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Chapter three

Aina's POV

The next morning we got ready to prepare for class,I can't help but feel nervous for some reason ,it's good that nalu and I took the same class or else I'll be Alone and it's my first day.

classes was over and so we sat on bench and I asked kini, A collegue we met in class earlier to take photos of nalu and I .

" you girls look so cute" kini expressed

Taking my phone back from kini who was kind enough to take of photo of nalu and I.

"Thank you so much kini the pictures look great"

"Don't mention, see you around girls" with s parting smile.

I showed nalu the photos with great enthusiasm "I'm sending this to my dad,he 'll be happy to see this".


"Starving, I haven't had breakfast you know".

"Yeah I noticed, let's go get something to eat ."

"Lead the way" as I teasingly motion her to go first "

The whole walk to the cafeteria was awkward,we didn't talk much ,the only thing that kept me occupied was the phone call conversation with my mother and my eyes kept scanning the area just to get use to the place.

"We're here" she announced with a smirk on her face,The place looked packed up with student and the noise caught my attention,for some reason I felt nervous and eyes were glaring at me but nalu seemed comfortable and free I wish I was more like her.

We grabbed some snacks and before we could settle in our seats someone called out to her .


Sighting the person she smiled with a big grin,she moved to the direction of a group, feeling no one by her side she looked back and saw I was still glued to my position ,she turn around to my direction and tilted her head as i heard a light sound of the word "common" gestured me to come with her And so I did .

We got to the table and she exchange pleasantries with the whole group ,I stood like a statue pretending to look around waiting to be noticed.

"Aina " Immidiately caught my attention

"Sit down "

I smiled with a nod, siting on the table ,she seemed busy talking to the group as I stuffed my mouth with food to avoid being talked to.

"So how do you like it here little thing" some one asked

Looking straight at the person "please don't call me that".

"I'm dee2,nalu's brother".

Ohh!,I swallowed hard .

Some random guy on the table where getting on my nerves.

"I think she's mute"

I glared at him which seemed not affect him in any way.

"Leave my friend alone She's shy that's all" Nalu came to my defence

As much I wanted to say something I had to bit my tongue as nalu wasn't much of a help either ,being new here it's best if I don't start by getting my self into some one's bad side.

Dee2 got up to receive a phone call why so private I thought to myself..coming back to the table the only thing he said to his friends was "time to go!" and they all got up and left . Now that I counted i think they're about four in number, leaving just nalu and I on the table.

End of Aina's POV.


Startled,Aina turned her attention to Nalu

"What are looking at?"

"Nothing" Aina replied softly.

" Sorry about my brother that's how he is but I promise you he is nice, his friends too"

" I can see" Aina simply said

Not satisfied nalu went on to say " he's a tough guy but very nice once you get to know him"

" Are you going to eat that or should we get going ?"

"I think am done" Aina replied

Back at the hostel Nalu was reading a book while Aina sort her things.

"Look I'm sorry about earlier Aina" Nalu spoke breaking the ice, Aina Looked at her with a question on her face "I can't help but feel guilty, since we came back you haven't said a word to me Aina".

"It's fine nalu I just missed home and you looked occupied with your book and I didn't want to disturb that's all, look I'm over what happen earlier,water under the bridge"

"Now I can relax"

Nalu's POV

When we came Back to the hostel ,Aina didn't say a word to me ,I can't help but feel guilty about earlier at the cafeteria;the truth was my brother is a nice person and so are his friends ,yes they're mean sometimes but they are kind hearted people,After talking to Aina about it I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders "now I can relax".

End of Nalu's POV.

Days turned into weeks and by now Aina has made friends and she was getting used to the place, exactly three days a go Aina met with an old friend , it was unexpected being that he left the north years after college, They moved to the city but they've both lost contact years ago , him and Ains knew each other from the north, They practically went to the same college, they reconnected and exchanged contact and they've been keeping in touch ever since..being away from home they need all the friends they can get ,and her parents knew Reme so she felt good in a way about thier friendship,finally some she knew from home.

The girls became close friends and spend most of the time together,Aina liked to visit the library,Which was okay after all They both have things they like to do individually,And sometimes need space away from One Another which was good.

Aina came back to the room and was surprised to see nalu and her friend w busy saying something to each other and laughing about something,Aina was bit sad seeing the girls together , S sense if jealousy of you might call it.

"Aina thought she'd interrupted something , she knew Nalu's friend but was never a fan of her she can't help but think that she's bad influence to Nalu but didn't want to speak up right away, she thought to monitor her and see what she's up to.


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