Bloody Mary

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A new thrilling story from the author of Timeless Love, Bloody Mary is a new take on the urban legend. Mary Worthy, better known as Bloody Mary, finds herself on the side of good for a change when she becomes involved in the hunt for a serial killer known as the Angel of Death. Together with Detective Michael Malak, a man who’s heritage is about to catch up with him, Mary finds herself tangled up in a web of lies and schemes that goes from the deepest depths of Hell to the very heart of Heaven.

Thriller / Romance
G. S. Pier
5.0 3 reviews
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You know who I am, don’t you?

I bet you’ve even summoned me once or twice. Gone through the ritual of standing in front of a mirror in a dark room with the door closed. Holding a candle and staring into your own eyes, you’ve chanted my name, your heart pounding with irrational fear. You tell yourself that it’s just a myth, an urban legend. It’s not real.

But let me tell you right now that you are wrong. It is real. I am real.

And once I was everything you fear I am when you’re looking into that mirror. But I am trapped now, forced into servitude by a goddamned angel. My bloody reign of righteous vengeance was cut short. But one day I will be free again. Free to take my revenge, to spill the blood of my old enemies. Then I will be truly free. Free to find whatever peace that is available for someone like me.

If you didn’t know who I was when you started reading, I am sure you’ve guessed it by now.

That’s right.

Bloody Mary...

Bloody Mary...

Bloody Mary...

You’re mine now.

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