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[Professor X Student] What happens when a one night stand turns into a full blown obsession? Will they be able to ignore it? Ezio Shaw, he was everything a woman would want. He's handsome, tall and could please anyone in bed with a flick of a tongue. Until he sets his eyes on Leah Phillips, she's young, beautiful, shy and very innocent. One taste of her and he knew— she was his. Every glance she threw at him, made his possessiveness and obsession developed further— even if she didn't want him, she was his.

Thriller / Erotica
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This story contains: Strong language, mature themes and scenes, light gore, light physical abuse, kidnapping, toxic and obsessive love, sexual content, etc.

Read if you're 18 and above.

Welcome to the first story from my “Unstable Minds” series! It can be read as a stand-alone as well as the rest of the series but if you want to learn more about the characters, please read them all as a whole.

They're all short stories and straight to the point. These aren't romance stories, everything I have written isn't what “love” supposed to be. Please do not ship them or expect them to be a couple because they aren't going to be.

My first language is not English, I am an amateur writer and I do not know anything about writing. I want to add that writing isn't something I take seriously, it's a hobby and it helps me improve my English. If you don't see regular updates it's because I'm just doing something else or I'm taking a break.

If you see any spelling mistakes or sentences I might have written incorrectly, let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can. My stories are all rough drafts, maybe in the future, I'll end up rewriting the whole thing but for now, this is the “final product”.

If something I have written doesn't match up to something in real life, don't comment about it or tell me “that doesn't make sense because-”... I know, everything I have written is fake and I only added it to progress my story. If I see any comments about it, expect to get muted.

Everything I have written is indeed fictional and does not correlate to how I think and act. I do not agree with the things my characters may say or do. I know it sounds hypocritical because I am the one writing it but trust me when I say...

This is just a story!

A/N: I know how annoying Leah is with the stutter. My plan was to go back and cut it down but I'm honestly lazy as hell. Enjoy the story anyway.

Started: 4/27/19

Finished: 9/28/19

Unstable Minds Series: Let's Learn, Hayden & My Sunflower.

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