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Chapter six

The next day the girls got up late and to avoid missing class they quickly rushed to get ready, with minutes to spare they made it to class...with the boring class about to begin Aina's phone kept buzzing, reluctantly she watch the screen as Reme's name reflected but before she could pick the professor was already standing by the lectern so she ignored the call and put her phone down.

The professor gave a quick test,nalu and Aina sat close to each other but didn't bug each other for once, the girls were never behind in class not that they prepared for test but they were smart enough to expect anything.

Minutes passed and it was time to stop the test the professor spoke "every one stop writing and forward your sheets please".

With the semester exams about to begin in couple of weeks,the professor was right to give a surprise test,atleast he shook them a bit.

Afterwards the whole class was dismissed and the girls walk to the cafeteria to get something to eat as Aina pulled her phone out the bag thinking of calling Reme but was interrupted by another call.

"mum" sounding a a bit down.

"What's wrong dear"Mrs mani spoke sensing her daughter's tone.

"I'm fine mum ,how's my dad?" tried ignore her mothers concern.

"Your father is fine dear,he just left for work,are you sick?"

"No mum I'm fine ,is just that..I think I'm home sick".

Which was some how true but she didn't want to admit that right infront of nalu to avoid being teased later.Nalu raised an eye brow as she found a soft spot to tease Aina later on.

"I know dear,We missed too and I'm sorry you feel that way, has your aunt called you yet,she was suppose to call".

"No mum,let her be she 'll call when she can,I can deal with her at the moment afterall".

Aina dear call me or father when you need anything"

"I will mum".

"And study hard"

"I am and I will, I have to go mum say hi to dad for me".

"I will dear,I will call you tomorrow"


Looking back at nalu,she glared at her while Nalu tilted her head "so...home sick?"

"Yes,a bit"

"Well,you shouldn't be"

""I'm here,reme is here"looking at me from the corners of her eyes.

"Here we go again" Aina thought to herself,for the last time nalu "we are just friends "

"I didn't say say anything, did you here anything?"

"Please lets just go get something to eat already"

"Fine let's go ,your not fun at all"

Aina just shrugged her shoulders as it wasn't the first time she heard such comment.

In the cafeteria,As the girls grabbed sits a voice called out to Nalu ,and when she turned to the direction of the familiar voice it was Mina walking to the girl's table, wearing a not so modest outfit which has everyone attention,being a girl who always loved attention be it good or bad, she can't help but feel like one of the popular girls on campus.

Aina's POV

When the voice called out to nalu right then I knew who it was as we both turned our direction to her watching her cross the distance between us can't help but whisper to nalu.

"Here she comes"

"Just be nice and don't let her get you"

"I'll try"I said with a quick smile.

Mina was talking to a random girl as she grabbed a sit afterwards she turned to our direction and spoke.

"What are you talking about " mina asked with a sharp look.

And my response was "we were just admiring your look".

"Yeah...true" Nalu supports

"Well in that case you can admire all day if you want"Mina said raising her chin up, feeling proud.

You are full of yourself

...I thought to myself.

Nalu And I can't help but drew a fake smile..which she some how bought.

"So!did you talk to your brother?"

"Mmm ...yes ...I did".


"He didn't say much...I think he needs time".

frowning to her response "time.!"

"Yap!look just give it time and we'll see from there".

I can't help but also add" I think nalu is right,you shouldn't force anything"

To my surprise she bought it!

"Yeah ,you girls are right;I'll just have to wait anyways;he doesn't pick my calls or reply any of my texts".

"Just don't let it get you".

And with nalu's words mina slowly got up with a sad but with a force smile.

" I have to go,I'm to see some one ".

"Thanks.!I'll see you."looking at her phone screen.

I nodded at her and nalu finished With a smile "Oktake care".

She quickly made her out of the cafeteria,leaving the two of us on the table.

"Always in a hurry to see some one,and she thinks my brother is fool"

surprised by her words I raised an eyebrow.

"Where did that came from"

"I'm not a fool you know"


"She looks for me when she wants something and she's just using me to get close to dee2,again".

"Well!I hate to say this but I kind of feel sorry for her;she looks desperate".

" Well,Too bad for her,We should get going I have laundry to do".

End of Aina's POV.

The sun was hours to dawn as the girls got back to Hostel and ventured into their normal routines.

And by night the gentle breeze blow with aina still thinking whether to call Reme or not "you're cute but you stress me out" she told her self putting her phone down.

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