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Chapter two

After a long drive they're finally at the airport and between saying goodbye quickly and catching the flight she was already late to.

Aina's POV

Few hugs and kisses ,I watched my father I could've swore I saw a tear around the corner of his eye,mom was telling me to be careful and study hard and dad was saying to call if I needed anything and that he has friends over there, Aunt Rina gave me an envelop,which looked like money , I quickly took it and rushed, being the the last passanger to board the plane ,couldn't help feeling that may be I forgot something but don't know what exactly.

Finally we took off and my trip to Lagos,I have never been there and I kept thinking to my self, how my first year would be at the university ,would I like it or did I make a big mistake by leaving home

Comon aina stop thinking of such have made the right decision by going..nothing can ever go wrong.

fighting with my inner demons and couldn't help stairing at a gentle man by the side,he seem to be at his mid forty's couldn't help offering a smile which I returned and after couple of minutes I dozed off.

Some one woke me up as I rubbed my eyes trying to stretch I stood and grab my things and headed for the exit.

I got a taxi who drove me to the university ,the whole drive there I was on my phone navigating as well.I was thinking about my mum and dad and how long it will take before I see them again,I've never been away from them all my life. I sigh and sat up right , I was tired of the drive and this seem to be a long drive to the university 40 minutes or phone rang and it was dad and quickly answred, he asked about my trip and my first impression of lagos, ofcourse I told him I was still driving to the school and I was tired ,We said our goodbyes and he said to call back.

Ahh!finally as we drove through the gates ,I can't help but look around .

A different environment I'm not use to ,talk about tall building and students walking around ,some sitting in small clusters can't help but wonder if I can ever fit in or make friends at the same time all I can think about is home ,comfort of my bed, I miss feeling of being safe for some reason.

I tried to navigate my way to the hostel but got lost a few times..fraustrated I stopped and asked for directions..The group seemed kind ,it was a group three girls and a boy who seemed to be talking about a class not that I care,One of the girls smiled and she was very happy to help ,she asked if I was a new student and my reply was yes,without wasting much time she directed me to the hostel ,I thanked her and began walking but then I spotted a building ,

"i think this is it"

I walked upstairs as I checked for my room number on the acceptance letter I received earlier.finally I located the room,tired as I was from dragging my luggage and my backpack I rested a while before I knocked on the door and I went ahead to open the door ,sighting a girl with her ear plugs on she looked at me for while before she finally spoke I taught she looked mean but who knows it might be me being judgemental,"Are you my room mate?" She asked,I smiled and nod and she got up to welcome me with a big smile I can't help but noticed she has a beautiful smile as she grabbed my luggage and showed me my side of the room ."what's your name?"


"I'm nalu ,you're new too ?"


for some reason she was excited and I wondered , she also told me she was a new student can't help but get excited too, we shared something in common. we were getting to know each other and my phone rang and it was my mum I answered and smiled, she asked if I was ok i was about to answer when I heard my dad's voice asking about my ride and if I needed anything Again, I told him everything was fine and I was unpacking after and trying to settle.

Nalu was very helpful she helped me get settled and unpacked as well, we continued sharing information about ourselves And in that we noticed we shared a lot in common from our favourite colour which was purple to movies.

Nalu was very familiar with the university being that she has a brother who was In his third year and she sometimes came along with their parent to visit her big brother,so she wasn't alone and the place is not new to her ,unlike me who found it hard to locate my room for starters.

By night I was already settled wearing my pjs and preparing to go to bed not that I feel sleepy , I decided to call my mum again and after few rings she answered , putting me on speaker, telling them about my ride from the airport and how I met my room mate to how I've settled preparing for classes tomorrow with few laughs and jokes my father wished that I get some sleep as tomorrow will surely be a busy day for me so we said our goodnights and I ended the call, putting my phone away when nalu glared at me asking if i was the only child which was true,I can't help but blushed at her remark which i ignored , but told her good night instead, I tucked my pillow and rested my head.

I was awake for hours , I couldn't sleep,I watched the fan rotate for some time before dozed off.


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