Damiano: Mafia Men Book II- IN PROGRESS

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She’s his possession... Carina I signed my life away six years ago to my mortal enemy to save my family. Now it’s time for him to collect. I hate him. He says I’m his possession. His plaything. His toy. He’s evil. He’s arrogant. He’s cruel. Yet I see something beneath the surface that I can’t deny. There’s something about Damiano Moretti and I have more than enough time to figure it out. Damiano I hated watching her sign her life away to me. She was only fourteen. I was only seventeen. Yet, I can’t deny that a part of me is excited about owning the little mafia darling. She’s strong willed and full of fire. My father wants me to break her. Make her submit. I couldn’t dream of dousing her flames but I must. Because both our lives are on the line and even though she hates me, I crave her like a drug and I’ll do everything to protect what’s mine. And Carina Bianchi belongs to me.

Thriller / Erotica
Violet Angel
4.3 12 reviews
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This book is the second book in the Mafia Men series and it takes place after the events of book one: "Julien" but CAN be read as a standalone.

This novel is MATURE and contains mature and sometimes GRAPHIC SCENES and imagery and is not intended for younger audiences!

This novel also contains depictions of SEXUAL SCENES and BDSM undertones and themes so please do not read if you aren't looking for a dark erotic romance.

These characters are flawed and imperfect and be warned that this is no fairy tale romance.

With all that in mind...



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