Royal Bloodlines [Lesbian]

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He walked his way forward, sharp white teeth flashing before me. He was ready. He was ready to kill me. And there was nothing I could do about it... Luna Jones-Hollisworth is a princess: A half Angel, half Vampire hybrid. The world's first Angel/Vampire hybrid in all of immortality. Nadia Harrison: a Vampire guardian. She's all that Luna has left. Nadia is one of the best guardians out there, fighting and protecting the princess from Blood C- Vampires and Fallen Angels. Her life is 100% dedicated to protect the hybrid princess. They're all after her, all after her pure rich, precious blood that everyone is so jealous about. It's the one thing that will make the rest of the immortals stronger. After a long while of trying to escape a laboratory high-school, a high school that was made and built for all of the Vampires and Angels to come together in harmony. But now that they're being dragged back, the princess is in more danger. And the Fallen Angels and Blood C- Vampires are always out there on the look out....

Thriller / Fantasy
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Royal Bloodlines


I WAS SO SCARED, SO AFRAID. THE racing of my own heart is trying to climb out of my chest. Hard. Higher. Uncomfortable. Dying. I’d never thought or knew the day of how I would die, or when it would actually happen. Though it does make sense considering the fact that I’m her guardian and the only person she has left. Her only reason to keep living. My only chance to save her. But... I can’t.

My hands, they’re cold. My mind. It’s irritated. My chest, it’s scary. I hate feeling scared, I hate feeling like I’m weak. I knew that this was going to get in my way of doing my job to protect the Princess but... Ending up in this situation is seriously scaring the hell out of me, an olive tanned face full of terror, ghostly and traumatized for the second time. The first time I let Luna go... I can scream all I want, I’m still never going to get out of these chains up against the wall. The chains that I so desperately wanted to break.

Crying. Another sign of weakness. Another sign of heartache. I screamed with all my might in anger, rage, madness with all of the evil that I have left inside of me. Glowing dark red eyes consuming over the dark brown, it wasn’t enough. Chains. Hard silver metal large chains tightened around my wrists like a crab pinching someone’s finger. The harder I pulled, the stronger it came.

Footsteps. Tap. Tap.. It’s creeping up. It’s too quiet. The echoing effect bounced off of the white brick walls. Cold. Cold air smacked me in the face as the tapping sound of loud feet continued to walk on the white marble floor beneath me. I kept yanking the tight chain in hopes of getting it loose. But of course? It just continues to hug my wrists in an uncomfortably clenching embrace.

The steps. They stopped. In front of me, it stopped. I knew that if I just didn’t let the Princess go then I wouldn’t have put both of our lives in danger... But now, as terrified as I was, the feeling of hurt and disappointment washed over me whole... I couldn’t feel the regret that I was longing to come forth.

Pools of tears streamed down my face in agony, in depression. Long black hair a mess in front of me as I continued to yank the chains. Out of breath. Afraid. A horrific feeling that took over my mind and heart. But no. I had to look up. There stood the eyes of satan, a strong friendly smirk forming across his lips.

He walked his way forward, sharp white teeth flashing before me. He was ready. He was ready to kill me.

And there was nothing I could do about it....

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