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Chapter nineteen

Jax cornered mina in the kitchen, this was a guy that does not only looked intimidating but had the body to prove it,mina was terrified to the core,confused on what to do, she kept moving back until her back hits the wall and then no where to go.

Jax held on to mina's wrist as he pulled her to him, mina was trying not to give in,Jax grabbed mina this time using two hands, he watched as mina was distracted for split second, looking back he was smacked with a pan on his forehead which sends him to the ground but he was still conscious.

He bleed a little and blurred out a bit,mina stood there with her hands on her mouth,Aina dropped the pan and gestured mina to come,jax was quick to grab mina's foot which sends her to the floor.

Aina bend over and picked the pan again,she went on to smack him again only this time it was in the middle of his head,he wasn't all out but he let go mina's foot and they headed for the door.

Once out of the kitchen, the girls headed right to the stairs.

Nalu found her self in an unfamiliar room,the room was dark and scary it had statues of different shape and sizes covered with black clothes, the room was stuffed and has no windows and little lighting.

Jax pulled himself up from the floor,he touched his head which was wet and it hurts and that sends him to the edge.furious as he was he bagan to trace the girls again.

Jax had the upper hand he went to the control room and on the monitors he looked closely and spotted Nalu in the dark room and rest of the two girls down stairs trying to open the door which he locked earlier.

Nalu's POV.

This was a bad idea, but where are they...I can't do this alone I'm scared, Nalu thought to herself.

I heard some one came in so I hid behind the heavy curtains but steps grew louder,I tensed and used both hands to cover my mouth and I tried to stop shaking.

I tried peeking to see who it was but to my surprise, He stood as if He knew to wait, He knew where I was and where I hid.He grabbed me by the throat, He looked angry,I choked me and I struggled, I kicked, wiggled and I tried to speak.

"D....dont...kill...m..m...please" pleading while he choked me further.

Sensing he wasn't about to let go and I grew weak, I gathered all the straight I have and I kicked him.

He screamed a bit but it didn't hurt him as much I wanted,he let go of me but only to slap me and grab me by the shoulder.

Oh..I tried to free myself but he was too strong and no one to help me,I struggle more, but upon getting to the hall way we came face to face with kiya, she looked very angry.

We walked over to kiya and he shoved me to her side.

End of Nalu's POV.

"Take her,I'll get the rest ".

Kiya nods and took nalu back to her room and locked her up.

Jax went downstairs to look for the two girls, he scanned the room and patiently waits.

Kiya joined him downstairs and the two girls hid behind a shelve at the end of a small living area. Kiya and jax checked everywhere except for the small living area.

They both looked at each other sensing some one was in the room and no where to run, the girls panicked and Aina tried to calm things down.

"Shhh..please" Aina cooed mina.

Some one spoke which startled the girls and send shock waves to thier spine.

"you girls are smart but not smart enough"Jax expressed.

He grabbed mina and shoved her to kiya and told her to take her upstairs.

"I'd like to teach this one a lesson".

"Jax don't please" kiya pleads.

"Do what I told you! It's your fault this happened anyways"

"Fine then".

Kiya took mina back to her room and Jax was furious, he wants to teach Aina a lesson about earlier, she was the one who smacked him with the pan and oh yes it hurts.

"You little brat" grabbing Aina's shoulder,He swung her from left to right, Aina tried to free herself,but Jax pulled her again this time slapping her across the face, He let go of her and she fell to the floor, He went on to kick her in the abdomen, he repeatedly kicked her on the same spot, Aina screamed and cried not able to defend herself.

Kiya walk back down stairs, she was furious at Jax and she tried to stop him.

"Jax!enough" She yelled.

"The boss is on his way,We have to clean this mess up,Now please stop!" Sounding desperate

"Fine!take her back" looking at the time.

Kiya helped Aina up,her muscle in the abdomen area ached so badly, she tried to stand and walk but it was difficult.kiya pulled her to the side and help her back to the room.

Kiya walk back down stairs to speak to Jax about what happen.

"We will keep what happen just between us" kiya stated.

"I know" Jax nods in agreement.

"But keep your distance from the girls,you know what could happen to you and your family " Jax warned.

"Don't remind me Jax,I know!" kiya said bringing her hand to her chest.

The next morning, the mansion was full, everyone who has a specific duty was there,preparations were made and so the waiting began.

At the hotel in the city.

Mr mani got to the city yesterday but he was too occupied to visits Aina he thought to go this morning,As his meeting was a bit later.

Mr mani reached out to his phone to call back his wife, who had called him earlier but he was interrupted by another phone call.


"Now?" he added looking at the time.

"Fine,I'll be there right now"

As he hung up,He tensed and he squeezed his fore head with his fingers, He went on to call his wife.

"My dear" .

"Yes, she's fine" assuring his wife.

"Her phone got missing, but I'll get her a new one tomorrow" Mr mani said.

"I will go back to see her again tomorrow".

"No need to worry my dear" .

"Yes please,I'll call you back tomorrow".

Mr mani felt bad for lying to his wife but he wanted to calm her and make her feel less tensed.but he promised himself to visits Aina tomorrow.

Back at the mansion.

It was pass noon and the girls were already tensed, they feared for what was to come later.

Aina was in pain, she clenched alot her body ached from yesterday beating,she felt defeated and broken and has reached her breaking point.

Still at the mansion, kiya preps the girls,black robe gowns was handed to kiya to prepare the girls, the girls we're to skip supper today as this was the way.

Reme came to the mansion to make sure everything was okay, he skipped going upstairs,he wants to stay as far away as possible from Aina,distraction was not an option for he knew what was at stake.

Kiya took the robes to the girls and instructed them to wear it quick.

After the waiting, the preps and the tensing, Big daddy and his friends were finally here.dark range rovers raided the house and seven men made thier way into mansion.

They made thier way into the mansion and kabi was quick to welcome them and gestured them to the dark room, Reme stood at the corner watching this evil men, he watched as kabi did his job welcoming the devils.

Big daddy watched his son stood from far, he grew worried and went forward to reach him, Reme watched as his father crossed the distance between them and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"My son" Big daddy expressed proudly.

"I'm not your son!" Reme corrects.

Dismissing his comment"Is everything ready ?".


"Good then!"

Big daddy turned around to the six men who stood in the living room.

"Gentle men, shall we" he spoke with a smile on his face.

Reme eye's locked on a familiar face he, he felt he knew one of big daddy's friends, but again he shrugged and blamed his mind for playing tricks on him.

"This way gentlemen" big daddy leads and they follow,to the dark room.

The men made thier way to the dark room and each one of them changed to the ritual gown and took positions, Big daddy spoke to kabi to prepare the girls and come along with Reme to the dark room.

Kabi nods and went to Kiya , he told her to bring the girls as he went on to get Reme down stairs.

Kiya walked to the rooms and got the girls ready, she got to Aina's room and told her to come with her.

"It's time" kiya simply said.

Aina's POV.

As I wore this evil gown, I kept thinking of how I'm going to die, how this evil people will do this and still get away with it.

I was exhausted from crying, my body ached from the beating Jax gave me and I can't help but feel weak.I prayed for miracle, I've hoped for miracle but may be this was my destiny and I can't escape this.

Kiya walked and she spoke.

"It's time " kiya simply said.

She walked over and blind folded me and told me to stand as she also tired my wrists with a clothe.

She walked me to the hallway as I peeked a bit , I saw mina and nalu in the same gown also blindfolded.

Joining the girls, she told us to move as two other people walk with us from behind, I felt some one's presence from the side and suddenly the person held my hand for a bit, squeezing it as if to comfort me and then let go, I can't help but think it's Reme, it had to be Reme.

We stood in a tiny space as kiya removed our blind folds, the space was small and was covered with dark heavy curtains,But you can hear voices of elderly men through the fabric.

End of Aina's POV

The men chatted and conversed with one another waiting for the ritual to begin any moment.

Big daddy was happy and proud as he welcomed his friend , thier newest member to the group.his words exactly.

"Welcome my friend, this is your first and so we are happy to welcome you to the group of strong, powerful men" big daddy Announced.

" you will not regret this" big daddy said with a smile.

Waiting for their newest member to speak.

" Thank you very much my friends, this is an honour and I'm happy to be here with all of you,joining this brotherhood ".

Aina's POV.

As we stood in the tiny room, I held nalu's hand and mina held mine, no one spoke a word as we we're in tears and terrified to the core. We shook endlessly and broke few sweats.

We stood there for a while and we can hear the men converse and few laughs here and heartless could they be talking at a time like this and laughing, I asked myself.

I hear a man with deep voice spoke welcoming some other man,these people are animals I thought to myself.

Suddenly I heard that voice, that voice, at first thought my mind was playing a tricks on me, but as I listened carefully, his choice of words, his voice and the way he spoke, I knew that voice.

I tried to peek through the curtains and instantly my heart stopped, my knees felt weak, I blinked multiple times, my throat was dry, I can't believe who I saw.


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