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Chapter nine

Weeks passed and With couple of days to go,Aina wasn't ready to go back to school,Yes she missed her friends and colleagues but she needed more time with her family.

Reme called Aina a few times since she got home and With Nalu it was calls after calls and it seemed both girls have missed each other dearly.

It was the last weekend before Aina would go back to school and aunt Rina was visiting the family for the weekend,sensing her brother's absence this was the perfect time to talk about Aina's future.

Aunt Rina came to the house after making a phone call to her brother,and when she got to the house mum and daughter were sitting in the living room she made way in with huge smile that turned into a big grin on her face.

"Aunt Rina"Aina surprisingly mentioned With a smile.

"My one and only niece"aunt Rina moved for a hug

"It's good that I met you here both"

"Why ?what's wrong?"Mrs mani asked sitting up straight.

"You husband isn't home right?"

"No,he's not"

"Good then!I needed to make sure"

"What's wrong aunt?"Aina asked.

"I have good news"

With mum and daughter looking confused as ever,she went on to add."I have a proposal for Aina"

"A propasal?"both Mrs mani and Aina asked with a shocked face.

"Yes,a proposal"

"Why are doing this?"

"Wait!just hear me out first"

"His name is ners"aunt Rina explained "He's from a wealthy family with good morals He has-"

"Does your brother know about this?"

"No,that's why I came to you,don't let him-"

"I'm not interested and please don't drag my father's name into this"

"He won't like this one bit"

"And why is that?hmm,your daughter is not getting any younger,he wants to use her to grow his company,he 'll ruin your daughters life,she belongs to her husband house and-"

"Enough Rina!don't ruin our happy life by pinning us against each other,Aina will get married when the time comes,I've explained this to you"

Aina's phone rang and she stepped away to take it and With aunt Rina feeling defeated by her sister inlaw's words she motioned herself to stand.

" I meant no harm,I love Aina dearly,you know that!"

"Don't take it the wrong way Rina-"

"I've to go now,just think about it,say bye to Aina for me" walking out of the sitting room and making her way to the door.

When Aina got back aunt Rina was already gone leaving the atmosphere a bit shaken.

"Where is aunt?"

"She just left"

"So soon?"

"Don't tell your father about this,its too much already".

"I wont".

One evening Aina was packing for her trip the next day her father called her to his study to talk.

Without wasting much time she quickly got up and went straight to her father's study,he was reading the paper and when she walked in sensing her presence he gently dropped the paper and motioned her to take a sit.

"Sit down"


"Are you all set for tomorrow?"

"Yes father...I'm all set"


"Do you know why I called you here?"


"I know there is still time before you graduate but I need to tell you this"

"Yes,but is everything okay father ?"

Mr mani drew closer to Aina wearing a serious face and Looking straight at his daughter's eyes as he spoke.

"You are my only child,I need you to take things seriously,being my only daughter I want you to take over my company when you graduate"

"I know father and I will not fail you".

"I want to believe that,understand this when I say I don't want any distractions".staring at her intently.


"Yes!my child,I mean boys,stay away from them,boys are trouble and make your father proud in the process".swinging his chair from side to side.

Aina wasn't surprised to hear this from her father, as he always wants the best for her and she can'thelp but do as he say.

"I will not let you down father".

"Thank you my child".

"There is a saying 'Proud father, happy daughter'I want you to remember that"

"Yes father"

"Good!you can go"

Aina smiled back as she motioned her self out of the study.

Going back to her room Aina pulled her phone from her pocket and called Nalu to hear her preparations for tomorrow.

The next morning Aina got ready and once out of the house the driver helped her with her bags,unlike the last time Aina's father couldn't make it to the airport with her and aunt Rina called earlier to say her goodbye to her niece as she couldn't also make it to the airport.which leaves Mrs mani, Aina along with the driver for the trip.

The drive to the airport was boring,sensing the atmosphere, the driver went ahead to on the car radio to make the drive less cold.

Once at the airport ,with her things out of the car ,they walk through the glass doors and a halt.

"I'm sorry your father couldn't make it to today"

"It's fine,you should go"

"Call me when you get there"

"Ok mum,take care,I'll call you as soon as get there".

"Bye my dear"

Both turned toward opposite direction and With mrs mani making her way back to the car aina stopped ,turned and look at her mum through the glass,making a huge sigh ,she walked through sort her self and she made her way into the plane along with other passengers.

"here we go again!"


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