Sentenced To Silence (On Hold)

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I'm Thorna Jefferson, or TJ to my friends, well ex-friends, I don’t see anyone from my old life anymore. To be honest, that was more my choice than theirs, after what happened, I didn’t want to be reminded of anything from my past. My name is the only thing I kept, and that’s mainly because I paid to have it changed a few years back. I thought with a new name, a new job and a new home, I could escape my past. But, you can never truly outrun your demons, especially when those demons are so-called family, determined to find you and drag you back to hell where they think you belong. I am now locked up in a high-security mental institute for murdering four people, but I swear I didn’t do it. I tried to tell the police so many times, that it wasn’t me, but every time I tried to speak, no words would come out. I know I was there when they died, but I have no idea what happened, all I know is that I am not capable of murder. The Drs are trying to help me remember that fateful night, but my mind won’t let me in. Instead, it gives me tiny little snippets and flashbacks that I have to try and piece together. I don’t really know why I couldn’t speak after that night, the Drs tell me that it’s all in my head, and that I’m the only one who can unlock it. But I don’t know how to, and I’m not entirely sure that I want to. Let me tell you exactly how I was sentenced to silence.

Thriller / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter One ~ And there she was

“I’m gonna have to get going soon Zera,” I grimaced as the words left my mouth.

She was cross-legged on the soft grey chair opposite me, chewing on a piece of her raven black hair. I watched her closely, and my heart pounded with adrenaline, while I tried to predict her next move. I never knew how she was going to react to those words. She gradually looked up at me with her dull hazel eyes and said,
“Urgh, fine, but make sure you bring me in some of Nana’s cookies tomorrow. I’ve been craving them little bastards all bloody day.”

I sighed heavily, and then smiled softly at her. ′Today is a good day,′ I thought with relief. Whenever she thought that our Nana was still alive, I knew that she would be ok with me leaving. On the few days that she remembered that our Nana was gone, she couldn’t handle me leaving her. She’d beg me to stay, and when I explained that I couldn’t, she would become violent or self-destructive. In the end, she would be tackled to the ground by the nurses and doctors, and then sedated for the safety of us all.

I hated watching her go through that, it broke my heart watching my twin rip apart at the seams. So, days like these when reality evaded her, I counted my blessings.

“Ok Zera, I’ll get Nana to make a batch tonight,” I lied softly to her, she smiled and slumped back into her chair, and then began chewing on her hair again as she turned to watch the Tv.

I used to tell her that I wasn’t allowed to come in every day, but that caused her distress too, so I lied and agreed to come in the next day, even though I was only allowed in every Friday. It seemed to work though, and she didn’t kick off when I went in a week later, so I just kept doing it. I looked over to the nurses and doctors that were waiting in the corridor for our usual violent goodbyes. One was holding a syringe ready, and another was clutching onto a straitjacket.

I sighed at the scene, still not quite believing that this was our life now. I smiled at them and waved my hand, indicating that we were okay today. They all relaxed and walked away to continue their day. I began to turn back around, but as my eyes scanned the corridor, I saw the most beautiful woman pop her head out of one of the rooms. Despite her beauty, the scene was laughable, she just looked like a floating head, all be it a gorgeous head.

Her long straight ash-blonde hair cascaded towards the ground, moving ever so slightly every time she scanned around her surroundings. She had stunning eyes, the colour of which I had never seen before, they were a blue-grey in colour, but more grey than blue. Although they had a darkness to them that seemed impossible considering their extremely light shade. Her eyes, looked panicked, like a deer trapped in headlights, and I felt so sorry for her. The poor thing looked scared to death.

She had a cute little button nose, and the fullest dark red lips that glistened in the fluorescent glow of the ward lights. As I watched the beauty, my mind began asking me questions about her, ′who is she?′ ‘Is she a new nurse, or doctor?’ Before my mind had a chance to ask any more questions Azera snapped,
“Zac, what are you staring at?”

I exhaled heavily, not even realising that the girl had literally taken my breath away, my body had forgotten how to breathe for the entire time that I was staring at her. Without even remembering where I was, or who I was talking to, I asked,
“Who is she?”

“Huh? She’s new, they brought her in a few days ago. Don’t even go there Issac, she’s a complete psycho. Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s retarded,” Azera said with a snigger.

I snapped my head around to her and scowled,
“Zera, don’t say those words, you know that it’s rude and disrespectful, I thought you were working on this with your doctor!?”

She rolled her eyes at me like a petulant child and snapped back,
“Who gives a shit? I say it how I see it, the girls cracked in the head, and she is a retard, she can’t even speak for God’s sakes! Just stay away from her Issac, you hear me? She’s bad news.”

I could see that she was getting agitated, and the last thing I wanted was her kicking off at me, or hurting herself. So, I exhaled heavily and then softened my expression and tone, as I replied,
“Okay Zera, I’ll stay away from her, I promise.”

“Good! Now go home and get Nana to make me those cookies, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m going for a nap,” she replied, and with not so much as a goodbye hug, she got up, placed her raven black hair back into her mouth and strolled off down the hall.

I closed my eyes and sat forward as I lowered my head into my hands. I sat there silently for a while, just breathing into my palms. I then sat up and exhaled, and as I did I slid my hands down my face. I stood up and then began to walk down the corridor and towards the exit. As I passed the room that the woman had popped out from, and I could hear soft humming. I didn’t recognize the tune, but it sounded exquisite, like a sirens song calling me towards the cliffs. Against my better judgment, I stopped outside of her room, and then peered in.

And there she was, the stunning beauty that had taken my breath away earlier. She was sat cross-legged on her bed, and she was writing in a notebook. I placed my shoulder onto the door frame and folded my arms across my chest as I watched her write. I don’t know why I felt so drawn to her, I’d dated many, many attractive women, but there was just something about this woman. I had never believed in love at first sight, but now it was a hard thing to deny. I was smitten with the bird, and I could have stood there watching her all day.

“Mr Rodes, can I have a word with you in my office please?” A familiar woman’s voice shouted down the corridor, snapping me out of my daze.

The ash-blonde beauty quickly ceased her humming, dropped her pen, and then scrambled up the bed, placing herself into the corner. She lowered her head onto her knees, letting her pin-straight hair fall over her face, hiding her away from my view. I stood away from the door frame instantly, and then held my hands out in front of myself, as I said in a panicked whisper,
“I am so sorry Miss, I didn’t mean to scare you, are you okay?”

She gradually lifted her head and stared into my eyes as she peeked through the strands of her hair. She then smiled slightly and blushed as she nodded her head. My heart jumped at the sight of her flushed cheeks, I knew instantly that she could feel the connection between us. I cautiously walked towards her and then squatted down beside her bed. I then held out my hand and said in a soft tone,
“Hi, my name is Issac, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She glanced down at my hand, and then back up to my eyes, ‘I could get lost in those eyes,’ my mind began to wonder. She held out her delicate little hand and placed it into mine. As soon as our skin touched, my body began to heat up, and a warm comforting peace washed over me. Her skin was so soft, and her touch so gentle, that it felt like I had silk wrapped around my fingers. My heart began to pound so hard that I could hear it in my ears. My mouth was so dry that I found it hard to swallow, this girl had me totally hooked.

We stared into each other’s eyes, for what sempt like an eternity, and I couldn’t help myself, I reached my other hand forwards and gently brushed her hair out of her face, unveiling the astonishing beauty that laid beneath it. She blushed again, and then smiled softly, and I felt my heart try to burst out from my chest. ′I think I could spend the rest of my life making her smile,′ I thought as I gently slid the outsides of my fingers down her soft and flushed cheek.

She looked away coyly and I wondered if I’d pushed it a little too far, and as she pulled away from me my heart sank. She took her hand from mine, and my body already missed her touch. I couldn’t believe how this woman was affecting me, I’d never been like this before. Just when I thought I’d blown it, her arm brushed passed me as she sat back with her notebook. I watched as she furiously scribbled into it. She then put the pen down onto the bed and held the book to her chest. She smiled at me and then handed me the book.

It said,

Hello Issac,

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Thorna, and you are the first person who has tried to speak to me in here. Thank you for being so kind. It really means a lot to me.

I decided to write back to her, I leaned over and went to grab the pen, she startled a little and shuffled back on the bed again. I softened my expression and pointed to the pen, as I asked,
“May I?”

She nodded with a smile, and I took the pen. I then wrote in her book,

It’s lovely to meet you Thorna, that is such an unusual and beautiful name. Would it be okay, if I came back to see you next Friday?

I handed her the book back, and she quickly read what I’d written. A huge smile grew across her face as she read every word carefully. She then looked up from the book, and stared at me with her unique blue-grey eyes, and then nodded. I couldn’t help but smile like a Cheshire cat. I just stayed there studying her face, she had these cute little freckles that were softly sprinkled across her cheeks and nose. Everything about this woman was bloody perfect. My eyes fell down onto her stunning dark red lips, and all I wanted to do right at that moment was slam my own lips onto hers.

I knew that it was wrong, and against the rules, and if I got caught, I wouldn’t be able to visit my sister anymore. But, I was caught up in the moment, all my logical thinking had deserted me. All I could think of was what it would be like to kiss her, to touch her, to make love to her. As lust-filled thoughts ravaged my mind, my body began to move closer to her, our eyes not leaving one another’s for a single millisecond. I stretched myself across the bed, and with only inches between us, I could smell her minty fresh breath as her breathing became labored. ′This is it, I’m going to kiss her!′

“Ahem, Mr Rodes, my office, now!” A woman shouted in a deep and clearly angry voice.

I rolled my eyes and then let my head drop as I sighed. I then dragged myself up and stood in front of Thorna. I lifted the side of my mouth into half a smile and then said,
“I’ll see you around.”

She smiled and blushed as she swept her hair behind her ear. I then turned to face the woman that had the worst timing in the history of the world. A stern but attractive brunette stood at the doorway with a scowl on her face and her arms tightly folded. As I skulked towards her she unfolded her arms and pointed down the corridor, towards her office. I knew I was in big trouble, and I had some explaining to do. But, I really didn’t feel like talking to her today, or doing what I knew she wanted me to do. Shagging my twin’s psychiatrist, really wasn’t one of my brightest ideas.

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