, we got to the end of the hallway to a room I've never been, I figure it's mina's room and nalu is with her at the moment, we got to the room kiya open the door and I walked in but she stayed back and told me to be quick.

As soon I was in the room Nalu and mina stood and hugged me, mina looked sorry and miserable, I can't help but feel sorry for her, she must feel regrets and that's what's killing her.

"I'm sorry Aina" Mina said with a tears runing down her cheeks.

I have a feeling that nalu told her everything, atleast she feels sorry and she looked sincere and I don't want to die holding grudges.

" It's okay mina,don't cry " stroking her back.

I pulled away from the hug and I spoke.

" listen we don't have much time" whispering.

"We have two options"And they hung on to every word.

"Either we stay here and die or fight ".

" this is an escape" Nalu whispered

" do you have a plan" mina asked.

"Are you crazy,have you seen those huge men,we-"

"-Listen,there are five people in this mansion as we speak, us three , kiya and guard named jax" I whispered.

" This is our chance,we stay we die,atleast if we try we might actually get away" I added.

"these people will kill us anyway,it's tomorrow "

"She's right!I wish I was as strong as you" Nalu said looking down.

" I'm not strong Nalu,If anything I'm weak,but I rather die trying" squeezing her hand.

"Nalu let's listen to her please, I want us to get out of here " mina spoke.

"How do we do this " Nalu asked.

End of Aina's POV.

They girls hatched out a plan to lure kiya into the room.

" Kiya!Kiya!" Nalu called.

The door swung open and kiya rushed in.

" what!" looking furious.

" she's unconscious,I don't know how,help us please" nalu pleaded with tears.

Kiya spotted a figure laying on the floor, as she moved closer, she noticed it was Aina.

" move" kiya ordered

"What happen to her?" Kiya asked.

As kiya bend over to Aina showing her back to the rest of the girls,mina grabbed a bowl that was left in the room, without minutes to spare mina smashed kiya's head with the bowl and that sends kiya straight to the floor, Aina got up and the girls ran out of the room and locked the door from outside.

To their surprise, the guard named jax was already standing in the hallway and sensing trouble, he yelled at the girls.

"Stop" jax yelled.

The girls were hesitant , they stood for seconds not knowing what to do as he approached them, without thinking much Aina spoke.

"Run" Aina whispered.

The girls ran as jax plunged into them which send them towards different directions in the mansion.

The girls were seperate by walls and doors and every one ran for thier lives.The mansion wasn't familiar to the girls as the places they've been was only thier rooms , this made it difficult to locate the exit but the girls were smart enough to think of the stairs.


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