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Chapter twenty

Aina's POV.

It can't be, I told myself, suddenly my legs can't carry me and my stomach clenched,it felt like I was about to vomit.

I moved away from the girls and they looked worried for me, I took steps back until my back bumped into kiya's. She quickly grabbed me by the shoulder and spun me around,it made dizzy and I felt I was about to throw up, I bend a little holding on to my stomach as I covered my mouth with my other hand.

Kiya grew worried,She tried raising my head up and holding me up, but I couldn't, darkness was about to cover me and then I heard her speak.

"Hey.whats wrong" kiya asked looking back at nalu and mina who were also confused.

Raising my head a bit and trying to support my self up, it came, it splattered on the floor and on kiya,It smelled bad but I can't help my self as I vomit some more.

Kiya took few steps back and nalu held on to me, the commotion sends kabi to the tiny room and he looked disgusted by what he saw.

He was mad and looked back at kiya who was trying to control the situation.

"What happen here?".

"She threw up" kiya answered back.

Nalu held me, and I can't help but feel better after throwing up, now I can see and also breath.

"Go clean up!" kabi gestured kiya.

"Get her another robe gown and be quick" he adds.

Kiya nods and grabbed me by the shoulder as we walk pass kabi, I spotted Reme going into the dark room through another passage and I can't help but feel betrayed by someone I once called A friend.

We got to this huge bathroom and she told me to Wait a bit, I stood there and I thought about what I saw earlier, tears filled my eyes again and I can't see clearly.I watched the mirror infront of me and I saw the image of someone who was betrayed by people she trusted,Me.

As much as I wanted to wait for kiya, I can't stop thinking about who I saw and I wanted to make sure.

Kiya came back and hands me the clean robe gown and told me to be quick, I wasted no time, I changed and she took me back to the tiny room. When we got there nalu and mina were not there anymore so I panicked and before I spoke, kabi walked in and grabbed me by the wrist and we made our way to the dark room and there I confirmed my doubts.

My eyes scanned the room, I saw mina and nalu in kneeling position, there were seven men, and now that I looked closely I spotted two faces I was familiar with.Reme's father who sat on the biggest chair and the man who sat next to him, someone I trusted and loved, the one that was suppose to protect me,the man I once called father.

My heart stopped as we locked eyes together, my knees were shaking, I'm in shock but there is no denying what I saw. it's him, No matter how hard I tried to deny it I can't,its him told myself.

He looked shocked, I didn't blink, not once, he watched me and already he looked sorry.He got up and walked around, He crossed the diatance between us and I forgot how to breath, it's him I kept telling myself.He stood an inch away to my face and I felt the room grew silent.

"What are you doing here" he asked looking furious.

"You were suppose to be in school" he added, waiting for my reply.

Everyone stared for a moment and then Reme's father (Big daddy) spoke.

"What is happening here" he asked looking confused.

"She's my daughter".

"Mr mani...what are you talking about?" Big daddy asked.

"She's my child" he said looking straight at me.

"What..How is that?"big daddy spoke.

Reme was quick to speak, sensing tension in the room.

"It's true father" Reme added.

I watched as people speak and I was mute, I couldn't speak and I have nothing to say but questions, questions filled my head.

" how did you get here?" My father asked. And I kept mute,trying to process things.

He grew impatient and grab me by the shoulder and told kabi to let go of me.Big daddy was furious he left his seat and stood inches away from us.

"Mr mani, you know the rules" big daddy stated.

"She's my only daughter" my father Argued.

"There has to be another way" he suggests.

"The goddess have chosen her, there is nothing that can be done" big daddy clearly stated.

"This is the only way" big daddy added.

My father looked back at big daddy and he pleaded again, I've never seen my dad pleading with anyone.

"There has to be another way,please!my friend" pleading for my release.

"You know what will happen if we let her go, she's already chosen,she's here, the goddess never makes a mistake" big daddy spoke raising his voice.

"Fine then,can I speak with her alone?" My father asked.

The room went silent,Reme looked at his father and then he's eyes rested on me.

"Just this one last time".

Big daddy was hesitant but he granted my father's wish.

"Fine then,but you'll be accompanied and Mr mani please don't try anything for your sake" big daddy spoke with a smirk on his face.

My father nods at big daddy while big daddy gave kabi the look to escort us outside.

My father grabbed me violently by the wrist and so I followed, I let him drag me outside, my friends looked shocked and terrified, I was terrified.

We went down stairs and kabi followed but gave us a decent space for privacy.

We stopped once we got to the living room. My father hugged me for a while but I didn't hug him back, he felt my hesitation and pulled back and then he spoke.

"I'm sorry " he expressed.

"I wasn't a good father to you" his voice was full of regret.

"And now this" he added.

At first I didn't want to speak to him, I wanted to die with my questions and betrayal but I'm only human, I was curious and I had to know. He went on to ask me again.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

I took a deep breath and then I spoke.

"What are you doing here" I asked.

"Why are you here father?" Repeating the Questions.

"Is this what you do?" Looking at him intently.

"I know you know why I'm here ".

"So you are one of them?you kill people for money" I asked waiting for his reply.

But he was quiet and he couldn't bring himself to look at me.

"All my life I thought my father was an honest man,who made his money and earned it the right way,but I was wrong." I stated.

"Here i was thinking Reme had betrayed me, but you, you've killed me, you are the worst human being I've ever met" I said to him with tears runing down my cheeks.

"So it was Reme,he brought you here,that Son of a-".

"-Reme didn't bring me here, I brought myself here,but Why do you care".

"I'm sorry my child,I promise you I'm not like them".

"No,you're worst!.".

"This was my first,I promise you my dear, I've never done this before".

"And that is suppose to make me feel better,I should've listened to Aunt Rina,She was right about you".

"I know what I've done and I'm sorry" he said looking straight at my eyes and trying to wipe my tears but I blocked him.

"Just tell my mum the truth and how I died, tell her you played a huge part in my death and your money was blood money after all."

He was quiet for while, he looked at kabi who was looking at us from the corner of the room and then he ushered him to come.

I thought he was handing me over to kabi and I hated him more for that, but i was shocked when he told kabi to get Reme down stairs immediately.

End of Aina's POV.

"Kabi go get reme " Mr mani requested.

"But sir,I was-".

"Get him here immidiately" Mr mani said raising his voice.

Kabi was hesitant but went anyways.they watched as kabi went upstairs and when they lost his sight Mr mani spoke.

"I can't change what happened" Mr mani said looking striaght at Aina.

"I'm the worst human being,I've betrayed myself and my family" he said looking down.

Aina hung onto his every word. "Why did you sent for Reme?"

" To buy time" he whispered.

" I cannot get us both out of here ".

"What do you mean" I asked with a shaky voice.

"Come"he simply said.

Mr mani and Aina walked out of the mansion to the premises outside, he knew he has to get his daughter out of here, some how.


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