My heart is Closed

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To make it easier for me I have sent this message to the world why do I speak when nobody asks me a question? Why asks my dad do I feel I am best able You are so well loved well beloved my dear when people ask for you so that they can kick you around it is because it is that you are so well loved. When the whole world is laughing at you because you are a laughing stock it is because they are laughing with you even when you bleed even when they see the sadness which you feel. The fear goes out of you when crowds can humiliate you make you somehow this idiot who comes into the world and says their piece and leaves. It is like eat shout and give. What do I seek in this world said daddy to me is romance and there is nothing romantic about some over blown female who is a butch.....

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose. When one sees into the parts of one it is as if the parts come alive and there are people one has affinity to without being their relatives. The matters which come to my mind are the gossips one has been trying to glean and clarify and make sense of which turn out to be nonsense or common sense. The crimes which people take for granted in some countries and they do take from the vulnerable and even not so vulnerable. We the vainest of the population in a century which feels it has to have it all because we have better education better food and everything is geared for us.

What is the sense in trying to misunderstand me? I am nothing but this fool trying to cry out words in a wooden faced population out to make mockery out of the very same words. I am my own worst enemy if I had yelled for help maybe it would have come but sometimes the silence is because one was silenced paralysed by fear.

Would our lives be in danger if we only thought of other people besides ourselves? Is it the wonderful the good that we always carve? We are never alone yet we want to acknowledge that we are not lost. When as humans our conscience are the key note to our humanity but if we are not caught our conscience do not trouble us at all.

“I got raped too.” Said a grand actress making a grand gesture and staying clear of trouble. No scandals came out of course but she was indeed the victim I guess we are in some measure the same types he goes after. Gifted and women and unable to stay still because of that. You see daddy feels so much challenged by all that he thinks and feels he must make it go quiet and still so that it becomes a bird silenced and still. Chirping around and never sitting down is not the way one does not ask for rape.

She the most known woman in the Turkish sector joined the herd. Because he pretended to be somebody else and could not act. Her own child the reminder of what she was. Her beauty diminished she could not bear to bring up her own child. He asked for a lot of money nearly lost herself nearly drowned too. But we all survive in the end we are battle axes. Conjectures and surmises one has to guess all this because nobody talks and even if one did who would listen and who would believe that such a thing had happened? But I know my daddy and he do a lot of individual rapes geared towards the individual women and girls. Yes, I know my dad. If one remains still and quiet, he does not take what does not move it is a way forward. If one is that still there is no point and he fears the scissors. He fears it thinking that it might go somewhere near his eyes. I was a child when I discovered this and now my hands are nearly gone, he is waiting patiently for them to be gone before he strikes. He has been waiting almost sixty years and time is running out for us both.

“Hoodlums laugh out loud at this?”

“They do enjoy themselves at the repast.”

“Ladies who are difficult to get have to behave.”

“How dare they take men jobs?”

Daddy can write all the parts because he can write better than me. He does. Sex scenes he can behave like any other great author. Comic genius daddy is. Yes, he can write romantic comedies like no other. Take him in a tragic mode he can work it make it like nothing on earth.

Anything gifted and difficult daddy and his gang must have like a gossamer or something delicate and delicious he has to get them.

“So, what has now changed from the bandits they had been?”

“Now they wear a mask of civil good manners and rape you anyway.”

“Pursuits long and hard and they have now moved to England even Europe and eventually they will conquer with their worst vile selves.”


“Yes, what is it?”

“And me.”

“Where are the ladies when they speak?”

“In the hot house of Green Hollywood.”

“Why did these things happen?”

“We are known as destitute of modesty.”

“He left her alone and in some trouble without minding her into her new filth and trembling hands he left without a backward glance and financially destroyed because he felt nothing for her anymore.”

“Not pregnant?”

“No, she was never.”

“Well what?”

“Worse than that she had a several psychopaths as a family and they did not spare her.”

“And her own father tried to seduce her under a different name.”

“She now an outcast?”

“Yes, most of her family know this laugh out loud at her.”

“Fool you should have married us we would have protected pretended.”

“Psychopaths in the family? Also, without a home.”

“Nobody talks because it can happen to them.”

“What is the difficulty with this point of view?”

“No one likes a victim.”

“Very difficult to live with all this shouting and most people do get on with their lives.”

Anger became a sort of parasite eating at me.

“I the child of a raped victim left to rot within the rapist’s family the viciousness nobody can speak about because it is the worst-case thing.”

“I did not go dancing.”

“I was not into singing.”

“I stayed at home and did reading. “

“Why such a kill joy?”

“Because suffering from depression.”

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