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Chapter twenty one

Minutes passed and kabi wasn't back yet, which bought Mr mani and Aina some time .

Mr mani took Aina outside the mansion, they were both lucky to have spotted a guard at the gate, the rest were occupied with what was happening in the dark room.

He was holding on to Aina , but later told her to hide behind the car and wait for his signal, Aina nods.

He walked to the guard and distracted him a bit, he manage to send the guard to the mansion, the guard was quick to please him, so he rushed in to the mansion leaving the gate vulnerable.

The guard rushed to the mansion,without wasting much time he signaled Aina who hid behind the car, she ran to him and they approached the gate, luckly the gate was open and this made it easier to help Aina.

"Go" .

"What about you?" Aina asked.

"We don't have much please".

"But my friends?".

"I can't help everyone but I can help you " he declared opening the gate and pushing Aina out.


"What are you doing...stop" kabi yelled.

Looking back Mr mani pushed aina outside and locked the gate, Reme was quick to call for backups.

Commosion filled everywhere as big daddy and his friends came outside, sensing what was happening he spoke.

"You let her get away " Big daddy spoke with Rage.

"I had to" Mr mani simply said.

"I regret knowing you all" Mr mani stated.

"Reme go get her please... I'll take care of Mr mani myself" big daddy spoke with a smirk on his face.

"Leave my daughter alone...please".

"Reme help my daughter please...she your friend,she loved you" Mr mani expressed looking at Reme.

With no response from Reme"You know this is wrong,help me,help her please".

Reme was caught up in the middle, he can't help but feel guilty, Mr mani was right but his father was also holding his mother hostage.

Reme was confused and was lost in his thought,he can't help but remember the times he shared with Aina and how he betrayed her, their friendship but again there was his mother her life was important to him.

Big daddy spoke and that snapped reme out his thoughts.

"My son,go get her or she'll be replaced by your mother! ".

Without wasting much time Reme headed for the car along with kabi and one other man.The gates was quickly opened and they drove out.

" Aina will expose all of you" Mr mani spats

" Jax, teach this man a lesson for me,would you" big daddy ordered And Jax gestured two other men and they approached.

Aina's POV.

My father pushed me out of the gate, I can't help but feel sorry for him, what's going to happen to him?,Sacrificing himself like that for me. Reme and kabi will not spare him or me,without wasting much time I took off Running.

The place was dark, with thick trees and bushes, far from the city, I don't know where the road leads to but I have to get away from this. I feel guilty for leaving my friends but I had to, if I make it out of here then I can call for help.

I took the right side of the road and I ran for it, I ran because my life depended on it, I was tired but I wasn't going to stop. Tears were making my vision blurry breathing through my mouth.

I wanted to get away, far from this evil mansion, I didn't look back,not once.

I reached to the end of the road yet no sign of life , so I took the right again and ran towards the street,I was bare foot but I can't complaint, for I needed help.

My father was a monster without a Question but atleast he's helped me and gave me a chance to help others as well, I must.

As I ran, I could see lights from far, it looked like headlights and that was a sign of relieve, I was happy and that gave me strength to run further.

End of Aina's POV.

Once out of the mansion, Reme didn't know which side to run to, without thinking much he took left.they drove for a while, and they became frustrated and then kabi suggested they go back and take right, sounding confident.

Reme didn't turned around but decided to take a short cut, being that he was familiar with the terrain,It wasn't difficult for him.

Aina's POV.

I was approaching the lights and I can't help but feel a sense of relieve, I'm finally leaving this place.It is difficult to tell what colour was the car as it approached me with the headlights blinding me.

I began waving at the car trying to catch thier attention and each time I look back, I was relieved that no one was after me.

The car stopped inches away from me and now that I looked closely , I can see the colour, it's a black car, a Mercedes, hesitating a bit, waiting for some one to come outside.

I walked slowly to the car but stopped when a young man came out, he was average height and had fair complexion, he wore white shirt and brown shorts.

He looked harmless, but I can't trust him still.He walked to me and then spoke.

"Young lady...are you okay?" He asked concerned .

"Help me sir...there was...I was kidnapped...they.." I tried to make my words.

"Calm down...I can't understand you " he said.

I kept looking back and He approached me holding my hand and trying to calm me down.

"It's ok...calm down " he said.

"Help me please...we have to get the friends".

"It's ok...I'll help you" .

"Come.." gesturing me to his car.

"Come with me...I'll not harm you" he adds.

"Please" I said hesitating .

" look ...I saw a police check point not far from here" reassuring me.


I hesitated but I had no choice, he's my only hope and so without thinking much, I went with him.

The car was still on ignition, the windows was dark and you can't see through them.

He looked at me and gave me a faint smile. He open the door and I bend over to get in, before I could settle on the seat I felt a sense of discomfort, I can't help but feel I've made the biggest mistake by getting into the car.

Looking at the driver, I gasp with fear, kabi I whispered and before I could turn back the young man pushed me to the side and locked the door looking at me with a smirk on his face.

"What is this!let me go,open the d.." and before I could finish, I was cut off by Reme's voice.

Eyes wide"Kabi...move this car will you" With a cold expression .

He turned around and gave me a wink.

" Reme please" I pleaded And begged him,but he didn't look back .

So I screamed and kicked as the car drove, I cried and pleaded, After the runing ,the tension and the pain I still ended up back where it all began.

"NEVER HAVE I EVER " thought this would happened to me, but it did".

What does it mean though, is he taking me back or is he rescuing me; I tried to figure, but just like you I don't know what will become of me.

The End.


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