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Chapter seven

Weeks passed and with couple of days before the exams,the whole school is on edge as the students prepare to for the end of semester exams.

You I'll find student in mini groups and single pairs,from study groups to book worms even the not so bright ones happens to be interested in thier academics for once while others walk around,some sitting in a park bench and along the stairs. Nalu and Aina just finished a class,they walked out of the lecture hall along with kini who was talking to the girls about the class they've just had,and with everyone trying to make a point the conversion was some what noisy.

As they walk, Nalu spots Reme who was with his group of friends and spotting the girls he made his way crossing the distance between them and before Nalu could give Aina a heads up Reme was few inches away from them.

Reme's POV.

I was hanging with my guys outside the lecture hall,raising my head up my eyes and Nalu's locked,moving my eyes a bit to the side I spotted Aina and last but not least that kini of a guy, what's with him and hanging with group of girls I thought to myself.

It's been long since I heard from Aina, I called and also texted her but there was no response. So this was perfect oppurtunity to break the ice and the awkwardness that has been clouding around us.

As I crossed the distance between us I sense nalu poking at Aina just to prepare her.

Those two better get going,because I need privacy especially that kini,I said to myself and wearing a sly smile as usual ignoring the two I spoke."what happen to your phone?".

End of Reme's POV.

Nalu poked Aina and before she could get a hang of what she meant,looking slightly to the right Reme was feets away from them.

Not now...calm down Aina just be...she thought

strugling with her inner demons as she raised her head he was already standing right infront of them and as usual wearing a sly smile, she prepared herself on what to say,and his first words were.

"What happen to your phone?" Reme asked.

Before she spoke Nalu and kini decided to excuse themselves. "We 'll be heading to library,call me when you're done"

The distance between us grew " You can atleast say hi,before bombarding me like that?"

"I figure I've said hi already in my texts,the ones you read and refused to reply,remember ?!"

"Look I was....uhmm...I did but something -"

"What do you want?"Reme asked

Stunned by his words"What do I want ?what do you want?"

"I don't know ,but I suppose you do".Reme was loud and clear

"Stop screaming at me"

With both us not ready to take the blame,Reme finally spoke.

"I'm sorry "

I can't help but feel guilty atleast he said sorry but he did nothing,I started this whole thing I thought to myself.

"Thats the problem though what are you Sorry for?what Reme? tucking my bag that was sliding off my shoulder.

"You're the most stubborn person I've ever met and confused at times "Reme stated

Can't help but laugh a bit,making both of us at end.

"Look I should be sorry not you, I didn't call you because...because...I-" again I was cut off by Reme.

"Look lets just put everything behind us,"water under the bridge "

That's not a bad idea. I thought.

"Yeah,clean slate,good".

"So we're good?"

And with a quick smile and response

"Yes!we're good"

Before Aina said anything else someone called out to Reme and he looked to the direction making a hand gesture to his friend he turned around to me and said.

"I've to go now,I guess I'll see you around?"

"Yeah !I'll call you".

"No...I 'll call you"

"Ok..." agreeing with him

He smiled at me and walked away and as he walk away I just stood there.

"This went well" I said to my self. With a huge sigh I slid my hand through my bag to get my phone and I walk as I make a phone call to Nalu.

End of Aina's PoV.

The exams came and With most student's head buried in a book even people like Nina wasn't left behind in prepping for the exams.

It took about a week or so and after the long exam fever everyone was preparing to go back home for the holidays as it marks end of a semester .

It was midnight and the girls we're packing as they've planned to leave the next day,excited to go home,they stayed up and chat a bit.

"Can't wait to sleep on my comfortable bed".

"You bet!dee2 and I are leaving first thing tomorrow " Nalu was excited.

"I'm sad Is just three weeks,I needed more time"

"We all do,this is how it goes but the second semester's holiday is usually around five or six weeks ,I'm not sure.". Nalu explained

"Really!well,cant wait for that"

"Patience" Nalu chants clossing her eyes for a second.

"So you and reme are cool now?"

"Yeah we're good,we talked alot this days ,we're good".

"Thats nice you know"

"Yeah!he even offered to drive me to the airport tomorrow ".

"Hmmm....really..." Giving Aina a teasing look.

"I'm tired !I won't do this with you ,Not today!,its late"Dismissing Nalu

"Lets go to bed already it's pass midnight"

"Fine"feeling defeated Nalu rolled her eyes.

The girls tucked into bed ,they continued to speak to one another until there was silence from both sides of the room,venturing into slumber.

The next morning the girls woke up early surprisingly, can't help.but feel excited about going home...they made their way outside dragging their bags nalu was meeting dee2 and Aina was getting a ride fromReme.

Nalu spotted dee2 gesturing her to come over it was time say good bye.

"His ready already!"

"So,this is it"

"Come here"Nalu moved in to hug Aina.

"I'll miss you and your troubles".

As they released each other from the hug .

"call me every day".

"I'll call you every second,you won't miss me"

"Where is reme he should be here already"

"I don't want to leave you alone"

"Don't worry he'll be here,you can go".

"Alright then ,do take care call me when you get home"

"I'll do that,now go before dee2 send his warning signals ".

"Alright,bye don't forget to call me"


Aina's POV.

So annoying I thought to myself,Nalu left about ten minutes ago and I'm still here waiting for Reme. I said angrily, I should have just refused his offer.

After a while I spotted Reme eager to get out of here I met him halfway .

End of Aina's POV.

Reme quickly got out of his car with an apologetic face as he apologised for being late and helped Aina with her bags and they drove to the airport.


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