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Chapter four

Aina's POV

I couldn't pretend that no one was there so I choose to be nice,wearing a fake smile

"Hey girls" Nalu was excited to see me but Mina not so much ,not that I care,"I thought you were suppose to be at the library, you told me you had to study ". Walking to my side of the room.

To my surprise Nalu's reply was "Yeah , I changed my mind,come and sit with us, I was just talking about you" standing across the room.

"Nalu's BFF ?"Mina expression was calculating .

Oh so she can talk I thought to myself.

"Sit with us,I dont bite" with a smirk on her face.

Seconds turned to minutes and there I was feeling like a third wheel ,mina and I exchange pleasantries and few words ,she seem to talk alot about dee2 ,with my lack of interest in their topic I just went through my phone to keep my self busy from feeling left out.

Mina tried her hardest to shake off my coldness toward her, was she interested in me or was she pretending I asked to myself .

May be she's not as bad as you think

I just don't trust her ,I told myself

Or may be you are the one feeling left out.

True but still...

As I fought with my subconscious before snapping back into reality. Mina was already on her feet as she motioned her self to the door "alright girls later" me being me I waved a goodbye .her room was three doors away from our's ,so she always dropped by unannounced plus I don't like the way she dressed just not my style.

Nalu was busy on her phone it seemed that dee2 was on the other end of the line and wanted to see her right away.

And without wasting much time she asked me to accompany her which i some how did without a question, I thought about it and I feel insecure,I was afraid she asked Mina to accompany her so her I opted in fast. Whatever the reason I like nalu and It won't kill me even though dee2 and I don't get along very well.

We walk for while as we did I tried to slip in a conversation about mina , I wanted to see nalu's expression which didn't change a bit so I took the plunge and just went for it.

"Your friend" And nalu's eyes met mine.

"I knew you wanted to get somethings off your chest"

" Nalu,I really care about you and I feel like mina is know..."

"You don't trust her? "

" It's not like that Nalu

,I just feel like she's a bad influence on you ,"

"Bad influence?,common Aina"

"Yes like now you were suppose to be at the library but she dragged you back here for some cheap gossip" I clearly stated.

I hope i didn't go too far..but it's late now.

"Cheap gossip? really Aina?so you were eavesdropping then?"


Before she said anything else we spotted dee2 waving at us ,Nalu was heading towards his direction and I stoped her,gripping her wrist

"I'm sorry for meddling in your friendship but "

"But what Aina?why are you behaving like this?look I need to go" she clearly stated.

"Wait please nalu, "may be I was afraid that you like hanging out with mina and not me and soon you 'll find me boring and drop me" looking down at my shoes.

"Aina you're the one avoiding me these days ,especially since you found your old friend,what's he's name again,Reme!" with a bit of anger in her voice

"I'm sorry if that's how feel but.."

Nalu took a step forward and she went on to say " you're not just my friend you also my roommate ,I need you , yes Mina is also my friend but you're special to me".

A smile escaped my lips as I was happy to hear that.

"Mina happens to be my brothers ex and she wants my brother back,she's nice to me but I'm no fool either she's using me to get back with my brother".

I looked at nalu surprised by her words ..ohh now I get it.

" Yes and not that I care but if dee2 wants her back good but am not forcing him to do anything,Now let's go ".

We walked to where dee2 was, And already he was glaring at Nalu who took a while before she crossed the distance between them. I halted back a bit but dee2 was kind enough to offer a smile, genuine or not I smiled back,not wanting to eavesdrop again plus I wanted to give them a little privacy,some one called from behind and turning back it was kini.

It was good that he's here atleast I have some one to talk to as I wait for nalu.

I motioned towards kini who was smiling I wondered why.

"Kini" I said smiling as I approach him, A gesture I'm used to, calling a person's name before any pleasantries.

Kini was talking to me about a book , after all he is very passionate about reading ,it was a hobby we both shared and he has been a good help recommending good books to me,I can't help but appreciate this friendship of our's. We talked for a while before we were interrupted by some one.

"Aina can I see you for a minute?"

I turned my attention to Reme and

I frowned a bit "rude!", He should've atleast say to hi to kini. Realising he was wrong he offered a hand shake to kini with sly smile,that was a bit late.

Kini didn't mind at all after the handshake he decided to excuse himself which I understood. Turning my attention to Reme.

"can I talk now?".

"Oh now you wants my permission to speak, you just chased my friend away" looking back to nalu who was still conversing with dee2.

"Sorry about that Aina,I'm visiting the town today and I promised to show you the city ".putting both hands in his pockets.

"Yes, but you promised"

"Fine but nalu is coming with us"

He frowned a bit ,"does she have to?"I glared at him"Fine" .

Before I turn around ,nalu was inches away and I can't help but to meet her half way.

" How about touring the city of lagos?"

"Are you serious?" Nalu asked

"Yeah! Reme invited us,so what do you say?"

"I have always wanted to see the mainland bridge upclose"

I would also like to see the famous mainland bridge without wasting much time and great enthusiasm we were off.

End of Aina's POV.


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