Trapped in a Cult

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"Why would you runaway? You are soul reason for this families existence now!" He exclaimed running his dagger down my thigh slowly piercing the skin. Ellie Anderson moves to the small town of Lockport, LA in order to escape the dangers of her past. It may seem like she moved to start fresh but to be honest it was only to escape. Collin Marks is a brute know-it-all wh.o always gets his way whether it be voluntary or not. He is extremely stubborn and when he is set on something it becomes his goal to get what he wants. Seeing Ellie caught his interest and they have one thing in common more than each knows What will happen when these two meet? Will Ellie's past resurface? What is Collins big secret on why he is so stubborn and guarded?

Thriller / Erotica
Kennedy Butler
Age Rating:


Ellie's POV

The loud humming of cicadas were peaceful this early morning as if they were trying to comfort me on this very nerve racking day. I stepped out of my olive colored jeep and looked back at the Uhaul trailer attached to the back.

This move was all on me. I didn't let anyone know I was uping my comfortable life in Atlanta, Georgia to this remote town. My Aunt used to live out here in the small town of Lockport and she would always tell us stories of how peaceful it was, and how much of a getaway it was from the city life.

I rubbed my forehead with the back of my hand feeling beads of sweat starting to form on my hairline. I puffed a line of air out before turning to my small 2 bedroom home I had bought. It was small and perfect with the backyard leading straight down to the bayou.

Oh, by the way, I'm Ellie Anderson extraordinaire. Kidding about the extraordinaire part. I moved out here because of an incident back in Atlanta that I just wanted to escape from. It was a lucky chance I got the house due to the fact my Credit wasn't at all where it needed to be for a 26 year old. Back in Atlanta I had an obsession with shopping. What can a girl do, right?

I began stepping toward the trailer unlocking the back before swinging the metal barrier up; it clanging loudly as it retrafted. I looked at everything I had to move and groaned.

Why did I have to all this by myself?


A few hours later I found myself pushing the last bit of boxes into the house not even bothering to carry any furniture since I knew with my small frame it would be impossible.

I looked around the small house seeing I definitely had my work cut out for me. A light knock had my attention and I made my way to the screen down opening it to a middle aged woman with peppered grey hair. Next to her stood another girl in atleast her teens smiling while holding a large pitcher of sweet tea.

"Hi, neighbor! I'm Angela and this is my daughter Cherry", she smiled a genuine smile while reaching a hand out.

"Its nice to meet you both. I'm Ellie, Ellie Anderson. Would ya'll like to come in?" I asked taking her hand before ushering through the door. They stepped in going straight to the kitchen as if they were very familiar with the layout of the house. I pulled 3 glasses from the box labeled kitchen before running them under the faucet to clean them.

"Our friend Pamel and Florence used to be in this house before they moved. It's a little strange having someone move right on in, but we are so happy to see a fresh face. We do NOT get many of those around here", Angela assured as she poured us each a glass. "So what do you do for a living Ellie?"

I looked back at with a smile after sipping the overly sweet, but just perfect glass of sweet tea. "I'm a hair stylist. I do more urban styles or things trending on social media like the balayage, crazy colors, and hair cuts. I'll be working at the salon Miss Magnolia." Her eyes widened and both of them were smiling wide.

Four hands slammed against the counter in excitement as they both said at the same time."We go there!"I couldn't help letting out a laugh as I looked back at them.

"Well I'm glad I can see familiar faces at work," I felt more reassured as I downed the rest of my glass.

"Well Ellie we dont want to keep you from working any longer. If you need anything you know where to find me", she said as they walked toward the doors letting themselves out. I signed leaning against the counter deciding since it was already around 2 in the afternoon I could come to a stopping point. That tea gave me the realization that I was absolutely starving.

I began walking down the hallway to my bedroom which was empty other than the boxes labeled room and bathroom. I opened the box labeled bathroom taking what I needed before taking a quick shower.


My aunt wasn't lying when she said this was a small town. I reached in town only finding a few fast food restaurants before realizing I'd rather eat at one of the many seafood restaurants that were along the main road.

Eddie G's was in large yellow letters against the red painted building. I hopped out the truck with white high waisted shorts and a soft teal tshirt tucked in the front showing off my Gucci belt. I realized how bougie I looked in just my "casual" clothes compared to others in stained Jean's and one of those southern tshirts about being a diva or with a large bass on the back.

I stepped inside and went straight to place my order which was boudin balls and some fried oysters before grabbing a flag with my number on it. I found a lifted stool by the back of the restuarant and sat there placing my flag to where it can be seen.

I looked around seeing a group of 3 men at a booth talking, but they would steal a few glances back toward me with a small smile on each of their lips. I noticed they all were wearing a tshirt expressing that they were apart of the local fire department. I raised up my eyes to be met with a pair of large sea green pair. He seemed less intrigued by their conversation but his eyes said he was extremely curious.

"Here you go ma'am!" A figure came into my line of sight and dropped a basket full of my order before giving me a large smile on her young face.

"Thank you," I replied before focusing on my plate. I couldn't help groaning at how delicious it was before I found myself looking back at the table. The three were standing up throwing their tips down and making their way out, but before the last one did he turned back toward me and gave me a small smirk and leaving.

I did not expect a small town to have such hot guys.


I hope you guys enjoyed my first chapter! I'd love some feedback.

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