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Chapter eight

The whole time Aina looked through the car window ,They both drove to the airport in silence and With the airport being more than a thirty minutes drive some one has to break the ice.

"Your parents are not back yet?".


"Three weeks!"

"What?"Confused by his remark

"The break, three weeks".Reme spoke again.

"Yes" Aina agreed

Aina can't help but wonder what's his thinking.this isn't the Reme she knew back from the north he's changed,troubled,sad and confused sometimes.

What the heck.....this is stupid...he should just....say...

As Aina was strugling with her subconscious as she finally spoke.

"Say it before it kills you" looking straight at road.

"Say what?" Reme asked raising an eye brow.

"Whatever it is that is eating you up inside "

It's sad but true, something was slowly killing Reme inside ,wishing it was that simple,he wished he can tell someone ,he wished he could tell her but No!not now, not ever!.

He's trying his hardest not to make this drive to the airport akward but no matter how hard he tried he just can't help but feel guilty for everything that had happened all these years he's been here,He should've walked away, he thought to myself and now he doesn't want to do this anymore.

To avoid further questioning from Aina he decided to give a response.

"I'm fine aina"

"I think I'm not feeling well and With my parents out town,school and everything else,you know".

"You'll be fine" Aina reassured him with a smile

"Yeah!and You're also leaving me so..." pouting

"Is just three weeks"Aina reminds him

"I know"

"And you can call anytime".

"I know"

"We're here "Reme announced As we drove into the air port and parked.

They got out of the car and Reme helped Aina with her things as they walk through the glass doors this was goodbye.

"Thank you so much Reme "

"Anytime " putting his hands in his pockets

"Okay then,umm I'll call you and please do take care yourself,don't think much,what ever it is just take it easy".

"I'll try,call me when you get home"

With the two turning towards opposite direction this was good bye for now.

The north,

The flight took about forty minutes and Looking through the window as the plane was about to land ..

"Ahh!home finally".

As Aina made her way out of the departure she looked through her phone to call her dad and let him know she's here already.

Looking straight ahead she spot Mr and Mrs mani waving at her and she quickly made her way to them.

The family of three hugged each other for couple of minutes and giggled at thesame time.

"We've missed you"

Aina smiled tenderly to her mum and her father added" you've surprised us all ,we didn't think you 'll last a day but look at you,already half way your first year".

Aina giggled and hugged her father again,..with the family reunion,the driver couldn't help but gestured Aina with a welcome sound from his lips and went on to put her things in the trunk.

And with that being done the mani's along with the driver drove to the their house.

Upon reaching home Aunt Rina was already there helping the maid to welcome Aina and as the car drove into the gates aunt Rina swished outside and hugged her niece.

Once at the house, Aina went upstairs to freshened up and join the family for lunch.

At the table...

"How was school my dear" Aunt Rina asked

"Good,I didn't expect it to be like that"

" We're so proud of you my dear,girls this days prefer being in their husband's house to getting an education and to see you want to better yourself makes me happy".

" it's ok to get married and get an education at the same time,Aunt rina argued"The biological clo-"

"-Enough Rina!let my daugther rest,after all she's just got back "

Sensing the atmosphere about to change aina opted to excuse herself as she also wanted to rest a bit.

"Are you okay child ?"

Before Aina could say anything, her father was quick to respond."She's fine,she just needs to rest that's all"

Aina smiled at her father"go need it".

Without wasting much time Aina quickly rushed to her room,sitting on the edge of her bed she grabbed her phone to call nalu.

The phone rang a few times from the other end of the line.


There was noises emitting from the background as she spoke.

"We got home like two hours ago"Nalu respond

"You're home already?"

With the noise from the background Nalu seem to have a family reunion as well,forcing Aina to end the call and let her friend enjoy some family time.

"Yeah,Ican't hear you very well"


"Let's talk later"

"Ok...later then"

And Aina ended the phone conversation;laying down a bit she thought to call Reme but opted on texting him instead.

" are you?

Hope good,! I just got home and thanks for the ride...take care".

Sending the text message without an instant reply Aina rest for while and as she couldn't sleep she went through her things to unpack her bag.

By night it was time for dinner and Mrs mani came to get her daughter to come down stairs Aina was already on her way down,meeting each other half way.

"Mum,Where to?"

"I was just coming to get you for dinner"

And with that being said the two made their way down and as they settled on their seats Aina couldn't help but noticed her father's seat was empty,turning to her mum who serving dinner she quickly asked.

"Where is my father?"

"He had some business to take care of"

"But he never missed dinner"

"This days he misses everything"sadly expressed,sitting herself down.

"What do you mean?"

"He's gotten some new business partners,They call him all day everyday,Yes the money is good but .."

Not wanting her mum to be sad Aina was quick to change the topic. "My aunt"?

"She left about two hours ago,she said she 'll be back "

"Ok...let's eat before it get cold ,I have lots to tell you".


"Yes like I've made a friend her name is Nalu,she's also my roommate and I like her alot "

With Mr mani still out at this time of the night, the two kept their conversion going until it was time for bed and they went up to get some sleep.


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