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When we have the parting of the ways should we tell the person what we done? I mean say something give them some hope no definitely not say some harsh Dearest I am leaving you when I did not understand that is what his wife sadly said but I was nothing of the sort I was a mad woman. Should humour the mad should make them madder still when the sanity returns there is this huge scandal. It makes me sad to see all that I have set on fire his career now will not be anything but laughable. He is one of those males who did enjoy his life and his women what a way to go down under. It is a shame shared by us all we do love young man. When they grow old we throw them to the wolves. That is what he since has found out.

Thriller / Humor
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Chapter 1

“We must go to another one of those weddings Mr and that is what I need for the rest of the month.” Said mother to her husband Salih. Her heart wanted it and he was going to give her what she needed in order for her to work in that silly café as we all called it.

There is an altercation when we want something. It has to be gratified immediately. We want it right there is a rigid frigid woman. I as her daughter was known as fridge. Who was a daughter here? We want nothing from this life but to think and behave as we want to do.

“We have feelings for the kin and we do not like the other fools. What food they ate where they slept, we do not know.”

“Family into making a new religion mother?”

“What you speaking about daddy?”

“Don’t talk to me about religion never say you a saint do not speak your foolish child do you want everyone to wake up? Do you want your daddy dead?”

“Why dad what it is about?”

“Annoyance written on his face he hurts me adding to the bruises on the little knees which I fear more and more. It was self- inflicted daddy I do not know how it got there.”

“There child it is ok.”

I try not to cry being brave because they were not nice when I did cry when I cried there were more bruising.

“It is not right it is not good it is what we dislike.”

“When we have the things we dislike, the thinking behind the religion we now are making is the right. Only good thing is home cooked food. The kind where you know it is clean. It was a way forward. Let us swap ideas.”

“We please ourselves.”

“Satanist because we are invisible.”

“We can get into prisons and come out as well.”

“At will because we know the guards want nothing to do with prisoners and are okay to stay in their cell.”

“That way when the night comes, they go home and in the day time they stay in their jails.”

“Safe as houses.”

“Do they get paid dad?”

“What you here piss off.”

I wanted to ask where the prisoner went to but did not have the nerve. So, growing nervy went and read some book. I do not know what to make of it all too much information you see I was being contaminated by the criminals in the family. They were all busy trying out stuff you know what to do if caught how to escape and how much it might cost and where to keep their separate identities in case.

The thing is they were so mean that I have to speak about it all because then I would be noticed and matter because daddy said I could not write at all. Being this beastly critic, he spoils my career and I dive into this other me where I see all sorts because having a grudge means I had time on my hands and as he had spoilt also my face with this burnt scar no one looked at me with anything but loathing and dislike. I went looking for things about him in order to do what he had done to me.

I was practically invisible with the teas and the coffees as they discussed what to make with their money. I spent the best part of years trying to make me this butler like figure so the laughter would handle the demon inside me. I did not spoil their pleasures at all. Revenge is served cold.

“At the reserved price”.

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