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Chapter five

And so thier adventure began,visiting different sites,Reme was a good tour guide, the girls thought to themselves as they took time to appreciate the view of the famous mainland bridge.Afterall it was the focal point of the trip.

The beach was also a great site for sore eyes and the wind that comes along with current flow was noisy yet relaxing.the trio walk by the beach not saying much to each other, Reme's phone rang and he excused himself from the group.

The girls didn't find it odd that he had excuse himself for the call but his body language was rather strange.

Aina's POV

He stepped away from us to take his call,not that we mind but he looked like he was about to answer to a "monster" which is funny Reme was a tough guy I doubt if he's talking to lady ,he clenched his jaw a couple of times as he spoke on the phone..

Nalu can't help but whispered to me " are you sure he invited the both of us?"

"Why?whats wrong?"

"Because it's like I'm interrupting something "

I glared at her and she went on to add" he hardly spoke since we got here and I know he spoke alot I've seen you two before you know ".

I can't tell nalu that she wasn't invited now that everything is steady between us plus I want her to have a good impression of Reme.

I struggled with my subconscious before snapping back into reality "he specifically asked if you would come with us" .

End of Aina's POV.

Reme's PoV.

My phone rang and right then I knew who it was."It was him" why is he calling now?its not time yet.

I slowly made my way to palm tree by the beach as I look around, away from Aina and her friend for some privacy,.."ohh I hated this man".

He spoke and I can't help but clench my jaw as it was about to happen all over again,only this time I made a promise to some one and I have no intention of breaking that promise.

I hung up and stared at my phone not really sure of what to do next,I hated my life for this and what's worst I hated him for making me do this for the past three years and I've reached my breaking point. With a huge sigh "!.. I made way to meet up with the girls wearing a smile "So,girls how about ice cream before I drop you back ?"

End of Reme's POV.

The girls were exicited going by Reme's positive tone and expressoon and With the change of atmosphere going for ice cream is not a bad idea.

This time the ride to the ice cream was more on the positive side as Reme and Nalu found alot of things to talk about breaking the awkwardness from earlier,Aina was so happy seeing the two in such a good mood and giving each other the chance for a fresh start.

"You haven't shown me where you live Reme,I mean your house ,I haven't seen your mum for ages Aina asked".

Reme wasn't thrilled to hear that,his "they traveled out of town but she's fine ,looking young as always".

"I'll take you once they're back" he assured.

Aina nods with an ok face.

With lot of laughs and jokes they made their way to the ice cream shop ,Reme held the door for the two girls as they walk through and grabbed sits. The conversion was lively and fun at the same time as this was a fine setting.

It took half an hour and it was more of a catching up,jokes and giggles after wards,Nalu excused her self to the bathroom and left both aina and reme who seem to have alot to talk about.

With aina's phone buzzing as nalu made her to the bathroom,Aina had to pick the call right away but gestured Reme to be quite.The call lasted for couple of minutes as it was her mum ,wanting to know how she was doing.

As she hung up,The conversation went along and With nalu making her way back to the table It was time to go... And so they made their way back to campus and the girls made sure to appreciate Reme's effort and kindness for the trip.

Aina's POV

Reme dropped us back at school ,"today was fun "

"yeah ,thank you so much reme".

Before she excused her self, Reme's reply was still positive and he replied "any time ".

"Thank you for today it was kind of you,Plus you were nice to my friend so thank you".

"You're so welcome, I should go"

He looked sad all of a sudden. I thought to myself. And before he said anything I can't help but ask.

"Reme?are you okay"

"Yeah,I'm fine"

But his words were shaky and for some reason I don't believe him,but I don't want to force anything ,So I didn't say anything.

"Ok,I think I should go too,I have classes tomorrow..."

We were both quiet for a while, which was awkward and it was never this awkward between us even years back when I found out that he has a crush on me;And I didn't let that ruin the friendship so why is it so now? I thought to myself.

"ok" breaking the silence

"Yeah,see you around,I'll call you"

"Ok bye".

I turned around to walk away and I struggled with my body not to turn around which was a victory as I made my way up I heard an engine roar so I'm sure he's leaving.

It's all Nalu's fault I thought to myself she wasn't suppose to leave us ,she s so cunning . I got into our room and Nalu was already waiting for me and before I closed the door behind me her question stunned me "So did he ask you out?".

"No!we are just friends ".

"Well I t doesn't look like that,I was peaking through the window".

Can't help but laugh."you are one crazy person ".

I made my way to sit at the edge of the bed and she followed standing inches away.

End of Aina's POV.

The girls continued to talk about the scenario and Nalu wasn't letting Aina off the hook so easily but aina being who she was laughed as she listened to her friend's crazy thoughts.


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